Clubs in New England
Last Updated: February 05, 2023

ACES Aquatics18126
Addison Otters Swim Team532
Amherst Tritons1116150
Andover North Andover YMCA281414
AnglerFish Aquatics371621
Arctic Aquatics542331
Atlantis Aquatics332211
Bayside Branch YMCA20119
Belmont Aquatic Team401921
Blue Dolphins523
Bluefish Swim Club20210597
Burbank Branch YMCA1416873
Cape Cod Fire Fish372710
Cape Cod Swim Club975245
Central Vermont Swim Club19136
Charles River Aquatics22814088
Claremont Tiger Sharks413
Commonwealth Swimming794831
Concord YMCA Swim Team30246
Connecticut River Valley Stin21813
Crimson Aquatics493235258
Dedham Health Hydras341420
Dorchester House Stingrays16610
Edge Swim Club644222
Evolution Aquatics1257

Recent Meets
Meets in New England (ne)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2023 NE HAY TT YMCA New Englands03/19/2023SCY
2023 NE UVAC TT NHSA Champs03/18/2023SCY
2023 NE HAY YMCA New Englands03/18/2023SCY
2023 NE CRA TrialsFinals Meet03/17/2023SCY
2023 NE UVAC NHSA Champs03/17/2023SCY
2023 NE NSSC TT SJP March Specialty03/12/2023SCY
2023 NE SOLO TT B Champs03/11/2023SCY
2023 NE New England TT 15-18 Age Group Champs03/11/2023SCY
2023 NE NSSC SJP Specialty Meet03/11/2023SCY
2023 NE CRIM B Championship03/10/2023SCY
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.