DSA Monster Splash Mini SCY

Meet Date: October 29, 2023


Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Leza Tice8FemaleLancaster Aquatic Club50 Y Breast46.26BB445
Horning, Mark W8MaleLancaster Aquatic Club50 Y Free35.37B437
Leza Tice8FemaleLancaster Aquatic Club100 Y IM1:30.33BB395
Macie Oliver8FemaleEast Coast C-Cerpants50 Y Free36.26B386
Bonis, Caroline O8FemaleBlue Hen Aquatics100 Y IM1:31.11BB377
Acklin Whitford8MaleGeorge School Aquatics50 Y Free36.93B358
Acklin Whitford8MaleGeorge School Aquatics50 Y Back42.65B348
Megan Li7FemaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl50 Y Breast49.25B327
Meera Steffy8FemaleLancaster Aquatic Club50 Y Back42.93B327
Lux, Cash8MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl50 Y Free37.65B323


25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stMeera Steffy8Lancaster Aquatic Club15.36N/AN/A
2ndMacie Oliver8East Coast C-Cerpants16.37N/AN/A
3rdFinn, Keeley G8Diamond State Aquatics16.95N/AN/A
4thZimmerman, Elsie M8Diamond State Aquatics17.03N/AN/A
5thRiley Tyson8Diamond State Aquatics17.15N/AN/A
6thChloe Eldred8Westtown Aquatic Club17.31N/AN/A
7thHayley Aungst7Diamond State Aquatics17.44N/AN/A
8thHorn, Ella J8George School Aquatics17.56N/AN/A
9thOlivia Chimbangu8George School Aquatics17.99N/AN/A
10thBrainard, Finley8Blue Hen Aquatics18.11N/AN/A
11thFrank, Brooklyn E8Westtown Aquatic Club18.40N/AN/A
12thShin, Reina H8Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl18.80N/AN/A
13thCiccone, Julia M8Diamond State Aquatics18.88N/AN/A
14thMayla Harmon8George School Aquatics19.02N/AN/A
15thSydney Buerger8Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl19.05N/AN/A
16thScarlett Webb7Westtown Aquatic Club19.61N/AN/A
17thHelfgott, Avery J8Fitness and Wellness Aquatic C20.62N/AN/A
18thWard, Addi R8Lancaster Aquatic Club20.72N/AN/A
19thKephart, Heidi A8Westtown Aquatic Club21.19N/AN/A
20thDiMarco, Melina Z7Westtown Aquatic Club21.27N/AN/A
21stCohen, Olivia M8George School Aquatics21.30N/AN/A
22ndWeeks, Gabby H8Westtown Aquatic Club21.31N/AN/A
23rdGarabedian, Molly C8Westtown Aquatic Club22.41N/AN/A
24thPalmer, Elizabeth M8Diamond State Aquatics22.56N/AN/A
25thCirucci, Mona K8Westtown Aquatic Club22.90N/AN/A
26thBernabe, Claire M7Westtown Aquatic Club22.96N/AN/A
27thDewhurst, Laney M6George School Aquatics23.17N/AN/A
28thBurkavage, Claire A6Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.08N/AN/A
29thCirucci, Millie J6Westtown Aquatic Club24.12N/AN/A
30thKennealey, Saoirse K8Diamond State Aquatics24.20N/AN/A
31stMcPherson, Addie7YMCA of Vineland Seals Swim Te24.71N/AN/A
32ndAlivia Markey6Blue Hen Aquatics24.94N/AN/A
33rdAubrey Kots6East Coast C-Cerpants25.98N/AN/A
34thEldred, Molly P6Westtown Aquatic Club26.19N/AN/A
35thHessler, Violet J7Diamond State Aquatics26.26N/AN/A
36thBond, Cait E7Westtown Aquatic Club26.58N/AN/A
37thLila Kucera8Westtown Aquatic Club26.65N/AN/A
38thDunne, Nora M8George School Aquatics26.92N/AN/A
39thLux, Margaux6Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl27.03N/AN/A
40thNielands, Ella E8Westtown Aquatic Club27.77N/AN/A
41stDodds, Viv H6Westtown Aquatic Club28.40N/AN/A
42ndHolmes, Joslyn J6East Coast C-Cerpants28.73N/AN/A
43rdHarley Flynn5East Coast C-Cerpants29.68N/AN/A
44thMoccia, Marleigh G6Blue Hen Aquatics29.78N/AN/A
45thKennealey, Aoife M5Diamond State Aquatics29.90N/AN/A
46thChimbangu, Charlie H5George School Aquatics31.01N/AN/A
47thVolpe, Ella L6Westtown Aquatic Club31.25N/AN/A
48thTaylor, Wren M6YMCA of Vineland Seals Swim Te32.22N/AN/A
49thCorey, Ella R7East Coast C-Cerpants35.79N/AN/A
50thYoung, Zoey P5Blue Hen Aquatics36.16N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stAcklin Whitford8George School Aquatics16.00N/AN/A
2ndLux, Cash8Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl16.21N/AN/A
3rdRyan Free8Westtown Aquatic Club16.76N/AN/A
4thMandel, Joshua7Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl16.81N/AN/A
5thBurkavage, Noah A8Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl17.07N/AN/A
6thSutton, Dean A8East Coast C-Cerpants17.76N/AN/A
7thTyler Evans8Westtown Aquatic Club18.14N/AN/A
8thKelley, Julian E8Diamond State Aquatics18.35N/AN/A
9thMichael Wan7Blue Hen Aquatics18.39N/AN/A
10thLong, Cameron D8East Coast C-Cerpants18.50N/AN/A
11thLandon Volpe8Westtown Aquatic Club18.86N/AN/A
12thBernabe, Daniel A7Westtown Aquatic Club18.88N/AN/A
13thRoussakis, Cody A8Westtown Aquatic Club19.72N/AN/A
14thJude Sweeney8Westtown Aquatic Club20.10N/AN/A
15thJohnson, Michael S8Diamond State Aquatics20.11N/AN/A
16thBucci, Gio G8Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl20.97N/AN/A
17thNagdimunov, Pasha8George School Aquatics21.81N/AN/A
18thO'Neill, Max A8Westtown Aquatic Club22.02N/AN/A
19thRubenstein, Colton S7Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl22.27N/AN/A
20thOzturk, Sylar A6Blue Hen Aquatics22.86N/AN/A
21stCalabro, Julien T7Diamond State Aquatics23.00N/AN/A
22ndStempki, Maxwell J7Westtown Aquatic Club23.35N/AN/A
23rdYoutz, Ben T8Lancaster Aquatic Club23.87N/AN/A
24thJack Bond7Westtown Aquatic Club24.09N/AN/A
25thJimenez, Lalo D7Blue Hen Aquatics24.16N/AN/A
26thKates, Sam H8Diamond State Aquatics24.27N/AN/A
27thGeberth, Joshua M7George School Aquatics25.19N/AN/A
28thLevithan, Finn N6Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl27.31N/AN/A
29thBoyer, Lucas C7Westtown Aquatic Club27.55N/AN/A
30thHeitzman, Colin G8George School Aquatics27.76N/AN/A
31stFinn Corcoran7East Coast C-Cerpants28.50N/AN/A
32ndMichelini, James C7Westtown Aquatic Club29.32N/AN/A
33rdSwartz, Brad P8East Coast C-Cerpants31.82N/AN/A
34thBrainard, Theo J6Blue Hen Aquatics32.72N/AN/A
35thAsh, Carter J5Westtown Aquatic Club37.71N/AN/A
36thYoo, Eli Y7Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl39.56N/AN/A
37thWebb, Benjamin R6Blue Hen Aquatics41.91N/AN/A

50 Y Free

100 Y Free

25 Y Back

50 Y Back

25 Y Fly

50 Y Fly

25 Y Breast

50 Y Breast

100 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.