10th Annual Chris Peterson Invitational SCY

Meet Date: February 10, 2024

Results for Team: BAQ - NC
The rankings in the following results are based on swimmers' best times from the meet, regardless of prelims, finals, and relay lead-offs.

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100 Y BackEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:14.01
100 Y BackAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:16.74
100 Y BackAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:19.12
100 Y BackDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:19.84
100 Y BackQuinn Snyder14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:24.04
100 Y BackEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:28.85
100 Y BackAddison DeWine11Blues Aquatics Asheville1:39.35
100 Y BreastElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:26.17
100 Y BreastDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:27.18
100 Y BreastAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:29.55
100 Y BreastAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:32.21
100 Y BreastEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:39.93
100 Y BreastEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:40.31
100 Y FlyElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:15.14
100 Y FlyEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:20.35
100 Y FlyAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:22.45
100 Y FlyDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:26.44
100 Y FlyQuinn Snyder14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:31.76
100 Y FreeEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:02.80
100 Y FreeAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:04.11
100 Y FreeElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:05.39
100 Y FreeDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville1:05.51
100 Y FreeAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:08.23
100 Y FreeQuinn Snyder14Blues Aquatics Asheville1:11.09
100 Y FreeEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:11.29
100 Y FreeAddison DeWine11Blues Aquatics Asheville1:21.69
100 Y IMAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville1:20.34
100 Y IMAddison DeWine11Blues Aquatics Asheville1:34.14
200 Y BackElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville2:29.58
200 Y BackEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:39.41
200 Y BackDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville2:42.71
200 Y BackAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:46.25
200 Y BackQuinn Snyder14Blues Aquatics Asheville3:02.31
200 Y BreastDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville3:01.31
200 Y FreeEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:16.33
200 Y FreeDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville2:18.18
200 Y FreeAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:25.79
200 Y IMDirkje Rozenbroek13Blues Aquatics Asheville2:43.15
200 Y IMEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:45.01
200 Y IMAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville2:45.43
25 Y BackWells McCallister7Blues Aquatics Asheville27.80
25 Y FreeWells McCallister7Blues Aquatics Asheville24.94
500 Y FreeElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville6:17.39
50 Y BackAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville35.95
50 Y BackEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville39.27
50 Y BackWells McCallister7Blues Aquatics Asheville1:09.28
50 Y BreastAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville43.72
50 Y BreastEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville44.01
50 Y FlyAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville35.52
50 Y FlyEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville42.43
50 Y FreeAlexander Suydam14Blues Aquatics Asheville28.67
50 Y FreeEvan Gilleland14Blues Aquatics Asheville29.29
50 Y FreeElianna Kolomiyets13Blues Aquatics Asheville30.24
50 Y FreeQuinn Snyder14Blues Aquatics Asheville30.96
50 Y FreeAnna Lott12Blues Aquatics Asheville31.15
50 Y FreeEmily Porter12Blues Aquatics Asheville31.38
50 Y FreeWells McCallister7Blues Aquatics Asheville1:00.62
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.