Clubs in Pacific Northwest

Last Updated: April 16, 2024
Annie Wright Swim Team000
Bainbridge Island Swim Club996138
Bellevue Club Swim Team306151155
Bellingham Bay Swim Team1598475
Black Team000
Blue Dolphin Swim Team822557
Bremerton YMCA Swim Team734825
Cascade Swim Club372204168
Chinook Aquatic Club1629765
Eastside Aquatic Swim Team732251
Gold's Aquatics Club673136
Harbor Aquatics Club684523
Issaquah Swim Team319132187
King Aquatic Club1498267
Metro Aquatics502723
Mighty Marlins Swim Club523319
North Whidbey Aquatic Club24168
Ohana Swim Team271512
Olympic Cascade Aquatics216111105
Pacific Dragons Swim Team23896142
Port Angeles Swim Club432221
Poseidon Aquatic Club382315
Poulsbo Piranha Swim Team493415
Pro Swimming20012278

Recent Meets
Meets in Pacific Northwest (pn)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2024 PN PPST Spring Splash04/13/2024SCY
2024 PN WAVE 11&O Short Course Finale04/05/2024SCY
2024 PN SA Friday Night Invitational03/29/2024SCY
2024 PN OCA March Mania Invitational03/29/2024SCY
2024 PN Wave 10&U Short Course Champs03/23/2024SCY
2024 Northwest Region Age Group Regionals03/21/2024SCY
2024 PN WEST Show Up Invitational03/16/2024SCY
2024 Federal Way Spring Speedo Sectionals03/14/2024LCM
2024 PN Men's PAC-12 Long Course Time Trials03/10/2024LCM
2024 PN PDST March Pentathlon and Last Chance03/02/2024SCY
2024 BBST Seize the Day Invitational03/01/2024SCY
2024 PN February Age Group Invitational02/23/2024SCY
2024 OB WIAA 3A Boys H.S. State02/15/2024SCY
2024 PN OB WIAA 4A Boys H.S. Champs02/15/2024SCY
2024 OB WIAA 1A/2A Boys H.S. Champs02/15/2024SCY
2024 PN UPAC 3rd Annual February Fly-In Invit02/10/2024SCY
2024 OB WCDIII 4ASeaKing Dist. 2 Boys Champ02/09/2024SCY
2024 WESCO North 3A Boys HS Championships-OB02/09/2024SCY
2024 OB WCDIII 3ASeaKing Dist. 2 Boys Champ02/08/2024SCY
2024 OB WESCO North 4A Boys HS Championships02/08/2024SCY
2024 WCDIII 1A2ASeaKing District 2 Boys Champ02/08/2024SCY
2024 IST February Distance Meet02/04/2024SCY
2024 PN IST February Time Trial Invitational02/04/2024SCY
2024 PN OCA John Walker Distance Invitational02/04/2024SCY
2024 SMAC Apple Cup Intrasquad Meet02/04/2024SCY
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.