Clubs in Metropolitan

Last Updated: July 13, 2024
92y Flying Dolphins297178119
Apex Swim Club763937
Aqua Gems000
Aqua Gems312
Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics372210162
Badger Swim Club1667591
Bgc-N. Westchester Marlins232125107
Brooklyn Stingrays864937
Central Queens Ym-Ywha552827
Club Fit Jefferson Valley865036
Condors Swim Club300148152
Connetquot Swim Club522527
Connetquot Swim Club1055946
Cross Island YMCA Barracudas522824
Eastern Nassau Aquatic Club25169
Empire Swimming329178151
Farmingdale Aquatics1739281
Flushing YMCA833944
Freedom Aquatics1495990
Harbor Seals341222
Hauppauge Athletic Association1407763
Hes Hurricanes382216
Hudson Valley Dolphins723933

Recent Meets
Meets in Metropolitan (mr)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2024 MR LIE Summer Sizzler Invitational07/06/2024LCM
2024 MR QNS One More Chance LCM Invite07/06/2024LCM
2024 MR LIAC Summer Splash Invitational07/06/2024LCM
2024 MR RED Tails International Invitational06/22/2024LCM
2024 MR LIAC Summer Fun Invitational06/22/2024LCM
2024 MR LIE June Jamboree Invitational06/21/2024LCM
2024 MR PAC Summer Classic Invitational06/21/2024LCM
2024 MR FA Dragon Racer Meet06/18/2024SCY
2024 MR SSC Summer is Coming SCY Invitational06/13/2024SCY
2024 MR FREE Summer Splash Invite (SCY)06/09/2024SCY
2024 MR FREE Summer Splash Invite (SCM)06/08/2024SCM
2024 MR SSC Summer Mad Dash Invitational06/08/2024LCM
2024 Condors Summer Solstice06/07/2024LCM
2024 LIE June Jumpoff06/07/2024LCM
2024 MR HAUP Super Sprint Championship06/01/2024SCY
2024 MR SSC Spring Beginner-IntraSquad Meet05/29/2024SCY
2024 MR AGUA Memorial Day Invitational05/25/2024LCM
2024 MR HAUP May Intrasquad Meet05/23/2024SCY
2024 MR FREE May Meters Showdown (SCM)05/19/2024SCM
2024 MR NYS Spring Frenzy Invitational05/18/2024LCM
2024 MR SSC A-May-Zing Races Invitational05/18/2024LCM
2024 MR PAC Spring Starter Invitational05/17/2024LCM
2024 MR-FA Splash & Dash05/16/2024SCY
2024 MR LIAC Spring Kickoff Invitational05/11/2024LCM
2024 MR LIE May Extravaganza Invitational05/10/2024LCM
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.