2024 NI SYCH Distance Meet @ Burnett LCM

Meet Date: July 06, 2024
Hosted by: Niagara Swimming

All Results
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

1500 M FreeAlexander Nicita16Liverpool Jets Swim Club19:37.47
1500 M FreeJames Sumner16Albany Starfish Swim Club19:41.70
1500 M FreeClarissa Ball18Albany Starfish Swim Club20:24.01
1500 M FreeJason Zeliph18Albany Starfish Swim Club20:44.19
1500 M FreeCaydence Szkotak15Liverpool Jets Swim Club22:19.67
1500 M FreeLeah Gonzalez14CPP River Hawks23:11.36
1500 M FreeDaniel Yang12Syracuse Chargers25:10.20
400 M FreeShoonfon Li18Cpp River Hawks4:37.38
400 M FreeKoen Anderson16Syracuse Chargers4:43.18
400 M FreeThomas Vedder13Glen Gators Swim Team4:44.81
400 M FreeTristan Miranda20Cato-Meridian Otters4:45.47
400 M FreeGretchen Braun16Northern TRIBS Swimming4:49.21
400 M FreeOwen Lilly17Albany Starfish Swim Club4:53.46
400 M FreeJoseph Lisi15Liverpool Jets Swim Club4:58.38
400 M FreeSonja Wultsch-Fuller14Northern TRIBS Swimming5:05.91
400 M FreeJameson Sierzant15Southern Tier Aquatics5:06.14
400 M FreeRyan Vann17Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:08.29
400 M FreeJames Hayden15Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:08.95
400 M FreeCaleb Braun11Northern TRIBS Swimming5:09.23
400 M FreeTori Cusworth12Northern TRIBS Swimming5:10.64
400 M FreeMeghan Groshans13Syracuse Chargers5:15.80
400 M FreeZachary Winans16Syracuse Chargers5:16.80
400 M FreeJackson Dinan14Northern TRIBS Swimming5:22.42
400 M FreeAdelaide Atherton14Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:29.17
400 M FreeGabrielle Janeski17Horseheads Senior High School5:30.18
400 M FreeLandon Hungerford12Albany Starfish Swim Club5:30.23
400 M FreeCole Hungerford12Albany Starfish Swim Club5:30.66
400 M FreeLandyn Bennett13Skaneateles YMCA Lightning5:32.01
400 M FreeAna Ball16Albany Starfish Swim Club5:32.34
400 M FreeMason Terry14Albany Starfish Swim Club5:36.34
400 M FreeKaitlyn Thompson17Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:37.58
400 M FreeMolly MacMaster14Skaneateles YMCA Lightning5:38.18
400 M FreeFinnian Hynes14Chenango Valley Swim Club5:39.01
400 M FreeGeneral McKoy16Unattached5:41.19
400 M FreeFiona Blakely-Armitage15Syracuse Chargers5:42.58
400 M FreeNatalie Thompson13Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:44.13
400 M FreeBrielle Bryant13Liverpool Jets Swim Club5:44.79
400 M FreeGrace Deal15Clinton Cuda Swim Club5:46.79
400 M FreeAvery Burnett12Chenango Valley Swim Club5:48.34
400 M FreeLizzy Brown13CPP River Hawks5:49.24
400 M FreeAbigail Jung10Cato-Meridian Otters Swimming6:03.32
400 M FreeHannah Hart12Northern TRIBS Swimming6:03.48
400 M FreeZachary Nicita16Liverpool Jets Swim Club6:04.63
400 M FreeMolly Abrams11Syracuse Chargers6:07.91
400 M FreeAlexandra Delia12Baldwinsville Sharks Swim Club6:09.48
400 M FreeMichael Jin11Cpp River Hawks6:18.85
400 M FreeJustin Li14Cpp River Hawks6:28.31
400 M FreeAustin Zhou10Lansing Water Cats Swim Club6:31.28
400 M FreeMaeve Manwaring11CPP River Hawks6:33.38
400 M FreePiper Goeke13Northern TRIBS Swimming6:34.50
400 M FreeAnnabelle Sun11Cpp River Hawks6:37.82
400 M FreeCatherine Keller10Albany Starfish Swim Club6:41.46
400 M FreeLukas Albano12Albany Starfish Swim Club6:50.19
400 M FreeJonathan Fu9Cpp River Hawks7:05.46
400 M FreeAmelia Hawk10Unattached7:15.00
400 M IMBrayden Pettitt15CPP River Hawks5:15.33
400 M IMLuke Splendido17Albany Starfish Swim Club5:27.93
400 M IMSamuel Debbie21Syracuse Chargers5:33.33
400 M IMJoseph Crisco14Cpp River Hawks5:40.61
400 M IMEli German13Albany Starfish Swim Club5:47.63
400 M IMThomas Zeliph16Albany Starfish Swim Club5:54.89
400 M IMCharles Bewlay14Albany Starfish Swim Club6:00.08
400 M IMBrett Hungerford14Albany Starfish Swim Club6:01.77
400 M IMNathan Alexander18Liverpool Jets Swim Club6:05.83
400 M IMLily Splendido17Albany Starfish Swim Club6:13.05
400 M IMLeo Yuan11Cpp River Hawks6:24.66
400 M IMRoxana Yafayeva16Albany Starfish Swim Club6:44.67
400 M IMMichael Gates16Chenango Valley Swim Club6:50.98
400 M IMLilly Wallis13Syracuse Chargers6:55.31
400 M IMMason Fogel12Syracuse Chargers7:05.15
400 M IMRyleigh Glowacki12Baldwinsville Sharks Swim Club7:24.28
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.