2024 Wellington Spring Long Course invite LCM

Meet Date: May 03, 2024

Results for Team: POMP - FG
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

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100 M BackAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas1:15.33
100 M BackMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas1:17.27
100 M BackAmir Vaelizadeh16Pompano Beach Piranhas1:22.65
100 M BackMary Spencer14Pompano Beach Piranhas1:33.46
100 M BreastAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas1:35.82
100 M BreastMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas1:37.86
100 M BreastMary Spencer14Pompano Beach Piranhas1:38.88
100 M BreastBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas1:46.14
100 M FlyKyle Gayle17Pompano Beach Piranhas1:09.03
100 M FlyAlina Rodriguez14Pompano Beach Piranhas1:09.49
100 M FreeKyle Gayle17Pompano Beach Piranhas1:01.23
100 M FreeMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas1:02.31
100 M FreeAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas1:03.90
100 M FreeAmir Vaelizadeh16Pompano Beach Piranhas1:06.55
100 M FreeMary Spencer14Pompano Beach Piranhas1:16.35
100 M FreeBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas1:23.38
200 M BackAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas2:39.41
200 M BackMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas2:43.71
200 M BackKaan Trentadue11Pompano Beach Piranhas2:50.96
200 M BackReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas3:01.96
200 M BreastBree Silva14Pompano Beach Piranhas3:13.68
200 M BreastAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas3:14.24
200 M FlyKaan Trentadue11Pompano Beach Piranhas2:42.40
200 M FreeMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas2:11.73
200 M FreeAlina Rodriguez14Pompano Beach Piranhas2:18.10
200 M FreeAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas2:18.29
200 M FreeKyle Gayle17Pompano Beach Piranhas2:19.37
200 M FreeAmir Vaelizadeh16Pompano Beach Piranhas2:24.46
200 M FreeBree Silva14Pompano Beach Piranhas2:25.31
200 M FreeReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas2:26.62
200 M FreeMaxime Martini13Pompano Beach Piranhas2:28.23
200 M FreeAlex Stojanovski9Pompano Beach Piranhas2:53.63
200 M FreeBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas3:00.80
200 M IMAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas2:38.31
200 M IMMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas2:39.08
200 M IMAmir Vaelizadeh16Pompano Beach Piranhas2:53.17
200 M IMReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas2:58.83
200 M IMSienna Cavaretta10Pompano Beach Piranhas3:13.52
400 M FreeMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas4:42.57
400 M FreeAndrew Smith17Pompano Beach Piranhas4:49.77
400 M FreeMaxime Martini13Pompano Beach Piranhas5:02.71
400 M FreeBree Silva14Pompano Beach Piranhas5:03.16
400 M FreeReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas5:31.87
400 M IMBree Silva14Pompano Beach Piranhas5:47.53
50 M BackAlex Stojanovski9Pompano Beach Piranhas45.41
50 M BackRomeo Martini9Pompano Beach Piranhas48.35
50 M BackBentley Silva9Pompano Beach Piranhas1:01.05
50 M BreastReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas47.32
50 M BreastBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas49.46
50 M BreastRomeo Martini9Pompano Beach Piranhas54.21
50 M BreastBentley Silva9Pompano Beach Piranhas1:04.77
50 M FlyBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas45.50
50 M FlyAlex Stojanovski9Pompano Beach Piranhas48.11
50 M FreeKyle Gayle17Pompano Beach Piranhas27.83
50 M FreeMatthew Smith15Pompano Beach Piranhas28.71
50 M FreeKaan Trentadue11Pompano Beach Piranhas30.52
50 M FreeAmir Vaelizadeh16Pompano Beach Piranhas30.91
50 M FreeReagan Ramsey12Pompano Beach Piranhas31.38
50 M FreeMaxime Martini13Pompano Beach Piranhas32.05
50 M FreeMary Spencer14Pompano Beach Piranhas35.61
50 M FreeAlex Stojanovski9Pompano Beach Piranhas37.10
50 M FreeBianca Ukah10Pompano Beach Piranhas38.50
50 M FreeRomeo Martini9Pompano Beach Piranhas47.87
50 M FreeBentley Silva9Pompano Beach Piranhas49.16
50 M FreeSelin Trentadue5Pompano Beach Piranhas1:45.83
800 M FreeMaxime Martini13Pompano Beach Piranhas10:00.30
800 M FreeKaan Trentadue11Pompano Beach Piranhas10:00.43
800 M FreeHudson Kimpel13Pompano Beach Piranhas10:34.08
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.