BHA Fall Splash Mini Meet SCY

Meet Date: November 12, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Wilmington Aquatic Club36158000032
George School Aquatics1876000004
East Coast C-Cerpants1142000002
Blue Hen Aquatics1132000001
Diamond State Aquatics1147000000
Friends Select Aquatics831000000
Northeast Swimming Club312000000

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Brody Connell8MaleWilmington Aquatic Club50 Y Free34.42BB487
Brody Connell8MaleWilmington Aquatic Club100 Y Free1:15.29BB468
Brody Connell8MaleWilmington Aquatic Club50 Y Back40.59BB443
Macie Oliver8FemaleEast Coast C-Cerpants50 Y Free35.86B407
Acklin Whitford8MaleGeorge School Aquatics50 Y Free36.51B379
Brody Connell8MaleWilmington Aquatic Club50 Y Fly40.97B315
Acklin Whitford8MaleGeorge School Aquatics50 Y Back43.51B310
Macie Oliver8FemaleEast Coast C-Cerpants100 Y Free1:22.19B292
Horn, Ella J8FemaleGeorge School Aquatics50 Y Back43.90B285
Riley Tyson8FemaleDiamond State Aquatics50 Y Free39.55<B225


25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stMacie Oliver8East Coast C-Cerpants16.38N/AN/A
2ndHorn, Ella J8George School Aquatics16.86N/AN/A
3rdRiley Tyson8Diamond State Aquatics16.92N/AN/A
4thFinn, Keeley G8Diamond State Aquatics17.50N/AN/A
5thHayley Aungst7Diamond State Aquatics17.87N/AN/A
6thOlivia Chimbangu8George School Aquatics18.33N/AN/A
7thBrainard, Finley8Blue Hen Aquatics18.46N/AN/A
8thMullin, Ellie K8Wilmington Aquatic Club18.81N/AN/A
9thZimmerman, Elsie M8Diamond State Aquatics18.91N/AN/A
10thStewart, Margaux F8Friends Select Aquatics19.06N/AN/A
11thMeckle, Riley M8Wilmington Aquatic Club19.68N/AN/A
12thMayla Harmon8George School Aquatics19.92N/AN/A
13thPiau, Emmy A8Friends Select Aquatics20.11N/AN/A
14thFinnigan, Nora K8Wilmington Aquatic Club20.23N/AN/A
15thBlohm, Stella N8Wilmington Aquatic Club20.81N/AN/A
16thRickner, Nadia T7Wilmington Aquatic Club20.97N/AN/A
17thGrace Wiggins8George School Aquatics21.34N/AN/A
18thGebauer, Sawyer J7Friends Select Aquatics21.49N/AN/A
19thAnnabelle Cole7Wilmington Aquatic Club21.70N/AN/A
20thKearney, Evelyn C7Northeast Swimming Club22.42N/AN/A
21stDunne, Nora M8George School Aquatics23.02N/AN/A
22ndWilliams, Loren Z8Wilmington Aquatic Club23.36N/AN/A
23rdJordan, Caroline J7Wilmington Aquatic Club23.44N/AN/A
24thDewhurst, Laney M6George School Aquatics24.00N/AN/A
25thMcCullough, Lilly J8Northeast Swimming Club24.47N/AN/A
26thReitemeyer, Maddie8Wilmington Aquatic Club24.59N/AN/A
27thHayden, Serena M7Friends Select Aquatics24.62N/AN/A
28thKennealey, Saoirse K8Diamond State Aquatics24.87N/AN/A
29thAubrey Kots6East Coast C-Cerpants24.98N/AN/A
30thMcConnell, R J6Wilmington Aquatic Club25.50N/AN/A
31stValentine, Carli L7Wilmington Aquatic Club25.56N/AN/A
32ndAlivia Markey6Blue Hen Aquatics26.06N/AN/A
33rdSmith, Brooklynn H7Wilmington Aquatic Club26.43N/AN/A
34thMehta, Myra8Wilmington Aquatic Club26.76N/AN/A
35thPryslak, Addison6Wilmington Aquatic Club27.00N/AN/A
36thElizabeth Kalinowski6Wilmington Aquatic Club27.81N/AN/A
37thPayton Riordan6East Coast C-Cerpants27.84N/AN/A
38thTheibault-Dean, Ellowyn O7Wilmington Aquatic Club28.15N/AN/A
39thHarley Flynn5East Coast C-Cerpants28.44N/AN/A
40thHolmes, Joslyn J6East Coast C-Cerpants28.50N/AN/A
41stSmall, Clarissa L7Wilmington Aquatic Club28.62N/AN/A
42ndChimbangu, Charlie H5George School Aquatics28.98N/AN/A
43rdDragone, Rose E7Wilmington Aquatic Club30.50N/AN/A
44thKaufman, Amelia J6George School Aquatics30.51N/AN/A
45thMoccia, Marleigh G6Blue Hen Aquatics30.63N/AN/A
46thAlbinsky, Amelia A6Northeast Swimming Club30.87N/AN/A
47thDiCostanza, Dorothy L7Wilmington Aquatic Club31.69N/AN/A
48thPolaski, Carter7Blue Hen Aquatics32.96N/AN/A
49thYoung, Zoey P5Blue Hen Aquatics34.74N/AN/A
50thCorey, Ella R7East Coast C-Cerpants34.74N/AN/A
51stPietro, Quinn A4George School Aquatics39.43N/AN/A
52ndMehta, Sia5Wilmington Aquatic Club54.66N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stBrody Connell8Wilmington Aquatic Club15.88N/AN/A
2ndAcklin Whitford8George School Aquatics15.99N/AN/A
3rdNolan McGovern7George School Aquatics17.08N/AN/A
4thLong, Cameron D8East Coast C-Cerpants17.31N/AN/A
5thSutton, Dean A8East Coast C-Cerpants17.66N/AN/A
6thMichael Wan7Blue Hen Aquatics18.42N/AN/A
7thJohnson, Michael S8Diamond State Aquatics19.75N/AN/A
8thJustus McConnell7Wilmington Aquatic Club20.17N/AN/A
9thSuppe, Michael8Wilmington Aquatic Club20.32N/AN/A
10thOzturk, Sylar A6Blue Hen Aquatics21.26N/AN/A
11thWalls, Ethan M7George School Aquatics21.75N/AN/A
12thKates, Sam H8Diamond State Aquatics21.99N/AN/A
13thEvers, Lars L8Wilmington Aquatic Club22.28N/AN/A
14thNagdimunov, Pasha8George School Aquatics22.29N/AN/A
15thHeslop, Duke R7George School Aquatics22.60N/AN/A
16thMoyer-Tuma, Alexander P7Friends Select Aquatics22.91N/AN/A
17thNesterov, Nicholas D8Wilmington Aquatic Club23.61N/AN/A
18thMoyer-Tuma, Phillip F7Friends Select Aquatics23.64N/AN/A
19thZaremba, Carson J8Friends Select Aquatics23.66N/AN/A
20thGeberth, Joshua M7George School Aquatics24.03N/AN/A
21stHileman, Brooks C7Wilmington Aquatic Club24.32N/AN/A
22ndLeJeune, Jonathan S8Blue Hen Aquatics24.32N/AN/A
23rdBrush, Owen W7George School Aquatics24.75N/AN/A
24thJimenez, Lalo D7Blue Hen Aquatics25.47N/AN/A
25thHeitzman, Colin G8George School Aquatics25.65N/AN/A
26thCesbron, Niko O7Wilmington Aquatic Club26.79N/AN/A
27thCayson Lee7East Coast C-Cerpants26.90N/AN/A
28thFinn Connell6Wilmington Aquatic Club28.11N/AN/A
29thPollock, Russell M8Friends Select Aquatics28.81N/AN/A
30thSwartz, Brad P8East Coast C-Cerpants29.89N/AN/A
31stWeaver, Beau M6Blue Hen Aquatics30.26N/AN/A
32ndStone, Eric R8Wilmington Aquatic Club30.61N/AN/A
33rdFantazier, Phillip R7George School Aquatics39.24N/AN/A
34thWebb, Benjamin R6Blue Hen Aquatics44.15N/AN/A

50 Y Free

100 Y Free

25 Y Back

50 Y Back

25 Y Fly

50 Y Fly

25 Y Breast

50 Y Breast

100 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.