September Stars LCM

Meet Date: September 15, 2023

50 M Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stSadie Adhikari8King Marlin Swim Club41.76B368
2ndVienna Moody5Sooner Swim Club1:20.20<B1
3rdCharley Thumann7SOONER SWIM CLUB1:20.60<B1

Girl 9-10

1stBraylin Mitchell9Sooner Swim Club36.14BB650
2ndJuliet Radu10Trident Aquatics Club40.00B313
3rdCharlie Bornman10King Marlin Swim Club40.06B310
4thOlivia Zhang10King Marlin Swim Club40.06B310
5thMargaret Love10King Marlin Swim Club40.75B279
6thCarys Dunn10KING MARLIN SWIM CLUB43.50B164
7thMaelis Clinton10Sooner Swim Club46.90<B53
8thKendal Green10TRIDENT AQUATICS CLUB47.22<B45
9thIsla Lam9Sooner Swim Club47.64<B134
10thMillie Layton9King Marlin Swim Club48.28<B113
11thEmmalyn Clifton9Trident Aquatics Club48.66<B102
12thStella Zhang9King Marlin Swim Club52.53<B10
13thXiming Gao9Sooner Swim Club53.20<B2
14thSandy Chou10Sooner Swim Club55.39<B1
15thMila Short9Sooner Swim Club1:00.99<B1
16thAlice Qi9Sooner Swim Club1:04.60<B1
17thPiper Timmons9King Marlin Swim Club1:05.64<B1
18thCaitlyn Barbour9Sooner Swim Club1:13.41<B1

Girl 11-12

1stAnna Qian12Sooner Swim Club29.70AAA721
2ndJulia Cottingham12King Marlin Swim Club30.88AA638
3rdKaydence Serbia11King Marlin Swim Club30.97AA708
4thDelayney Deskin11Sooner Swim Club32.15A628
5thSelina Liu11Sooner Swim Club33.08BB567
6thBeatrice Yang11King Marlin Swim Club34.57BB474
7thMaya Arai12Sooner Swim Club35.95B320
8thNatalia Alca11SOONER SWIM CLUB37.16B326
9thMilli Lam11Sooner Swim Club37.35B315
10thIsla Pinkston12King Marlin Swim Club37.68B229
11thKate Bowman11KING MARLIN SWIM CLUB39.51<B207
12thHarper Burnett11King Marlin Swim Club42.44<B86
13thBrighton Irwin11King Marlin Swim Club43.93<B38
14thAva Tuzon11Sooner Swim Club52.88<B1
15thAlexis McCombs11Sooner Swim Club55.02<B1

Girl 13-14

1stKaida Bradley14Sooner Swim Club30.27AA582
2ndGrace Noviski13Green Country Swim Club31.44A534
3rdAbigail Bass14Sooner Swim Club31.50A490
4thAnna Ray13King Marlin Swim Club31.87BB503
5thAlivia Berning13Trident Aquatics Club32.34BB470
6thChapel McCollom14King Marlin Swim Club33.34BB363
7thBrooklyn Beringer13King Marlin Swim Club34.27BB340
8thMacie Epps13SOONER SWIM CLUB34.34BB336
9thTianna Clansey14King Marlin Swim Club34.82B269
10thIsabela Aissaoui13Sooner Swim Club34.89B301
11thRainy Reinert14Trident Aquatics Club35.37B237
12thKayla Chiple13King Marlin Swim Club35.46B267
13thSabina Stanfield13Sooner Swim Club39.44<B70
14thMarli Lamb13Trident Aquatics Club39.82<B56
15thAvery Guhl13King Marlin Swim Club41.69<B4
16thAnnabelle Abbott13Sooner Swim Club43.01<B1
17thMakayla Lam13Sooner Swim Club59.20<B1

Girl 15-16

1stTaylor White15Trident Aquatics Club29.51AA606
2ndSamantha Crane16Trident Aquatics Club29.87AA576
3rdSummer Pfeiffer16Trident Aquatics Club30.38A536
4thRyleigh Wells16Trident Aquatics Club30.83A503
5thTaylor Cook16Trident Aquatics Club31.13A480
6thAlondra Ortiz-Gondry15BISON AQUATIC CLUB31.21BB477
7thMegan Janzen16King Marlin Swim Club33.96B288
8thSydney Rice15Sooner Swim Club38.20<B69

Girl 17-18

1stCaroline Glover17King Marlin Swim Club28.69AA661
2ndBrenlyn Vickrey17Trident Aquatics Club30.50A519
3rdKaitlyn Simmons17King Marlin Swim Club33.13BB333

Boy 8 & Under

1stAlexandru Pana8Sooner Swim Club48.25<B122
2ndBrooks King7Trident Aquatics Club51.39<B28
3rdChance Henry8Trident Aquatics Club59.32<B1
4thGrant Liu8Sooner Swim Club1:06.87<B1
5thCornel Bornman7King Marlin Swim Club1:09.58<B1

Boy 9-10

1stBenjamin Ray9King Marlin Swim Club39.01BB504
2ndLincoln Berning9Trident Aquatics Club41.02B412
3rdKarter Simmons9KING MARLIN SWIM CLUB46.58<B182
4thAusten Liu10Sooner Swim Club50.64<B1
5thThomas Womack9Sooner Swim Club58.37<B1
6thRyan Neal10SOONER SWIM CLUB1:00.38<B1

Boy 11-12

1stWilliam Langley12Trident Aquatics Club27.60AAAA823
2ndEaston Hightower12Sooner Swim Club29.65AA687
3rdMason Waldrop12King Marlin Swim Club30.71A619
4thBryce King11Trident Aquatics Club31.07A715
5thAlexander Radu12Trident Aquatics Club32.01BB538
6thTyler Addis12TRIDENT AQUATICS CLUB32.31BB520
7thJackson Thomas11KING MARLIN SWIM CLUB33.31BB580
8thDylan Gilmore11King Marlin Swim Club33.39BB575
9thWyatt Richins12King Marlin Swim Club33.44BB452
10thMilo Norris11Trident Aquatics Club35.15B474
11thWalker Ray12Trident Aquatics Club38.25<B191
12thMax Weaver11King Marlin Swim Club41.02<B175
13thMason Reeves11King Marlin Swim Club41.45<B156
14thRobert Austin11SOONER SWIM CLUB43.15<B86
15thAlexander Lam11Sooner Swim Club43.20<B84
16thAsher West11Sooner Swim Club45.07<B21
17thMarshall McCombs11Sooner Swim Club58.50<B1

Boy 13-14

1stMilan Clinton14Sooner Swim Club28.71A561
2ndXander Applegate13King Marlin Swim Club29.16A622
3rdJoao Pedro Morais de Sae Silva13Sooner Swim Club30.69BB513
4thXander Harris13Trident Aquatics Club30.69BB513
5thLandon Gilmore13King Marlin Swim Club30.90BB499
6thZachary Garrett13Trident Aquatics Club31.40BB464
7thOwen Jeantrout14King Marlin Swim Club31.51BB362
8thOliver McDonald13King Marlin Swim Club32.15B414
9thMax Short13Sooner Swim Club32.45B394
10thMaxwell Goodner14King Marlin Swim Club34.82<B157
11thTygun Bertram13KING MARLIN SWIM CLUB35.27<B220
12thCorey Sweeney14SOONER SWIM CLUB35.89<B100
13thLucas Hobson13King Marlin Swim Club37.62<B95
14thEthan Watkins14Sooner Swim Club37.84<B16
15thKhalid Umer14Sooner Swim Club40.65<B1
16thCade Cundiff13King Marlin Swim Club44.34<B1

Boy 15-16

1stRyan Serbia16King Marlin Swim Club27.28A590
2ndRohan Mariano15Sooner Swim Club27.69A592
3rdChristian Davis16Sooner Swim Club35.03<B76
4thHaadi Haider15Sooner Swim Club38.07<B1

Boy 17-18

1stWilliam Schenk18Trident Aquatics Club26.77A596
2ndCameron Sein17King Marlin Swim Club26.82A594
3rdTyler Steffan18Trident Aquatics Club27.19A563
4thManuel Pena17King Marlin Swim Club30.75B302

Boy 19+

1stJonathan Tang22Sooner Swim Club24.32N/AN/A

100 M Free

200 M Free

50 M Back

100 M Back

200 M Back

50 M Fly

100 M Fly

200 M Fly

50 M Breast

100 M Breast

200 M Breast

200 M IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.