Clubs in Virginia

Last Updated: October 02, 2023
Atlantic Coast Athletic Club (1192
Battlefield Area Star Swimmers17410371
Cavalier Aquatics1266264
Cavalier Aquatics/Piedmont Fam244119125
Cca Marlins1398356
Coast Guard Blue Dolphins249142107
Coastal Virginia Aquatic Club351520
Dolphin Club664125
East Coast Aquatic Team613724
Fcfy Riptide Swim Team17611
Fork Union Aquatic Club202
H2okie Aquatics1318348
Hanover Aquatics, Inc1457174
Hargrave Aquatics Virginia221012
Liberty Aquatics18180
Lifetime Aquatic Swim Org1376
Lynchburg Aquatic Club642935
Lynchburg YMCA1617487
Martinsville Marlins Swim Team624
Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc886478408
Old Dominion Aquatic Club21211399
Outer Banks YMCA Tidal Waves1495
Poseidon Swimming Inc19210686
Prince William Swim Club1537479

Recent Meets
Meets in Virginia (va)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2023 CA-Y Sprint Pentathlon09/24/2023SCY
Marlins back to the pool 202309/23/2023SCY
2023 Hanover Happy09/23/2023SCY
2023 LY Season Opener09/22/2023SCY
23/24 Blue White09/09/2023SCY
2023 EZ LC Age Group Championship08/02/2023LCM
USA Swimming Futures - Richmond07/26/2023LCM
2023 VA LC Sr Champs Time Trials07/13/2023LCM
2023 VA LC Senior Champs07/13/2023LCM
2023 TIDE Summer Awards07/06/2023LCM
Things to know
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The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.