Swim Meets
USA Clubs/Teams 2021-2022

Meets in

Meet NameMeet DateTypeLSC
2022 NE September Spring09/25/2022SCYNew England
2022 MR BGNW Marlins Intra-Squad09/25/2022SCYMetropolitan
2022 NC MSA Blue White Meet09/24/2022SCYNorth Carolina
2022 Rose Red v Black Intrasqu09/24/2022SCYSouthern California
2022 Blue&Gold Senior Rampage09/24/2022SCYSouthern California
MAGSA B1 Swim Meet09/24/2022SCYHawaii
Caitlin Vinsonhaler Memorial T09/24/2022SCYSnake River
2022 NE NSSC Freestyle Fling09/24/2022SCYNew England
2022 EMAC Intrasquad Meet09/24/2022SCYMid Atlantic
CVM September Meet09/24/2022SCYUtah
NLU Sprint Decathlon09/24/2022SCYMissouri Valley
2022 SC SCSC Orange vs Blue Du09/24/2022SCYSouth Carolina
2022 NC BAC NSEA DUAL MEET09/24/2022SCYNorth Carolina
2022 ST SRG SCY Surgetathlon09/24/2022SCYSouth Texas
2022 NE CRA Distance09/24/2022SCYNew England
2022 CA MVN Sept Sr SCY Series09/24/2022SCYSouthern California
2022 CA PVST Sprint Pentathlon09/24/2022SCYSouthern California
2022 Blue&Gold Minion Rampage09/24/2022SCYSouthern California
2022 NC TEAM Fall Kickoff09/23/2022SCYNorth Carolina
SUSA Fall Fling09/23/2022SCYUtah
2022 ST TXLA 11&Over Back to S09/23/2022SCYSouth Texas
SCSC $ Bay CBA+09/23/2022SCYPacific
2022 CA HVDA September SC Meet09/23/2022SCYSouthern California
2022 MW HLA September Splash09/18/2022SCYMidwestern
Things to know
Swim meets are an important part of a swim team, where a swimmer gets an opportunity to compete with other swimmers in various strokes and distances.
Most swim teams have one or two swim meets every month, and the meets are generally held on the weekend, and sometimes may start on Friday for the distance meets or even on Thursday for a big event.
We typically add meet data in the mid of the week for the meets held in the past weekend. But we can only include them after they are published by LSCs, therefore, there could be some delay.