MAC May-hem Mini Meet SCY

Meet Date: May 04, 2024

Results for Team: EST - MD
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

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100 Y FreeJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team1:20.53
100 Y FreeJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team1:23.90
100 Y FreeAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team1:34.06
100 Y FreeLucy Knight7Eagle Swim Team Inc.1:40.42
100 Y FreeCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team1:43.83
100 Y FreeCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.1:47.34
100 Y FreeMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team1:52.85
100 Y FreeJude Matu8Eagle Swim Team1:55.59
100 Y FreeZoya Bach7Eagle Swim Team1:58.77
100 Y FreeEli Faybusovich8Eagle Swim Team2:06.12
100 Y FreeBenjamin Li7Eagle Swim Team2:12.50
100 Y FreeIsabella Hopkins6Eagle Swim Team2:20.76
100 Y IMJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team1:33.42
100 Y IMJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team1:34.08
100 Y IMCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team2:01.89
25 Y BackJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team19.07
25 Y BackMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team20.55
25 Y BackAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team22.49
25 Y BackCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team23.04
25 Y BackJacquelyn Reuster8Eagle Swim Team Inc.23.40
25 Y BackCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.23.48
25 Y BackMadeline Boehmer7Eagle Swim Team26.48
25 Y BackYuchen Liu9Eagle Swim Team27.26
25 Y BackBenjamin Li7Eagle Swim Team27.36
25 Y BackEli Faybusovich8Eagle Swim Team27.81
25 Y BreastJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team22.12
25 Y BreastCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.29.05
25 Y BreastCallan Poirier8Eagle Swim Team Inc.30.47
25 Y BreastYuchen Liu9Eagle Swim Team31.47
25 Y FlyJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team19.66
25 Y FlyAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team21.84
25 Y FlyMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team25.24
25 Y FlyZoya Bach7Eagle Swim Team25.91
25 Y FlyYuchen Liu9Eagle Swim Team32.94
25 Y FreeJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team15.84
25 Y FreeCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team18.51
25 Y FreeLucy Knight7Eagle Swim Team Inc.18.82
25 Y FreeCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.19.95
25 Y FreeMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team20.50
25 Y FreeZoya Bach7Eagle Swim Team20.86
25 Y FreeJude Matu8Eagle Swim Team20.87
25 Y FreeEli Faybusovich8Eagle Swim Team22.14
25 Y FreeYuchen Liu9Eagle Swim Team23.04
25 Y FreeBenjamin Li7Eagle Swim Team24.59
25 Y FreeIsabella Hopkins6Eagle Swim Team27.93
50 Y BackJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team41.38
50 Y BackJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team42.14
50 Y BackAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team48.49
50 Y BackLucy Knight7Eagle Swim Team Inc.49.78
50 Y BackCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team49.79
50 Y BackCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.49.94
50 Y BackZoya Bach7Eagle Swim Team50.63
50 Y BackMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team51.75
50 Y BackJude Matu8Eagle Swim Team56.48
50 Y BackBenjamin Li7Eagle Swim Team59.88
50 Y BackEli Faybusovich8Eagle Swim Team1:01.34
50 Y BackIsabella Hopkins6Eagle Swim Team1:01.65
50 Y BreastJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team46.31
50 Y BreastJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team51.17
50 Y BreastJude Matu8Eagle Swim Team1:02.91
50 Y BreastAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team1:06.45
50 Y BreastLucy Knight7Eagle Swim Team Inc.1:08.49
50 Y BreastCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team1:17.44
50 Y FlyJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team44.11
50 Y FlyJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team44.81
50 Y FlyAurora Decktor8Eagle Swim Team54.19
50 Y FlyCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team59.90
50 Y FreeJames Williams8Eagle Swim Team36.02
50 Y FreeJenna Patel8Eagle Swim Team36.77
50 Y FreeCaitlin Ejanda8Eagle Swim Team41.37
50 Y FreeCallan Poirier8Eagle Swim Team Inc.44.74
50 Y FreeJacquelyn Reuster8Eagle Swim Team Inc.45.50
50 Y FreeCarly Williams7Eagle Swim Team Inc.46.71
50 Y FreeMason Lam7Eagle Swim Team49.44
50 Y FreeEli Faybusovich8Eagle Swim Team52.81
50 Y FreeMadeline Boehmer7Eagle Swim Team53.32
50 Y FreeBenjamin Li7Eagle Swim Team57.46
50 Y FreeYuchen Liu9Eagle Swim Team1:01.00
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.