2023 UT CSC March Developmental (SCY)
Meet Date: March 13, 2023
Hosted by: Utah Swimming

100 Y BackMax Giddings13Cedar Swim Club1:06.70B406
100 Y BackAddy Burrill14Cedar Swim Club1:10.74BB324
100 Y BackKenley Reynolds14Cedar Swim Club1:17.21N/A146
100 Y BackLewis Davis12Cedar Swim Club1:41.22N/AN/A
100 Y BackMersadie Oveson10Cedar Swim Club2:02.83N/AN/A
100 Y BackAnnelise Dastrup12Cedar Swim Club2:05.13N/AN/A
100 Y BreastMax Giddings13Cedar Swim Club1:14.55BB452
100 Y BreastTrevor Talbot15Cedar Swim Club1:19.79N/A163
100 Y BreastLucy Tanner13Cedar Swim Club1:23.81B301
100 Y BreastElla Demille15Cedar Swim Club1:32.63N/A73
100 Y BreastMakayla Keyser14Cedar Swim Club1:33.82N/A58
100 Y BreastKai Shaver13Cedar Swim Club1:35.61N/A53
100 Y BreastWeston Carraway13Cedar Swim Club1:36.78N/AN/A
100 Y BreastAriana Giddings11Cedar Swim Club1:45.96N/A63
100 Y BreastEvaleen Schoonmaker13Cedar Swim Club1:50.12N/AN/A
100 Y BreastGreta Smith10Cedar Swim Club2:04.28N/AN/A
100 Y BreastAnnelise Dastrup12Cedar Swim Club2:14.64N/AN/A
100 Y BreastMersadie Oveson10Cedar Swim Club2:22.22N/AN/A
100 Y BreastMicah Rushton9Cedar Swim Club3:00.41N/AN/A
100 Y FlySean Cannon14Cedar Swim Club1:04.47BB358
100 Y FlyElla Demille15Cedar Swim Club1:08.56BB376
100 Y FlySkyler Oveson13Cedar Swim Club1:13.41N/A181
100 Y FlyAnaya Morris16Cedar Swim Club1:13.51B213
100 Y FlyAyden Morris12Cedar Swim Club1:14.90BB316
100 Y FlyAddy Burrill14Cedar Swim Club1:21.77N/A57
100 Y FlyKenley Reynolds14Cedar Swim Club1:24.23N/A17
100 Y FlyWeston Carraway13Cedar Swim Club1:26.56N/AN/A
100 Y FlyKai Shaver13Cedar Swim Club1:30.94N/AN/A
100 Y FlyLewis Davis12Cedar Swim Club1:51.20N/AN/A
100 Y FreeAshten Krans17Cedar Swim Club55.79BB351
100 Y FreeTrevor Talbot15Cedar Swim Club59.95B270
100 Y FreeAndrew Gray11Cedar Swim Club1:03.57BB544
100 Y FreeGracie Taylor14Cedar Swim Club1:05.52B257
100 Y FreeLucy Tanner13Cedar Swim Club1:06.11B270
100 Y FreeMakayla Keyser14Cedar Swim Club1:12.45N/A75
100 Y FreeKenley Reynolds14Cedar Swim Club1:14.85N/A34
100 Y FreeDrew Harmon14Cedar Swim Club1:15.94N/AN/A
100 Y FreeTriston Cheney10Cedar Swim Club1:17.29BB280
100 Y FreeLexi Rushton11Cedar Swim Club1:23.89N/A28
100 Y FreeOlive Platt9Cedar Swim Club1:25.52B220
100 Y FreeChloe Shoemake12Cedar Swim Club1:31.56N/AN/A
100 Y FreeAnnelise Dastrup12Cedar Swim Club1:37.79N/AN/A
100 Y FreeJuliet Vanderhoven11Cedar Swim Club1:40.75N/AN/A
100 Y FreeJaxon Warby11Cedar Swim Club1:42.76N/AN/A
100 Y FreeGreta Smith10Cedar Swim Club2:01.01N/AN/A
200 Y BackSkyler Oveson13Cedar Swim Club2:57.46N/A24
200 Y BackEmma Gray15Cedar Swim Club2:57.69N/A46
200 Y BreastLucy Tanner13Cedar Swim Club2:53.01BB400
200 Y IMSean Cannon14Cedar Swim Club2:20.46BB385
200 Y IMGracie Taylor14Cedar Swim Club2:52.52N/A112
200 Y IMEvaleen Schoonmaker13Cedar Swim Club3:38.33N/AN/A
500 Y FreeSean Cannon14Cedar Swim Club5:43.29BB330
500 Y FreeAnaya Morris16Cedar Swim Club6:18.64B163
500 Y FreeAyden Morris12Cedar Swim Club6:23.65BB301
500 Y FreeGracie Taylor14Cedar Swim Club6:34.06B121
500 Y FreeSkyler Oveson13Cedar Swim Club6:45.16N/A78
500 Y FreeJoseph Morris11Cedar Swim Club6:47.73B301
500 Y FreePorter Tanner11Cedar Swim Club6:53.34B274
500 Y FreeSydney Morris9Cedar Swim Club8:17.59B187
400 Y IMEthan Cannon16Cedar Swim Club5:03.15BB282
50 Y BackAndrew Gray11Cedar Swim Club32.82BB612
50 Y BackLexi Rushton11Cedar Swim Club42.71N/A73
50 Y BackAriana Giddings11Cedar Swim Club43.06N/A62
50 Y BackOlive Platt9Cedar Swim Club43.58B298
50 Y BackTriston Cheney10Cedar Swim Club43.59B188
50 Y BackCrue Braithwaite10Cedar Swim Club49.30N/A18
50 Y BackMacy Munson9Cedar Swim Club51.03N/A50
50 Y BackEliza Tanner8Cedar Swim Club52.92N/A16
50 Y BackJuliet Vanderhoven11Cedar Swim Club54.28N/AN/A
50 Y BackOaklee Cavallaro10Cedar Swim Club57.45N/AN/A
50 Y BackAddison Brinkerhoff9Cedar Swim Club58.60N/AN/A
50 Y BackMicah Rushton9Cedar Swim Club1:18.21N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAriana Giddings11Cedar Swim Club45.86N/A162
50 Y BreastLexi Rushton11Cedar Swim Club46.50N/A138
50 Y BreastTriston Cheney10Cedar Swim Club48.97B176
50 Y BreastGreta Smith10Cedar Swim Club52.40B75
50 Y BreastJuliet Vanderhoven11Cedar Swim Club56.17N/AN/A
50 Y BreastCrue Braithwaite10Cedar Swim Club56.19N/A2
50 Y BreastJaxon Warby11Cedar Swim Club1:03.82N/AN/A
50 Y BreastAddison Brinkerhoff9Cedar Swim Club1:13.69N/AN/A
50 Y BreastOaklee Cavallaro10Cedar Swim Club1:19.24N/AN/A
50 Y FlyPorter Tanner11Cedar Swim Club37.84N/A189
50 Y FlySydney Morris9Cedar Swim Club48.52N/A68
50 Y FlyChloe Shoemake12Cedar Swim Club50.89N/AN/A
50 Y FlyCrue Braithwaite10Cedar Swim Club59.14N/AN/A
50 Y FlyMersadie Oveson10Cedar Swim Club1:03.08N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAshten Krans17Cedar Swim Club25.45BB401
50 Y FreeEthan Cannon16Cedar Swim Club25.53BB422
50 Y FreeTrevor Talbot15Cedar Swim Club27.70B302
50 Y FreeAyden Morris12Cedar Swim Club28.15BB523
50 Y FreeSkyler Oveson13Cedar Swim Club28.32B380
50 Y FreeAndrew Gray11Cedar Swim Club29.16BB579
50 Y FreeGracie Taylor14Cedar Swim Club30.58B264
50 Y FreeElla Demille15Cedar Swim Club30.66B232
50 Y FreeWeston Carraway13Cedar Swim Club31.71N/A148
50 Y FreeKai Shaver13Cedar Swim Club31.82B232
50 Y FreeMakayla Keyser14Cedar Swim Club31.88B181
50 Y FreeJoseph Morris11Cedar Swim Club32.55B362
50 Y FreeDrew Harmon14Cedar Swim Club33.00N/A16
50 Y FreeLewis Davis12Cedar Swim Club34.10N/A152
50 Y FreeTriston Cheney10Cedar Swim Club35.81B302
50 Y FreeLexi Rushton11Cedar Swim Club36.08N/A146
50 Y FreeOlive Platt9Cedar Swim Club36.45B376
50 Y FreeAriana Giddings11Cedar Swim Club36.93N/A107
50 Y FreeCrue Braithwaite10Cedar Swim Club38.10N/A191
50 Y FreeSydney Morris9Cedar Swim Club39.16N/A243
50 Y FreeChloe Shoemake12Cedar Swim Club41.01N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMacy Munson9Cedar Swim Club44.66N/A40
50 Y FreeJuliet Vanderhoven11Cedar Swim Club45.32N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMersadie Oveson10Cedar Swim Club48.27N/AN/A
50 Y FreeJaxon Warby11Cedar Swim Club51.90N/AN/A
50 Y FreeGreta Smith10Cedar Swim Club53.94N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMelinda Coston7Cedar Swim Club55.59N/AN/A
50 Y FreeOaklee Cavallaro10Cedar Swim Club59.51N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAddison Brinkerhoff9Cedar Swim Club1:02.12N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMicah Rushton9Cedar Swim Club1:18.99N/AN/A
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.