Meet Date: August 26, 2023
Hosted by: Florida Swimming

25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stCassidy Kraft8Saint Petersburg Aquatics19.15N/AN/A
2ndClara Higman8Saint Petersburg Aquatics20.92N/AN/A
3rdLorelei Williams8Saint Petersburg Aquatics21.05N/AN/A
4thTenlyn Jordanov7Saint Petersburg Aquatics21.64N/AN/A
5thMackenzie Atkins6Florida West Coast Aquatics21.71N/AN/A
6thIsla Budrow6Florida West Coast Aquatics22.32N/AN/A
7thEvie Everly6Florida West Coast Aquatics22.41N/AN/A
8thClaire Duty8Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.61N/AN/A
9thHarper Moore8Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.96N/AN/A
10thSaylor Barnes7Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.97N/AN/A
11thBrie Franks7Saint Petersburg Aquatics24.04N/AN/A
12thParker Stofan8Saint Petersburg Aquatics25.05N/AN/A
13thIsabella Jedzejec5Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country25.22N/AN/A
14thElise Hickok6Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.00N/AN/A
15thOlivia Oldham7Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.20N/AN/A
16thCosette Forrister7Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.83N/AN/A
17thOlivia Keener7Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.78N/AN/A
18thJoss Alpert6Saint Petersburg Aquatics29.93N/AN/A
19thMadison Carelli6Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country31.65N/AN/A
20thSophie McAtee8Saint Petersburg Aquatics32.90N/AN/A
21stEvelyn Sochet8Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.13N/AN/A
22ndNora Profumo5Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.29N/AN/A
23rdHayley Hedrick6Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.54N/AN/A
24thEmerson Oldham6Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.32N/AN/A
25thMadeline Popa5Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country35.96N/AN/A
26thAvery Graves5Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.38N/AN/A
27thAshley Hazners6Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.89N/AN/A
28thAlana Ripley6Saint Petersburg Aquatics38.40N/AN/A
29thMicah Girard6Saint Petersburg Aquatics39.40N/AN/A

Girl 9-10

1stAvery Kalkwarf10Saint Petersburg Aquatics17.81N/AN/A
2ndSawyer Crum9Saint Petersburg Aquatics20.36N/AN/A
3rdChloe Miller9Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.20N/AN/A
4thLilyana Valdivia9Riptide Aquatics24.88N/AN/A
5thAvery Brown10Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.28N/AN/A
6thBeatrice Somerville10Saint Petersburg Aquatics34.47N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stWynton Drinkard8Saint Petersburg Aquatics17.72N/AN/A
2ndCayman Williams7Saint Petersburg Aquatics19.86N/AN/A
3rdWylie Drinkard8Saint Petersburg Aquatics20.35N/AN/A
4thCody Graves8Saint Petersburg Aquatics20.45N/AN/A
5thAli Jaber7Saint Petersburg Aquatics22.25N/AN/A
6thAvi Achuthan7Saint Petersburg Aquatics24.77N/AN/A
7thKillian Caintic7Saint Petersburg Aquatics25.00N/AN/A
8thWakefield Watson6Saint Petersburg Aquatics25.54N/AN/A
9thMisha Davis8Saint Petersburg Aquatics25.84N/AN/A
10thMax Davis6Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.39N/AN/A
11thGreyson Yoquelet7Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.93N/AN/A
12thRyan Lessey8Saint Petersburg Aquatics27.67N/AN/A
13thAaron Hoare8Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.51N/AN/A
14thEscher Halliday6Saint Petersburg Aquatics28.96N/AN/A
15thLiam Davila6Saint Petersburg Aquatics31.15N/AN/A
16thSmith Nelson8Saint Petersburg Aquatics31.81N/AN/A
17thEmory Harden7Saint Petersburg Aquatics32.97N/AN/A
18thJett Miller6Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.37N/AN/A
19thCalvin Seitz5Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country35.29N/AN/A
20thHussein Jaber6Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.42N/AN/A
21stKaden Coleman6Saint Petersburg Aquatics37.78N/AN/A
22ndEmmett Nelson6Saint Petersburg Aquatics1:07.49N/AN/A

Boy 9-10

1stGabriel Pinto10Saint Petersburg Aquatics16.54N/AN/A
2ndVladislav Nezhavets10Saint Petersburg Aquatics17.21N/AN/A
3rdHenri Finan9Saint Petersburg Aquatics19.10N/AN/A
4thArcher Rikarts9Saint Petersburg Aquatics22.65N/AN/A
5thLeo Treumann9Saint Petersburg Aquatics22.93N/AN/A
6thJackson Farrow9Saint Petersburg Aquatics29.07N/AN/A
7thAugusten Donati10Saint Petersburg Aquatics32.01N/AN/A

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25 Y Breast

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Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.