CA 2024 NOVA February Age-Group Meet SCY

Meet Date: February 24, 2024

Results for Team: SACA - SCS
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

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100 Y BackYoojoon Son11Speed Aquatics1:18.11
100 Y BackDiya Kumar13Speed Aquatics1:22.02
100 Y BackKaichen Zhou11Speed Aquatics1:30.63
100 Y BackIan Son10Speed Aquatics1:33.12
100 Y BackArmaan Kumar12Speed Aquatics1:43.50
100 Y BreastYoojoon Son11Speed Aquatics1:30.93
100 Y BreastIan Son10Speed Aquatics1:35.27
100 Y BreastHaig Mirican13Speed Aquatics1:38.51
100 Y BreastArmaan Kumar12Speed Aquatics1:41.50
100 Y BreastKaichen Zhou11Speed Aquatics1:42.61
100 Y BreastKevin Zhou8Speed Aquatics1:45.23
100 Y BreastYeva Mirican9Speed Aquatics1:57.35
100 Y FlySumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics1:25.84
100 Y FlyKaichen Zhou11Speed Aquatics1:33.66
100 Y FlyYeva Mirican9Speed Aquatics1:44.56
100 Y FreeYoojoon Son11Speed Aquatics1:13.36
100 Y FreeHaig Mirican13Speed Aquatics1:13.42
100 Y FreeSumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics1:19.60
100 Y FreeKevin Zhou8Speed Aquatics1:20.36
100 Y FreeIan Son10Speed Aquatics1:21.06
100 Y FreeEmma Tabacchi12Speed Aquatics1:22.26
100 Y FreeYeva Mirican9Speed Aquatics1:26.84
100 Y FreeArmaan Kumar12Speed Aquatics1:28.80
100 Y FreeYuze Tang12Speed Aquatics1:54.38
100 Y IMIan Son10Speed Aquatics1:29.71
100 Y IMSumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics1:30.08
100 Y IMEmma Tabacchi12Speed Aquatics1:34.59
200 Y BreastDiya Kumar13Speed Aquatics3:12.47
200 Y FreeMelody Hughes14Speed Aquatics2:32.16
200 Y FreeSumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics2:54.26
200 Y FreeJuwon Kim10Speed Aquatics3:22.70
200 Y IMDiya Kumar13Speed Aquatics2:50.39
25 Y BackAnnapurna Lashinski7Speed Aquatics33.52
25 Y FlyChali Wu7Speed Aquatics28.33
25 Y FreeAnnapurna Lashinski7Speed Aquatics27.19
50 Y BackSumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics43.89
50 Y BackIan Son10Speed Aquatics43.99
50 Y BackKevin Zhou8Speed Aquatics44.14
50 Y BackYeva Mirican9Speed Aquatics48.71
50 Y BackJuwon Kim10Speed Aquatics50.34
50 Y BackAnnapurna Lashinski7Speed Aquatics1:18.32
50 Y BreastIan Son10Speed Aquatics44.67
50 Y BreastSumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics49.47
50 Y BreastChali Wu7Speed Aquatics1:06.10
50 Y FlySumyee Kwan9Speed Aquatics37.88
50 Y FlyYoojoon Son11Speed Aquatics38.32
50 Y FlyKevin Zhou8Speed Aquatics42.29
50 Y FlyIan Son10Speed Aquatics44.01
50 Y FlyArmaan Kumar12Speed Aquatics45.23
50 Y FlyJuwon Kim10Speed Aquatics52.01
50 Y FlyAnnapurna Lashinski7Speed Aquatics1:29.06
50 Y FreeMelody Hughes14Speed Aquatics29.06
50 Y FreeYoojoon Son11Speed Aquatics31.46
50 Y FreeDiya Kumar13Speed Aquatics32.17
50 Y FreeKaichen Zhou11Speed Aquatics34.59
50 Y FreeIan Son10Speed Aquatics36.12
50 Y FreeEmma Tabacchi12Speed Aquatics37.26
50 Y FreeJuwon Kim10Speed Aquatics38.62
50 Y FreeChali Wu7Speed Aquatics50.01
50 Y FreeYuze Tang12Speed Aquatics51.23
50 Y FreeAnnapurna Lashinski7Speed Aquatics59.88
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.