2023 NPB August Sprint Meet SCY

Meet Date: August 26, 2023

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stPhotini Bean8North Palm Beach Swim Club47.17<B1
2ndHelen Rokyta8North Palm Beach Swim Club59.19<B1

Girl 9-10

1stEmmeline Keyser9Coral Springs Swim Club35.93B403
2ndLeah Ortega9Coral Springs Swim Club36.71B362
3rdEmily Camacho10Coral Springs Swim Club37.63B193
4thGabriela Tallas10Coral Springs Swim Club37.69B190
5thHande Kizikli10Coral Springs Swim Club39.86<B101
6thSydney Duncombe10North Palm Beach Swim Club43.75<B1

Girl 11-12

1stAdelyn Gardner12Coral Springs Swim Club29.73BB444
2ndSkyla Carroll12Coral Springs Swim Club30.65BB381
3rdHayley Cohen11Coral Springs Swim Club31.01BB440
4thIsabella Calero12Coral Springs Swim Club41.64<B1

Boy 8 & Under

1stCameron Ehrlich7Coral Springs Swim Club40.12<B208
2ndRoman Euseppi8North Palm Beach Swim Club43.93<B59
3rdHunter Gruver8Coral Springs Swim Club49.52<B1
4thAndrew Brenner8North Palm Beach Swim Club1:15.83<B1

Boy 9-10

1stTyler Wright9Coral Springs Swim Club29.77AA748
2ndStephano Villalobos9Coral Springs Swim Club30.60A700
3rdRiver Simpkins10North Palm Beach Swim Club31.04BB563
4thOscar Lans Mendoza10Coral Springs Swim Club31.28BB549
5thMatias Tiani10Coral Springs Swim Club31.59BB531
6thMichael Tiani10Coral Springs Swim Club32.58BB475
7thPreston Ehrlich9Coral Springs Swim Club35.84B413
8thVincent Euseppi9North Palm Beach Swim Club36.27B391
9thEmanuel Quintero9Coral Springs Swim Club37.63B324
10thMax Brodbeck9North Palm Beach Swim Club39.67<B228
11thKeelan Miller-Rumbaugh10North Palm Beach Swim Club40.57<B86

Boy 11-12

1stColby Metzger12North Palm Beach Swim Club26.92A611
2ndDemetrios Bean12North Palm Beach Swim Club28.02BB532
3rdRollin Brodbeck11North Palm Beach Swim Club28.56BB619
4thParker Tylander12North Palm Beach Swim Club29.33BB442
5thDylan Ehrlich11Coral Springs Swim Club29.37BB565
6thJohn Mann12North Palm Beach Swim Club31.40B308
7thJohny Mann12North Palm Beach Swim Club31.40B308
8thBenjamin Brenner11North Palm Beach Swim Club32.04B393
9thJoel Robins11Coral Springs Swim Club32.30B377
10thMatthew Hobbs11North Palm Beach Swim Club33.60<B300
11thMatias Quintero12Coral Springs Swim Club34.03<B156
12thNolan Appel12Coral Springs Swim Club34.82<B115
13thLuiggi Zufi11Coral Springs Swim Club43.50<B1

100 Y Free

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.