Clubs in South Texas

Last Updated: October 03, 2023
Alamo Area Aquatics Assocation1063558505
Aqua Swift Aquatics845133
Aquatex Swim Team1569660
Brownsville Aquatics712447
C3 Swim221111
Capital Area Aquatics1356273
Capital of Texas Aquatics733538
Cclr - Del Rio Diamondbacks804139
Circle C Select Swimming713239
Del Rio Diamondbacks411922
Great Hills Aquatics Rush775027
Great Hills Aquatics Rush532825
Harlingen CISD SEAL633033
Hays Swim Club362511
Heart of Texas Swim Team17611
High Performance Aquatic461828
Laredo Nadadores593128
Laredo Vortex Aquatics291316
Life Time Swim Team - Central664620
Lone Star Aquatic Club20911891
Lost Creek Aquatic Team972
Lost Creek Aquatics431
Mc Allen Swim Club531736
Mission Marlins Aquatics371918

Recent Meets
Meets in South Texas (st)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2023 ST ASC IMR IMX Challenge09/30/2023SCY
2023 ST WLOO Short Course Kick Off09/24/2023SCY
2023 ST YMCA September Swim YAll09/23/2023SCY
2023 ST SRG SCY Surgetathlon09/23/2023SCY
2023 ST AQTX Round Rock Unclassified09/22/2023SCY
HPAC 2023 Kickoff to Fall09/16/2023SCY
2023 ST NTRO Steve Wolleben Red vs Black Meet09/16/2023SCY
2023 ST TST SS Attack of the Shark09/10/2023SCY
2023 ST ASC Sprint Meet09/10/2023SCY
2023 ST LSAC Crystal Lake Invitational08/11/2023SCY
Things to know
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The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.