WFFM May 2023 Developmental SCY

Meet Date: May 18, 2023
Hosted by: Utah Swimming

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stDylan Winson8Wasatch Front Fish Market43.94<B60
2ndKaydence Martinez8Wasatch Front Fish Market47.58<B1
3rdEmma Yin7Wasatch Front Fish Market48.14<B1
4thOlivia Gregory8South Davis Aquatic Team55.54<B1
5thMekaila Rodriguez8Pirate Swim Club58.99<B1
6thVivan Knudtson8South Davis Aquatic Team59.93<B1
7thKota Kelly6Skyline Swim Club1:20.49<B1
8thMarigold Freed5Skyline Swim Club1:49.75<B1

Girl 9-10

1stSarah Turnbow9Wasatch Front Fish Market37.47B324
2ndGreycin Smith10South Davis Aquatic Team41.38<B50
3rdEvelyn Watkins9South Davis Aquatic Team42.21<B117
4thPria Blackburn9South Davis Aquatic Team46.55<B3
5thLily Roberts9South Davis Aquatic Team46.74<B1
6thLilliana Brown10Clearfied City Aquatics Team47.82<B1
7thIsabelle Attallah9Wasatch Front Fish Market49.76<B1
8thBella Rodriguez10Pirate Swim Club49.92<B1
9thNaomi Taylor10Skyline Swim Club50.09<B1
10thMolly Whiting9South Davis Aquatic Team53.54<B1
11thEmily Bracken10Pirate Swim Club55.42<B1
12thMckinley Litster9Wasatch Front Fish Market56.94<B1

Girl 11-12

1stElla Wood11Wasatch Front Fish Market32.38B351
2ndMia Rodriguez11Pirate Swim Club36.08<B146
3rdJools Page11Wasatch Front Fish Market37.02<B103
4thZoey Tolman11Clearfied City Aquatics Team40.37<B1
5thJaylyn Mercado12Wasatch Front Fish Market41.96<B1
6thEmily Whicker12South Davis Aquatic Team44.31<B1
7thQuinley Thomson11Wasatch Front Fish Market47.97<B1

Girl 13-14

1stCallie Flamm13Wasatch Front Fish Market31.25B270
2ndMeghan Kitterman13Wasatch Front Fish Market31.88B229
3rdGabriela Rodriguez13Pirate Swim Club36.90<B2
4thIsadora Thueson13Skyline Swim Club38.15<B1
5thOlivia Bangerter14South Davis Aquatic Team40.71<B1
6thPetra Florence13Wasatch Front Fish Market41.17<B1
7thOlivia Benson13South Davis Aquatic Team42.32<B1
8thBrinley Smith14Pirate Swim Club45.04<B1
9thJanice Sanders13South Davis Aquatic Team48.70<B1

Girl 15-16

1stZoie Thompson15Wasatch Front Fish Market29.39BB320
2ndElle Shumway15South Davis Aquatic Team40.87<B1
3rdAndrea Ramos15South Davis Aquatic Team48.74<B1

Boy 8 & Under

1stCooper Lind8Wasatch Front Fish Market40.75<B181
2ndGriffin Smith8Wasatch Front Fish Market48.83<B1
3rdAlexander Jamerson8Wasatch Front Fish Market50.78<B1
4thDesmond Hammond7Pirate Swim Club1:03.38<B1
5thWyatt Olsen8Pirate Swim Club1:03.98<B1
6thHarrison Craig7Skyline Swim Club1:48.65<B1

Boy 9-10

1stKyler Bowe9Wasatch Front Fish Market33.15BB556
2ndBenjamin Simmons9South Davis Aquatic Team39.42<B239
3rdNathan Huber10South Davis Aquatic Team39.51<B129
4thAndrew Vance10South Davis Aquatic Team42.76<B14
5thGreyson Lacy10South Davis Aquatic Team53.07<B1
6thJohn Gooch10South Davis Aquatic Team54.22<B1
7thThor Moeller9Clearfied City Aquatics Team54.37<B1
8thWill Boynton9South Davis Aquatic Team54.37<B1
9thMrigank Gupta10Wasatch Front Fish Market1:02.77<B1

Boy 11-12

1stMacen Stafford11Clearfied City Aquatics Team28.59BB617
2ndJameson Donohue11Wasatch Front Fish Market34.78<B233
3rdSebastian Ellis12Wasatch Front Fish Market36.05<B58
4thDallin Hatch12Wasatch Front Fish Market36.24<B50
5thWyatt Jackson11Wasatch Front Fish Market36.97<B121
6thCharles Gooch12South Davis Aquatic Team41.39<B1
7thAndrew Kadri12South Davis Aquatic Team51.67<B1
8thTreyson Ward12South Davis Aquatic Team55.78<B1

Boy 13-14

1stMatthew Lucchesi13Wasatch Front Fish Market28.99B331
2ndTom Moeller14Clearfied City Aquatics Team30.93<B122
3rdConner Worthington13Wasatch Front Fish Market34.18<B20
4thRyan Oliver13Skyline Swim Club37.45<B1
5thCole Green13Skyline Swim Club40.79<B1
6thCaleb Johnson13South Davis Aquatic Team45.95<B1

Boy 15-16

1stRob Miller15Skyline Swim Club26.97B359
2ndBranch Clay16Clearfied City Aquatics Team27.67B252
3rdMason Timpson15Wasatch Front Fish Market30.51<B109
4thMilo Snow15Wasatch Front Fish Market30.88<B88
5thJacob Brown15Clearfied City Aquatics Team31.92<B33

100 Y Free


200 Y Free


50 Y Back


100 Y Back


50 Y Fly


100 Y Fly


25 Y Breast


50 Y Breast


100 Y Breast


100 Y IM


200 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.