2024 MR Metro Bronze Championship - South SCY

Meet Date: March 22, 2024

Results for Team: WISC - MR
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

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100 Y BackCassidy Hayes15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:10.79
100 Y BackEmma Smith13West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:13.60
100 Y BackAlexander Garcia12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:18.81
100 Y BackMichael Cardinale10West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:31.74
100 Y BackChayada Pongvitayapanu11West Islip Swim Club1:33.08
100 Y BackBrynn Ehlers11West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:39.67
100 Y BreastDylan Znachowski14West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:17.39
100 Y BreastAlexander Garcia12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:29.27
100 Y BreastIsabella Virgilio15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:38.19
100 Y BreastGerard Yalch9West Islip Swim Club Inc.2:04.70
100 Y FlyCassidy Hayes15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:08.84
100 Y FlyEmma Smith13West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:20.07
100 Y FlyAlexandra Kofsky11West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:22.86
100 Y FlyIsabella Virgilio15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:25.58
100 Y FreeRyan Znachowski14West Islip Swim Club58.91
100 Y FreeCassidy Hayes15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:02.30
100 Y FreeIsabella Virgilio15West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:11.11
100 Y FreeAlexandra Kofsky11West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:11.15
100 Y FreeLucas Barron12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:15.22
100 Y FreeLogan Boccio12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:26.58
100 Y FreeLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:27.37
100 Y FreeAbigail Cunningham11West Islip Swim Club1:35.32
100 Y FreeGerard Yalch9West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:37.99
100 Y FreeKeanu Kolakowski12West Islip Swim Club1:38.16
100 Y IMAlexander Garcia12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:15.03
100 Y IMLucas Barron12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:22.91
100 Y IMMichael Cardinale10West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:28.77
100 Y IMLogan Boccio12West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:38.61
100 Y IMLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:38.90
100 Y IMOliver Alfano9West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:39.92
100 Y IMKeanu Kolakowski12West Islip Swim Club1:56.06
100 Y IMAbigail Cunningham11West Islip Swim Club1:56.87
100 Y IMMatthew Johnson9West Islip Swim Club Inc.1:59.05
500 Y FreeElla Fuccillo12West Islip Swim Club Inc.5:53.62
50 Y BackAlexander Garcia12West Islip Swim Club Inc.36.78
50 Y BackLucas Barron12West Islip Swim Club Inc.38.87
50 Y BackLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.46.89
50 Y BackMatthew Johnson9West Islip Swim Club Inc.47.25
50 Y BackKeanu Kolakowski12West Islip Swim Club47.71
50 Y BackMichael Crisostomo11West Islip Swim Club49.11
50 Y BackAbigail Cunningham11West Islip Swim Club49.35
50 Y BackGerard Yalch9West Islip Swim Club Inc.51.38
50 Y BreastAlexander Garcia12West Islip Swim Club Inc.40.21
50 Y BreastOliver Alfano9West Islip Swim Club Inc.57.52
50 Y BreastLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.59.14
50 Y BreastKira Sweeney10West Islip Swim Club1:03.35
50 Y BreastLily Montalvo11West Islip Swim Club1:07.64
50 Y FlyLucas Barron12West Islip Swim Club Inc.37.41
50 Y FlyLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.43.88
50 Y FlyLogan Boccio12West Islip Swim Club Inc.48.93
50 Y FreeCassidy Hayes15West Islip Swim Club Inc.28.91
50 Y FreeEmma Smith13West Islip Swim Club Inc.29.61
50 Y FreeMichael Cardinale10West Islip Swim Club Inc.33.11
50 Y FreeLuke Hebert9West Islip Swim Club Inc.35.90
50 Y FreeOliver Alfano9West Islip Swim Club Inc.38.52
50 Y FreeBrynn Ehlers11West Islip Swim Club Inc.38.66
50 Y FreeChayada Pongvitayapanu11West Islip Swim Club40.30
50 Y FreeMatthew Johnson9West Islip Swim Club Inc.42.49
50 Y FreeKira Sweeney10West Islip Swim Club43.16
50 Y FreeLily Montalvo11West Islip Swim Club44.88
50 Y FreeMichael Crisostomo11West Islip Swim Club48.06
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.