2023 VSYM November Pentathlon SCY

Meet Date: November 12, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Valley Shore YMCA4514700011626
Cougar Aquatic431670001623
YMCA Seals Swim Team146600002521
Greater Waterbury YMCA1866000046
Middlesex Aquatics Club838000024
Nutmeg Aquatics20730000115
Thames Aquatic Club1339000004

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Joshua Kim13MaleYMCA Seals Swim Team100 Y Fly1:01.48BB570
Jon Greenberg11MaleMiddlesex Aquatics Club50 Y Free29.38BB564
Joshua Kim13MaleYMCA Seals Swim Team200 Y IM2:17.20BB537
Grace McDonald12FemaleValley Shore YMCA50 Y Fly31.04A536
Vicky Van Berkel11FemaleValley Shore YMCA50 Y Back33.60BB535
Ashleigh Zgorski10FemaleYMCA Seals Swim Team50 Y Free31.46BB529
Matthew Ackerman14MaleCougar Aquatic100 Y Free54.46A525
Vicky Van Berkel11FemaleValley Shore YMCA50 Y Free29.99BB510
Gus Van Berkel15MaleValley Shore YMCA100 Y Free53.95BB507
Vicky Van Berkel11FemaleValley Shore YMCA100 Y IM1:14.30BB501


50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stKendall Woodmansee8Thames Aquatic Club39.27<B238
2ndEmily Albright8Valley Shore YMCA40.83<B171
3rdSteele, Madeline J8Nutmeg Aquatics44.03<B58
4thLi, Olivia Y8Nutmeg Aquatics46.90<B1
5thEmma Inga8Cougar Aquatic47.83<B1
6thMann, Riley7Thames Aquatic Club52.38<B1
7thAlicia Inga7Cougar Aquatic53.11<B1
8thMahana, Mahana M8Cougar Aquatic54.12<B1
9thMiller, Vivian K8Nutmeg Aquatics54.41<B1
10thTheia Trottier8Cougar Aquatic54.75<B1
11thLee, Eileen C7Nutmeg Aquatics54.84<B1
12thCharlee Firth7Valley Shore YMCA55.15<B1
13thReagan Tourangeau7Thames Aquatic Club58.18<B1
14thSokolowski, Clara7Valley Shore YMCA58.31<B1
15thMaeve Dailey8Cougar Aquatic59.14<B1
16thPenelope Dubreuil7Valley Shore YMCA1:04.04<B1

Girl 9-10

1stAshleigh Zgorski10YMCA Seals Swim Team31.46BB529
2ndAvery Smith10YMCA Seals Swim Team34.09BB373
3rdAbigail Henry10YMCA Seals Swim Team34.37BB358
4thHarper Kissane9YMCA Seals Swim Team35.83B409
5thZoey Mann10Thames Aquatic Club36.44B249
6thIzzy Olaniyi10Cougar Aquatic38.08B173
7thJuliette Corneau10Middlesex Aquatics Club38.53B154
8thEmma McMillan10Cougar Aquatic38.96<B136
9thEmmy Hill9Cougar Aquatic40.46<B186
10thAndrea Davis10Thames Aquatic Club40.53<B77
11thGrace Whelen10Valley Shore YMCA40.59<B75
12thAlayna Holliday10Thames Aquatic Club40.86<B66
13thElizabeth Flaherty9Greater Waterbury YMCA40.95<B166
14thGrace Morgan9Cougar Aquatic41.78<B133
15thLulu Libero9Cougar Aquatic41.92<B128
16thAvery Macomber9Cougar Aquatic42.03<B124
17thWeglarz, Ayanda10Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu42.03<B32
18thUcanan, Kamila10Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu42.12<B30
19thMadalee Sevelowitz9Greater Waterbury YMCA42.54<B106
20thTavares, Charlotte10YMCA Seals Swim Team42.62<B18
21stOlivia Albright10Valley Shore YMCA43.07<B9
22ndLeila Netravali9Valley Shore YMCA44.11<B55
23rdJillian Hanna9Cougar Aquatic44.39<B48
24thKelo, Norah10Thames Aquatic Club44.80<B1
25thKate Foley10Cougar Aquatic45.62<B1
26thSydney Murphy9Valley Shore YMCA45.91<B13
27thGarcia, Ceci S9Nutmeg Aquatics46.71<B1
28thJordan Koskie9Valley Shore YMCA47.33<B1
29thClare Lopez10Valley Shore YMCA48.42<B1
30thAshley Keenan10Valley Shore YMCA49.44<B1
31stParra, Isabella G9Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu50.86<B1
32ndOlivia Rivera10Cougar Aquatic52.53<B1
33rdDombrowski, Ada M9Nutmeg Aquatics52.84<B1
34thAddison Pillion10Valley Shore YMCA52.84<B1
35thWang, Crystal9Nutmeg Aquatics54.06<B1
36thScarlett Lamb10Cougar Aquatic54.12<B1
37thZupan, Brooklyn J9Cougar Aquatic56.87<B1
38thCora Padelli10Valley Shore YMCA59.31<B1
39thElis Onat9Valley Shore YMCA1:04.10<B1
40thEmma Lopez10Valley Shore YMCA1:07.07<B1
41stCoptsias, Sydney N9Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu1:07.45<B1

Girl 11-12

1stGrace McDonald12Valley Shore YMCA29.29BB475
2ndVicky Van Berkel11Valley Shore YMCA29.99BB510
3rdSofia Yumbla12Cougar Aquatic30.29BB405
4thJayden Olaniyi12Cougar Aquatic31.38B333
5thJuliana Miconi11Cougar Aquatic32.31B355
6thFerretti, Caroline C11Valley Shore YMCA32.40B349
7thAlexa Schwartzman11YMCA Seals Swim Team33.02B311
8thEmma Scherber12Valley Shore YMCA33.31B217
9thAbby Beloin12Cougar Aquatic33.67<B197
10thAddison Foley12Cougar Aquatic35.05<B127
11thElla Morse11Valley Shore YMCA35.38<B180
12thWusiye Dabre12Greater Waterbury YMCA35.46<B108
13thMary Pickel11Middlesex Aquatics Club35.99<B150
14thKayla Franklin12Valley Shore YMCA36.97<B48
15thFahren Tunstall11Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu37.15<B98
16thSolangeliz Santiago11Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu38.33<B53
17thLiv Osinski12Valley Shore YMCA38.47<B6
18thKayla Mathews11Cougar Aquatic38.96<B32
19thElla Nesdale11Cougar Aquatic41.16<B1
20thShuyi Lin11Valley Shore YMCA41.25<B1
21stErin Anderson11Valley Shore YMCA41.26<B1
22ndValerie Villanueva12Cougar Aquatic41.89<B1
23rdHannah Macomber11Cougar Aquatic42.66<B1
24thShelden, Payton G11Nutmeg Aquatics45.89<B1
25thGiancaspro, Tori11Thames Aquatic Club50.04<B1
26thLillian Deshefy11Valley Shore YMCA50.32<B1
27thEllis, Annie W11Cougar Aquatic51.10<B1
28thFarrell, Lillian S11Cougar Aquatic51.75<B1
29thCeballos, Savanah T11Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu56.34<B1
30thRhoden, Amiah I11Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu1:08.22<B1

Boy 8 & Under

1stFirth, Ryder7Valley Shore YMCA1:03.88<B1

Boy 9-10

1stMarnix Knoop10Valley Shore YMCA34.72B358
2ndLuke Callahan9Cougar Aquatic36.58B375
3rdMyles Evans9YMCA Seals Swim Team37.51B329
4thTaliercio, Joseph M9Cougar Aquatic44.40<B44
5thClavin Jacob10Cougar Aquatic44.52<B1
6thGrenier, Anakin M9Cougar Aquatic57.57<B1
7thConnor Christopher10Valley Shore YMCA58.14<B1
8thBoothe, Khoury9Greater Waterbury YMCA Barracu1:00.75<B1

Boy 11-12

1stJon Greenberg11Middlesex Aquatics Club29.38BB564
2ndMason Kulpa12YMCA Seals Swim Team29.61BB423
3rdBilly Jewczyn11Cougar Aquatic32.33B375
4thTavares, Wyatt12YMCA Seals Swim Team32.47B243
5thMatthew Guarnieri12Valley Shore YMCA33.86<B165
6thXander Kim11Valley Shore YMCA34.47<B251
7thKyle Lee11Valley Shore YMCA34.95<B224
8thSam Hurt11Thames Aquatic Club35.13<B214
9thKyle Citarella11Valley Shore YMCA35.59<B190
10thHarry Miller11Nutmeg Aquatics36.27<B155
11thJoseph Merritt11Greater Waterbury YMCA36.35<B151
12thJake McMillan12Cougar Aquatic36.68<B33
13thBrian Merritt12Greater Waterbury YMCA37.25<B13
14thStefan O'Neil11YMCA Seals Swim Team37.99<B75
15thSean Hawley11Middlesex Aquatics Club38.01<B75
16thMax Stahl12Cougar Aquatic39.03<B1
17thGaraventa, Carson11Valley Shore YMCA39.55<B17
18thEvans, Alex A12Nutmeg Aquatics40.07<B1
19thMiller, Dustin J11Nutmeg Aquatics43.85<B1
20thKeshav Khambholja12Middlesex Aquatics Club47.14<B1

100 Y Free

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.