Swim Meets

USA Clubs/Teams 2021-2024

Meets in

Meet NameMeet DateAdded OnTypeLSC
2024 MN SEMS May Intrasquad05/20/202405/22/2024SCYMinnesota
RMSC - Welcome to Summer - Mini Meet05/19/202405/21/2024SCMPotomac Valley
2024 ST TXLA 10&U End of School Splash05/19/202405/21/2024LCMSouth Texas
Montclair 14 U Pentathlon05/19/202405/20/2024SCYPacific
2024 MR FREE May Meters Showdown (SCM)05/19/202405/20/2024SCMMetropolitan
GAAC MINI MAY 202405/18/202405/23/2024SCYMid Atlantic
GAAC MAYFLOWER MEET 202405/18/202405/23/2024SCYMid Atlantic
2024 FAST Summer Splash05/18/202405/23/2024SCYWisconsin
2024 MN SHRK Tigersharks IM Tough Challenage05/18/202405/22/2024SCYMinnesota
2024 Furniture City Invitation05/18/202405/22/2024LCMNorth Carolina
2024 MR NYS Spring Frenzy Invitational05/18/202405/22/2024LCMMetropolitan
2024 John DeRoest Sextathlon Swim Meet05/18/202405/22/2024SCYOregon
2024 MN RIPT Maggie McMahon Memorial Invite05/18/202405/22/2024SCYMinnesota
2024 MN HURR LCM Spring Opener05/18/202405/22/2024LCMMinnesota
2024 Katy/Pace May Open Invitational05/18/202405/22/2024LCMGulf
2024 CO TOPS Hilltopper nvite05/18/202405/21/2024LCMColorado
2024 HAC Spring Intrasquad Meet05/18/202405/21/2024SCYMid Atlantic
2024 ST NTRO LC Springing into May Meet05/18/202405/21/2024LCMSouth Texas
2024 CO SOPR Western Slope IM Challenge05/18/202405/21/2024SCYColorado
2024 NI Super Circuit #1 (Rochester)05/18/202405/21/2024LCMNiagara
2024 NI WEBS/FAST Distance Meet #105/18/202405/21/2024LCMNiagara
2024 MW SCSC Salute to Summer05/18/202405/21/2024SCYMidwestern
2024 Don Richards PCL Championships05/18/202405/21/2024SCYFlorida
Alto May Cray Invitational05/18/202405/21/2024LCMPacific
2024 MR SSC A-May-Zing Races Invitational05/18/202405/21/2024LCMMetropolitan
Things to know
Swim meets are an important part of a swim team, where a swimmer gets an opportunity to compete with other swimmers in various strokes and distances.
Most swim teams have one or two swim meets every month, and the meets are generally held on the weekend, and sometimes may start on Friday for the distance meets or even on Thursday for a big event.
We typically add meet data in the mid of the week for the meets held in the past weekend. But we can only include them after they are published by LSCs, therefore, there could be some delay.