2023 NE New England TT 15-18 Age Group Champs (SCY)
Meet Date: March 11, 2023

100 Y BackAndrew Dementiev18Karishim Swim Club53.21AA688
100 Y BackDavid Steinbrick16Bluefish Swim Club54.77AA669
100 Y BackFinn Stenfors16Kingfish Swimming Medfield56.43A598
100 Y BackHenry Brien18North Shore Swim Club58.04BB483
100 Y BackJulia Netishen17SOLO AQUATICS59.98AA679
100 Y BackHarika Birali16Bluefish Swim Club1:00.72AA648
100 Y BackKseniya Baghdasaryan16Crimson Aquatics1:01.38AA622
100 Y BreastEliot Hughes17North Shore Swim Club1:02.69A624
100 Y BreastCale Nelson15JCC Sea Serpents1:07.47BB521
100 Y BreastThea Sanzone17North Shore Swim Club1:08.34AA666
100 Y BreastLara Chebotarev17Bluefish Swim Club1:12.02A549
100 Y BreastKellie Kasabian17SOLO AQUATICS1:12.29A540
100 Y FlyOwen Curtin16North Shore Swim Club53.02AAA695
100 Y FlyWill Kennedy16Boston YMCA Bluefins54.34AA636
100 Y FlyBrac Buffa14Bluefish Swim Club56.97AA645
100 Y FlyLilah Doherty15Bluefish Swim Club57.38AAA775
100 Y FlyDiya Ackerman-Vallala18Crimson Aquatics58.76AA690
100 Y FlyAmelia Doetsch15Boston YMCA Bluefins59.07AA710
100 Y FlyAudrey Spiridopoulos15Amherst Tritons1:00.37AA660
100 Y FlyJulia Lembo13Boston YMCA Bluefins1:00.86AA717
100 Y FlyRhianna Barrett15United Swim Club1:02.27A591
100 Y FlySophia Weiner17JCC Sea Serpents1:04.57BB478
100 Y FreeCale Nelson15JCC Sea Serpents53.34A533
200 Y BackAddison MacDonald16Bluefish Swim Club2:17.37A562
200 Y BreastMatsen Spirn16Gator Swim Club2:19.18A639
200 Y BreastHunter Daily18YMCA of Greater Nashua Storm2:21.18BB543
200 Y BreastBrenden Schmidt12Bluefish Swim Club2:40.02A648
200 Y FreeKyla Kelley17Crimson Aquatics1:56.11AAA666
200 Y FreeAllie Degray13Boston YMCA Bluefins1:57.43AAA725
200 Y FreeHannah Martin16Greenwood Swimming1:58.73AA604
200 Y FreeLaura Martinez15Greenwood Swimming2:09.24BB393
500 Y FreeAiden St. Hilaire14Bluefish Swim Club4:59.72AAA663
50 Y FlyBrighton Du10Amherst Tritons33.48AA564
50 Y FreeLuke Davis15Edge Swim Club22.88AA709
50 Y FreeBrac Buffa14Bluefish Swim Club23.95AA655
50 Y FreeCatherine Newark15United Swim Club25.36AA656
50 Y FreeHarper Stevenson17Purple Valley Aquatics25.46AA629
50 Y FreeSong Waitekus17JCC Sea Serpents25.67AA610
50 Y FreeKellie Kasabian17SOLO AQUATICS25.95A584
50 Y FreeWilla Redden18Purple Valley Aquatics26.05A575
50 Y FreeEmma Ferreira16Crimson Aquatics26.09AA587
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.