July 2024 TCA Last Chance LCM

Meet Date: July 06, 2024
Hosted by: Florida Swimming

All Results
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

100 M BackJustin Scuderi15Treasure Coast Aquatics1:09.88
100 M BackBrodrick Cunio12Treasure Coast Aquatics1:19.97
100 M BackAllison Whidden13Treasure Coast Aquatics1:25.88
100 M BackClay Propst11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:51.58
100 M BackEmmalyne Mitchell9Treasure Coast Aquatics1:56.94
100 M BreastEthan Sperr15Treasure Coast Aquatics1:24.86
100 M BreastChloe Morgenstern13Treasure Coast Aquatics1:35.47
100 M BreastLauren Whidden11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:46.77
100 M BreastDavid Ratanu12Treasure Coast Aquatics2:13.58
100 M FlyCarolina Garcia-Silva15Treasure Coast Aquatics1:30.96
100 M FlyAbygale Lott12Treasure Coast Aquatics1:31.95
100 M FreeBrody Metzger17Treasure Coast Aquatics56.48
100 M FreeLuca Russell14Treasure Coast Aquatics1:06.91
100 M FreeJuliette Scuderi13Treasure Coast Aquatics1:10.51
100 M FreeIsabella Claro11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:10.99
100 M FreeDylan Barral14Treasure Coast Aquatics1:12.69
100 M FreeLuke Paoleschi13Treasure Coast Aquatics1:16.81
100 M FreeCarolina Garcia-Silva15Treasure Coast Aquatics1:19.08
100 M FreeGrayson Spierto9Treasure Coast Aquatics1:20.95
100 M FreeNicholas Scuderi11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:21.77
100 M FreeBrooklynn Fenno10Treasure Coast Aquatics1:22.13
100 M FreeDavid Ratanu12Treasure Coast Aquatics1:25.48
100 M FreeClay Propst11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:37.17
200 M BreastEvelio Claro13Treasure Coast Aquatics2:53.03
200 M FlyMadison Whidden15Treasure Coast Aquatics2:47.55
200 M FreeGrayson Spierto9Treasure Coast Aquatics2:59.29
200 M IMBrody Metzger17Treasure Coast Aquatics2:25.11
200 M IMAugustine Cunio10Treasure Coast Aquatics3:32.22
400 M FreeJustin Scuderi15Treasure Coast Aquatics4:37.34
400 M FreeAiden Kennedy14Treasure Coast Aquatics4:40.19
400 M IMEvan Pelletier18Treasure Coast Aquatics5:14.30
50 M BackMakihya McCall14Treasure Coast Aquatics36.54
50 M BackBrodrick Cunio12Treasure Coast Aquatics38.33
50 M BackCharlotte Mitchell12Treasure Coast Aquatics40.54
50 M BackDylan Barral14Treasure Coast Aquatics40.70
50 M BackLuke Paoleschi13Treasure Coast Aquatics42.78
50 M BackAbygale Lott12Treasure Coast Aquatics43.85
50 M BackNalani Aragona11Treasure Coast Aquatics44.01
50 M BackElla Russell12Treasure Coast Aquatics44.94
50 M BackBrooklynn Fenno10Treasure Coast Aquatics46.81
50 M BackCarolina Garcia-Silva15Treasure Coast Aquatics46.91
50 M BackEmmalyne Mitchell9Treasure Coast Aquatics51.43
50 M BackClay Propst11Treasure Coast Aquatics52.54
50 M BackAria Romeo7Treasure Coast Aquatics1:42.59
50 M BreastEthan Sperr15Treasure Coast Aquatics35.48
50 M BreastDylan Barral14Treasure Coast Aquatics42.94
50 M BreastChloe Morgenstern13Treasure Coast Aquatics44.03
50 M BreastLuke Paoleschi13Treasure Coast Aquatics44.87
50 M BreastElla Russell12Treasure Coast Aquatics45.79
50 M BreastNalani Aragona11Treasure Coast Aquatics47.33
50 M BreastLauren Whidden11Treasure Coast Aquatics48.49
50 M BreastMadison Gentilcore11Treasure Coast Aquatics54.32
50 M BreastDavid Ratanu12Treasure Coast Aquatics56.23
50 M BreastClay Propst11Treasure Coast Aquatics1:07.56
50 M FlyEvan Pelletier18Treasure Coast Aquatics29.05
50 M FlyParker Woods15Treasure Coast Aquatics31.93
50 M FlyMakihya McCall14Treasure Coast Aquatics32.24
50 M FlyEvelio Claro13Treasure Coast Aquatics33.15
50 M FlyAllison Whidden13Treasure Coast Aquatics33.93
50 M FlySienna Udzinski12Treasure Coast Aquatics34.98
50 M FlyCharlotte Mitchell12Treasure Coast Aquatics35.42
50 M FlyAbygale Lott12Treasure Coast Aquatics38.65
50 M FlyNalani Aragona11Treasure Coast Aquatics39.85
50 M FlyMadison Gentilcore11Treasure Coast Aquatics40.24
50 M FreeParker Woods15Treasure Coast Aquatics28.68
50 M FreeMakihya McCall14Treasure Coast Aquatics29.28
50 M FreeLuca Russell14Treasure Coast Aquatics30.53
50 M FreeJuliette Scuderi13Treasure Coast Aquatics31.50
50 M FreeSienna Udzinski12Treasure Coast Aquatics32.11
50 M FreeDylan Barral14Treasure Coast Aquatics32.61
50 M FreeIsabella Claro11Treasure Coast Aquatics33.13
50 M FreeLuke Paoleschi13Treasure Coast Aquatics33.56
50 M FreeNalani Aragona11Treasure Coast Aquatics36.04
50 M FreeElla Russell12Treasure Coast Aquatics36.24
50 M FreeAugustine Cunio10Treasure Coast Aquatics37.21
50 M FreeMadison Gentilcore11Treasure Coast Aquatics38.28
50 M FreeNicholas Scuderi11Treasure Coast Aquatics38.96
50 M FreeClay Propst11Treasure Coast Aquatics45.16
50 M FreeLuca Lucini9Treasure Coast Aquatics1:25.73
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.