Cerritos Aquatic Club

Last Updated: December 05, 2023

There are 95 competitive swimmers in Cerritos Aquatic Club (CERR)

Below are the Top B+ swimmers in CERR for the season 2023-2024.Search all swimmers in SCS
Mit MuniBoy13
Zachary MalayaBoy12
Sean GunawanBoy11
Emily HoGirl10
Nana TakeuchiGirl13
Shu WakayamaBoy10
Conrad MalayaBoy10
Desirae MurilloGirl11
Zoey KhumGirl13
Matthew HoBoy15
Zion WenBoy9
Caleb YiBoy17
Valerie GunawanGirl9
Johnathan HoBoy17
Allan WoolleyBoy14
Maggie ShenGirl12
Katelyn FongGirl15
Carlos ValderramaBoy17
Houcheng ChenBoy13
Kaisalyn ForsstromGirl10
Hailey YoungGirl10
Miguel CamachoBoy14
Mateo EscobarBoy12
Aira TakeuchiGirl17
Madeline CastellanosGirl11

Event Rankings

25 Y Free
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Free
100 Y Free
200 Y Free
500 Y Free
1000 Y Free
1650 Y Free
25 Y Back
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Back
100 Y Back
200 Y Back
25 Y Fly
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Fly
100 Y Fly
200 Y Fly
25 Y Breast
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Breast
100 Y Breast
200 Y Breast
100 Y IM
200 Y IM
400 Y IM
50 M Free
100 M Free
200 M Free
400 M Free
800 M Free
1500 M Free
50 M Back
100 M Back
200 M Back
50 M Fly
100 M Fly
200 M Fly
50 M Breast
100 M Breast
200 M Breast
200 M IM
400 M IM

Recent Meets
Meets in Southern California (scs)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2023 CA AAA Last Chance for WAG12/02/2023SCY
2023 CA Orange County A/G #4 AZOT_Group A12/02/2023SCY
2023 CA LTA Toys for Tots Meet12/02/2023SCY
2023 Riptide Aquatics Short Course Age Group12/02/2023SCY
2023 CA CLSS Winter Coastal Champs12/02/2023SCY
2023 CA ORCA Short Course Age Group Swim meet12/02/2023SCY
2023 Blast Sharks WAG Last Ditch12/02/2023SCY
2023 CA CCAQ WAG Last Ditch UPDATED12/01/2023SCY
BCH December Intrasquad Meet 202312/01/2023SCY
2023 CA HRZN Turkey Bowl11/27/2023SCY
2023 CA SCSL Fall Meet #311/18/2023SCY
2023 CA OTTR/YST Thanksgiving Invite11/18/2023SCY
2023 CA CANY Cranberry11/17/2023SCY
CA 2023 NOVAmber Intrasquad Meet11/17/2023SCY
2023 CA SLOS Pumpkin Pie Invite11/17/2023SCY
2023 CA MVN Turkey Classic11/17/2023SCY
2023 CA Nov SBSC Novice Meet11/12/2023SCY
2023 CA Orange County A/G at CMAC11/11/2023SCY
2023 CA CITI Fall Festival11/11/2023SCY
2023 CA FAC Verterans' Day Classic SC11/10/2023SCY
2023 NV State SC Championship @ BCH11/09/2023SCY
2023 CA STAR November BC SC Meet11/04/2023SCY
2023 CA BUEN David Graham11/04/2023SCY
2023 STOP November SC Age Group11/04/2023SCY
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