Swim Meets
USA Clubs/Teams 2021-2023

Meets in

Meet NameMeet DateTypeLSC
2023 PV Polar Pentathlon01/29/2023SCYPotomac Valley
2023 Little Blue Penguin Pentathlon01/29/2023SCYPotomac Valley
2023 Swim Atlanta Last Chance Meet01/28/2023SCYGeorgia
2023 SMAC Winter Invite01/28/2023SCYVirginia
2023 Cavalier Aquatics Y Invitational01/28/2023SCYVirginia
2023 SwimRVA Heavyweight Battle01/28/2023SCYVirginia
2023 PV Green and Orange Bowl - IMX Meet01/27/2023SCYPotomac Valley
2023 USAS IMX Games01/27/2023SCYPotomac Valley
2023 ST OB TAPPS Central Regional Championship01/23/2023SCYSouth Texas
2023 IL OFSA vs HFSC01/23/2023SCYIllinois
2023 CA SMSC New Year's Triple01/22/2023SCYSouthern California
2023 MR OB Bergen County Meet of Champions01/22/2023SCYMetropolitan
2023 NE ORO January Meet01/22/2023SCYNew England
2023 AD Mile Madness01/22/2023SCYAdirondack
2023 NM Rio Grande Races 201/22/2023SCYNew Mexico
2023 Fox Winter Distance Meet01/22/2023SCYMaryland
2023 NE UVAC Connecticut Valley Invitational01/22/2023SCYNew England
2023 CA HRZN Mushroom Cup01/22/2023SCYSouthern California
2022 MT BY YMCA Tri Meet01/22/2023SCYMontana
TYR Turn Up The HEAT Age Group01/22/2023SCYLake Erie
2023 MN STAR Frozen Frenzy Invite01/22/2023SCYMinnesota
2023 MT BYSC Winter Y Tri Meet01/22/2023SCYMontana
MA HAC DISTANCE01/22/2023SCYMid Atlantic
2023 MN RFSC Winter Blast01/22/2023SCYMinnesota
2023 NC NCAC 10U Mini Challeng01/22/2023SCYNorth Carolina
Things to know
Swim meets are an important part of a swim team, where a swimmer gets an opportunity to compete with other swimmers in various strokes and distances.
Most swim teams have one or two swim meets every month, and the meets are generally held on the weekend, and sometimes may start on Friday for the distance meets or even on Thursday for a big event.
We typically add meet data in the mid of the week for the meets held in the past weekend. But we can only include them after they are published by LSCs, therefore, there could be some delay.