Clubs in North Dakota

Last Updated: June 16, 2024
Center Barracuda Swim Club550
Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team432617
Fargo-Moorhead YMCA Swim Team773839
Jamestown JAWS Swim Team1293
Mandan Marlins Swim Club754926
Minot YMCA Swim Club905436
Northern Lights Swimming Assoc553124
Prairie Rose Aquatics633
Red River Valley382315
VC Sharks Swim Team14104
Watford City Swim Team Club000
West Fargo Swim Club16810464
Williston Sea Lions Swim Team966333

Recent Meets
Meets in North Dakota (nd)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2024 WFF Summer Explosion06/07/2024LCM
2024 ND Early Bird06/01/2024LCM
2024 ND WFF Spring Sprint05/11/2024LCM
2024 ND 11+ State Championship03/15/2024SCY
2024 ND Spring Invite03/08/2024SCY
2024 ND MMSC iSquad03/05/2024SCY
2024 ND AQST iSquad03/03/2024SCY
2024 ND RRV Last Chance03/03/2024SCY
2024 ND Western Dakota Consolation03/03/2024SCY
2024 ND ND HS Boys State03/01/2024SCY
2024 ND Boys EDC02/24/2024SCY
2024 ND Boys WDA02/24/2024SCY
2024 ND 10U State Championship02/17/2024SCY
2024 ND Valentine Meet02/11/2024SCY
2024 ND Minot iSquad02/10/2024SCY
2024 ND 10 and under West Dakota Consolation Champ02/10/2024SCY
2024 ND Prochnow Invitational02/03/2024SCY
2024 ND Mardi Gras02/02/2024SCY
2024 ND Mid-Winter Classic01/28/2024SCY
2024 ND Winter Fun01/27/2024SCY
2024 ND Marv Feist Invitational01/20/2024SCY
2024 ND I-94 Battle01/20/2024SCY
2024 ND RRV Mile Meet01/19/2024SCY
2024 ND Category 5 Invite01/12/2024SCY
2023 ND Santa Invite12/09/2023SCY
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.