KAH20 Coach Kelley Allen Memorial Invite SCY

Meet Date: September 08, 2023
Hosted by: Florida Swimming

25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stEmmery Smith8Clearwater Aquatic Team16.73N/AN/A
2ndJosephine Starr8Radiant Aquatics17.04N/AN/A
3rdAdeline Farrier7Clearwater Aquatic Team17.05N/AN/A
4thKamdyn Jaye8Clearwater Aquatic Team17.51N/AN/A
5thReese Moreland8Tampa Elite Aquatics17.75N/AN/A
6thEllie Cooper8Swim Tampa Aquatics17.82N/AN/A
7thKaitlyn Smalley8West Florida Lightning Aquatic17.96N/AN/A
8thCamryn McLeod8Tampa Elite Aquatics18.40N/AN/A
9thRiley Dorsey8Swim Tampa Aquatics18.54N/AN/A
10thAlexandra Weinberg8West Florida Lightning Aquatic18.63N/AN/A
11thElliott Leuthauser8Tampa Elite Aquatics19.17N/AN/A
12thValentina Gentili7Clearwater Aquatic Team19.37N/AN/A
13thElena Wiszowaty8Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor19.54N/AN/A
14thHaleigh Lenoir8Swim Tampa Aquatics19.61N/AN/A
15thBrooke Walton8Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor19.78N/AN/A
16thSophia Dolan7Swim Tampa Aquatics20.51N/AN/A
17thAlexandra Ramos8Florida Elite Swimming20.60N/AN/A
18thNoelle Tiba7West Florida Lightning Aquatic20.65N/AN/A
19thLily Attard7Tampa Elite Aquatics20.90N/AN/A
20thHazel Friedman8Swim Tampa Aquatics21.10N/AN/A
21stCora McCue8TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club21.15N/AN/A
22ndKatherine Martinez7Clearwater Aquatic Team21.47N/AN/A
23rdIsla Budrow6Florida West Coast Aquatics21.69N/AN/A
24thMackenzie Atkins6Florida West Coast Aquatics21.71N/AN/A
25thMadison Sapol7Swim Tampa Aquatics21.89N/AN/A
26thEvangeline Alcala8West Florida Lightning Aquatic21.91N/AN/A
27thEmma Jiang6Clearwater Aquatic Team21.93N/AN/A
28thParker Stofan8Saint Petersburg Aquatics22.14N/AN/A
29thIsabella Jedzejec6Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country22.15N/AN/A
30thFelicity Chase8Florida West Coast Aquatics22.26N/AN/A
31stEvie Everly6Florida West Coast Aquatics22.58N/AN/A
32ndRyland Ghent6Swim Tampa Aquatics22.66N/AN/A
33rdZora Sesler8Florida Elite Swimming22.76N/AN/A
34thMackenzie Richardson7Tampa Elite Aquatics23.23N/AN/A
35thHaylee MacDonald7TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club23.82N/AN/A
36thIsabela Malespin6Tampa Elite Aquatics23.85N/AN/A
37thHayden Batten6Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor24.73N/AN/A
38thVivian Clark7Florida West Coast Aquatics25.42N/AN/A
39thMiranda Ovalles8Swim Tampa Aquatics27.70N/AN/A
40thBrooklyn Maniscalco7Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor28.66N/AN/A
41stElise Fehrmann7Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor28.94N/AN/A
42ndLandry Lechuk7Florida Elite Swimming29.77N/AN/A
43rdHannah Smudde6Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor29.78N/AN/A
44thMaricah Gilbert8West Florida Lightning Aquatic30.26N/AN/A
45thEmma Dolan5Swim Tampa Aquatics32.21N/AN/A
46thAshley Hazners6Saint Petersburg Aquatics33.11N/AN/A
47thAvery Cooper6Swim Tampa Aquatics33.84N/AN/A
48thMadeline Popa6Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country52.93N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stChristian Malespin8Tampa Elite Aquatics17.24N/AN/A
2ndReagan Hung8Swim Tampa Aquatics17.50N/AN/A
3rdMateo Torrelli7Clearwater Aquatic Team18.26N/AN/A
4thViggo Spohn7YMCA Palm Harbor18.52N/AN/A
5thJoseph Martino8Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor18.70N/AN/A
6thJoseph Mohler7TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club18.99N/AN/A
7thDeclan Maloney8Tampa Elite Aquatics19.66N/AN/A
8thDaniel Grudzinskis8TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club19.79N/AN/A
9thLuke Winston8Swim Tampa Aquatics20.27N/AN/A
10thIsaac Chung8Swim Tampa Aquatics20.35N/AN/A
11thLuca Detillio7Tampa Elite Aquatics20.68N/AN/A
12thGabriel Childs8TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club20.98N/AN/A
13thTy Sturgill7TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club21.04N/AN/A
14thGarry Ray Smith7Saint Petersburg Aquatics21.40N/AN/A
15thParker Widell6Swim Tampa Aquatics21.82N/AN/A
16thConrad Postle7West Florida Lightning Aquatic21.99N/AN/A
17thVincent Martino6Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor22.63N/AN/A
18thOliver Starr6Radiant Aquatics23.02N/AN/A
19thLucas Medina8Swim Tampa Aquatics23.15N/AN/A
20thMax Davis6Saint Petersburg Aquatics23.44N/AN/A
21stGreyson Kyper6Tampa Elite Aquatics24.09N/AN/A
22ndZach Sapol8Swim Tampa Aquatics24.13N/AN/A
23rdAugustine Clifford8Tampa Elite Aquatics25.38N/AN/A
24thHarlan Ris7Florida West Coast Aquatics26.17N/AN/A
25thMisha Davis8Saint Petersburg Aquatics26.57N/AN/A
26thMaddox Canonaco8Swim Tampa Aquatics26.99N/AN/A
27thAniketh Dasu8Tampa Elite Aquatics29.74N/AN/A
28thSuvidh Gowda6Swim Tampa Aquatics30.31N/AN/A
29thTheo Malo6Piranhas YMCA Palm Harbor31.80N/AN/A
30thBryce Barnaky5West Florida Lightning Aquatic32.72N/AN/A
31stKai Klymenko7TBAC Tampa Bay Aquatic Club32.91N/AN/A
32ndConnor Mieles8Swim Tampa Aquatics34.66N/AN/A
33rdTobias Clifford5Tampa Elite Aquatics35.00N/AN/A
34thCalvin Seitz6Tampa Bay Aquatic Club Country36.05N/AN/A
35thAndrew Goldberg5Swim Tampa Aquatics36.32N/AN/A

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Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.