Skyline Wet and Wild Meet SCY

Meet Date: May 12, 2023

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stBryar Jones8Wasatch Swim Club43.21<B83
2ndRomy Hale6Skyline Swim Club1:10.98<B1
3rdMarigold Freed5Skyline Swim Club2:00.38<B1

Girl 9-10

1stHarlow Leverenz10Skyline Swim Club34.14BB370
2ndReese Roberts10Life Time Fitness Utah Swim Te36.91B227
3rdPaisley Jones10Wasatch Swim Club37.47B200
4thJovie Larsen10Wasatch Swim Club42.30<B25
5thNaomi Taylor10Skyline Swim Club47.52<B1
6thElsa Schmitt9Basin Blast Swimming1:00.10<B1

Girl 11-12

1stEva Moeller12Clearfied City Aquatics Team28.13A561
2ndScarlette Matthews12Wasatch Swim Club28.97A498
3rdKate Vinik12Skyline Swim Club30.52BB390
4thMacey Morgan12Wasatch Swim Club38.47<B6
5thTaisley Schmitt11Basin Blast Swimming41.38<B1

Girl 13-14

1stPaige Hicken13Wasatch Swim Club26.50AA640
2ndNavy Dent13Wasatch Swim Club27.62A544
3rdLola Hunter14Skyline Swim Club28.00BB458
4thEmery Lachance14Basin Blast Swimming28.92BB385
5thHannah Flake14Skyline Swim Club29.42BB347
6thPayton Wright13Skyline Swim Club30.01BB357
7thMckayla Anderson14Wasatch Water Dragons30.24B288
8thMakenna Henneuse13Wasatch Swim Club30.43B326
9thLauren Vinik13Skyline Swim Club30.48B323
10thSolana Kozlowski13Life Time Fitness Utah Swim Te30.62B313
11thPaislee Jorgensen14Skyline Swim Club30.86B246
12thRiley Leverenz13Skyline Swim Club31.67B242
13thHila Uziel13Skyline Swim Club32.48B192
14thRory Lonergan13Wasatch Water Dragons33.80<B118
15thLydia Smith14Wasatch Water Dragons35.34<B18
16thElizabeth Ellis13Wasatch Swim Club35.44<B44

Girl 15-16

1stAna Diedrichs15Wasatch Swim Club26.20A580
2ndReece Andrews15Wasatch Swim Club27.10A502
3rdAlli Henneuse15Wasatch Swim Club27.27BB487
4thElsa Bringard15Skyline Swim Club27.63BB458
5thAdelaide Gassman16Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.57B172

Girl 17-18

1stEllie Ferguson18Wasatch Swim Club27.53BB449
2ndEmercynn Brooks17Wasatch Swim Club27.58BB444
3rdBeca Bringard17Skyline Swim Club28.00BB410

Boy 8 & Under

1stTavita Kozlowski8Life Time Fitness Utah Swim Te47.84<B1
2ndBrayden Li8Life Time Fitness Utah Swim Te1:05.81<B1
3rdHarrison Craig7Skyline Swim Club1:42.67<B1

Boy 9-10

1stTruman Hale9Skyline Swim Club32.12BB613
2ndHawker Craig10Wasatch Swim Club38.30<B181
3rdPreston Crawford10Wasatch Swim Club39.45<B131
4thWarren Searle10Wasatch Swim Club44.78<B1
5thThor Moeller9Clearfied City Aquatics Team55.77<B1

Boy 11-12

1stJustin Tao12Olympus Aquatics26.07AA673
2ndAnders Schultz12Skyline Swim Club29.59BB425
3rdEthan Tao12Olympus Aquatics31.81B283
4thEli Barragan12West Valley Aquatics32.22B258
5thChase Park12Skyline Swim Club33.18<B202
6thEnder Hale11Skyline Swim Club33.57<B302
7thCalvin Schultz11Wasatch Swim Club33.78<B290
8thHolter Schmitt12Basin Blast Swimming35.33<B90
9thCarter Hill11Wasatch Swim Club44.92<B1
10thJackson Craig11Skyline Swim Club46.13<B1

Boy 13-14

1stEmmett Brooks14Wasatch Swim Club25.55A518
2ndElijah Shen13Skyline Swim Club28.14B394
3rdEverett Gassman13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics28.87B340
4thLuis Melendez14Basin Blast Swimming28.94B254
5thGarrett Bass13Life Time Fitness Utah Swim Te29.11B322
6thGeorge Pugsley14Skyline Swim Club29.92<B186
7thJohn Vaughan13Wasatch Water Dragons30.01<B258
8thAaron Mecham14Skyline Swim Club30.38<B156
9thHenry Schultz13Wasatch Swim Club31.70<B149
10thMichael Ellis13Wasatch Swim Club31.74<B146
11thTom Moeller14Clearfied City Aquatics Team31.77<B74

Boy 15-16

1stBen Goetsch15Skyline Swim Club23.58A645
2ndVincent Wu16Skyline Swim Club23.69A581
3rdNash Hale16Skyline Swim Club23.76A575
4thBrayden Stoddard15Wasatch Swim Club24.26A585
5thYunpeng Tao16Skyline Swim Club24.52BB508
6thNick Henneuse15Wasatch Swim Club24.93BB527
7thJaten Barraclough15Basin Blast Swimming25.52BB477
8thOliver Lin15Skyline Swim Club25.99BB438
9thPaul Buschkowsky15Basin Blast Swimming25.99BB438
10thSpencer Hendry15Wasatch Swim Club26.36BB407
11thNeven MACHENAUD16Skyline Swim Club26.65B330
12thAndrew Hunt16Basin Blast Swimming27.79B243
13thKeaton Schmitt16Basin Blast Swimming27.95B231
14thJoseph Scowcroft16Skyline Swim Club27.99B228
15thMarcus Barragan15West Valley Aquatics32.46<B11

Boy 17-18

1stJames Keddington17Wasatch Swim Club23.14A604
2ndCaleb Wright17West Valley Aquatics23.81A543
3rdStockton Orr17Wasatch Swim Club24.32BB498
4thBrayden Towns17Wasatch Water Dragons24.49BB483
5thBeck Hale17Skyline Swim Club24.70BB465

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

200 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

200 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

200 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.