2023 NPAC Distance Stroke Meet SCY

Meet Date: November 10, 2023


Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Connor Mangan17MaleCentral Bucks Region200 Y Back1:53.57AAA757
Eren Celik11MaleHatboro-Horsham USA200 Y Breast2:46.51BB755
Luke Pickett11MaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club200 Y Breast2:46.62BB754
Elias Panachyda17MaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club200 Y Breast2:11.99AA727
Connor Mangan17MaleCentral Bucks Region400 Y IM4:12.22AA703
Samantha Roulstone13FemaleMethacton Aquatic Club200 Y Breast2:32.76AA671
Luke Pickett11MaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club400 Y IM5:22.66BB654
Zoe Welsh16FemaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club200 Y Breast2:29.78AA652
Jack Silverman14MaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club200 Y Breast2:25.22A635
Darr, Blake R11MaleNorth Penn Aquatic Club200 Y Back2:32.01BB625


200 Y Back

Girl 9-10

1stMaeve Overcash10Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:34.72N/AN/A
2ndRyan Rhodes10Boyertown Area YMCA3:03.30N/AN/A
3rdSekula, Harper S10North Penn Aquatic Club3:35.83N/AN/A

Girl 11-12

1stEmery Alderson12Hatboro-Horsham USA2:27.52A554
2ndAurora Schadler12Methacton Aquatic Club2:28.21A544
3rdElizabeth Downey12Central Bucks Region2:33.75BB467
4thKinley Pellini11Central Bucks Region2:35.20BB582
5thCameron Martin11Central Bucks Region2:38.67BB535
6thAlexia Dragut12Lower Merion Aquatic Club2:38.77BB400
7thLilia Venarchik12Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:44.22B332
8thErin Wenzel12North Penn Aquatic Club2:46.67B303
9thCameron Wehr12North Penn Aquatic Club2:48.26B284
10thSeraphina Bozzacco12Central Bucks Region2:48.51B281
11thStuti Upadhya11Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:48.93B405
12thBorowski, Macayla R12Dolphins Community Aquatics As2:51.42B248
13thSophie Fazekas11Boyertown Area YMCA2:56.98<B311
14thEmilia Ehling12Central Bucks Region2:58.92<B169
15thQuinn, Katie C11North Penn Aquatic Club3:03.46<B241
16thHamilton, Emma G12Dolphins Community Aquatics As3:05.13<B111
17thJulia Miller11Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl3:05.91<B216
18thCharlotte Minnett11North Penn Aquatic Club3:12.98<B149
19thDany Luna Goffredo12North Penn Aquatic Club3:17.08<B24
20thLaila Picozzi11Boyertown Area YMCA3:22.57<B71
21stMolly Silverman11North Penn Aquatic Club3:22.73<B70

Girl 13-14

1stMadelin Ng14Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:26.58BB441
2ndMadelyn Plevak13Dolphins Community Aquatics As2:34.57BB368
3rdLara Smith13Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:35.23B358
4thElena Gialias13Central Bucks Region2:43.00B254
5thElise Renna13Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:43.59B247
6thMaurstad, Lucy M13Central Bucks Region2:46.06B216
7thDani Smith13Lower Merion Aquatic Club2:57.69<B91
8thSamantha Berdow14Lower Merion Aquatic Club2:58.81<B50
9thMallory Lawrence13Lower Merion Aquatic Club3:00.09<B70
10thMead, Linley G14Central Bucks Region3:01.15<B33

Girl 15-16

1stKathryn DiLenge16North Penn Aquatic Club2:30.19BB361

Girl 17-18

1stMaddie Faikish17North Penn Aquatic Club2:17.73BB546
2ndAddie Lawrence17Lower Merion Aquatic Club2:29.33B364

Boy 11-12

1stDarr, Blake R11North Penn Aquatic Club2:32.01BB625
2ndRyker Seman11North Penn Aquatic Club2:41.42B494
3rdCelebre, Javier A12Triton Swim Team2:41.71B306
4thAnderson Ziesche11North Penn Aquatic Club2:48.65B400
5thCole Nicosia11Dolphins Community Aquatics As2:50.44B378
6thBenjamin Nejman12Central Bucks Region YMCA2:54.23<B165
7thColin Marx12Dolphins Community Aquatics As2:54.72<B161
8thScherer, Bryce A11North Penn Aquatic Club3:04.74<B218
9thWill Andolino12North Penn Aquatic Club3:08.39<B47

Boy 13-14

1stErik Babka14Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:09.56A551
2ndJoey Gugliotti13North Penn Aquatic Club2:19.44BB486
3rdJack Heebner13North Penn Aquatic Club2:21.75BB448
4thAidan Lao13North Penn Aquatic Club2:22.39BB437
5thOscar Wilson14Hatboro-Horsham USA2:24.78BB297
6thEvan Dardeshi13Hatboro-Horsham USA2:29.49B327
7thMikey Petrakis13Central Bucks Region YMCA2:34.90B251
8thDaniel Faikish14North Penn Aquatic Club2:40.05<B103
9thOwen Reynolds13Central Bucks Region YMCA2:50.38<B77
10thGriffen Hollingsworth13Central Bucks Region2:53.64<B50

Boy 15-16

1stRyan O'Donnell16North Penn Aquatic Club2:01.23AA617
2ndMacek Vandermolen16North Penn Aquatic Club2:05.40A536
3rdDryden Dafoe16Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:06.32A518
4thJustin Delp15Methacton Aquatic Club2:06.42A570
5thNoah Makarichev15North Penn Aquatic Club2:11.78BB472
6thJair Leyva15Dolphins Community Aquatics As2:15.86BB401
7thCooper Alderson15Hatboro-Horsham USA2:16.68BB388
8thLuke Tomlinson15Central Bucks Region2:19.87B336
9thTravis Ng16Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:21.65B260
10thMax Bekes16Central Bucks Region2:23.31B236
11thJakob Faikish15North Penn Aquatic Club2:24.42B267
12thZackham, Finn R15Central Bucks Region2:33.33<B149
13thDhruv Patel16Plymouth Whitemarsh Aquatic Cl2:37.07<B71
14thMead, Logan C15Central Bucks Region3:08.06<B1

Boy 17-18

1stConnor Mangan17Central Bucks Region1:53.57AAA757
2ndBrendan Lao17North Penn Aquatic Club2:01.79A587
3rdSpencer Alderson17Hatboro-Horsham USA2:10.22BB429
4thNev Shaw17North Penn Aquatic Club2:13.93BB366
5thMead, Leighton R18Central Bucks Region2:20.60B254

200 Y Fly

200 Y Breast

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.