2023 NCA 10/Under Finale SCY

Meet Date: July 29, 2023


25 Y BackDelaney Ensling8Northeast Connecticut Aquatics21.33N/AN/A
25 Y BackJuliana Baribault8Cougar Aquatic22.90N/AN/A
25 Y BackGrace Morgan8Cougar Aquatic25.51N/AN/A
25 Y BackEmma Inga7Cougar Aquatic26.35N/AN/A
25 Y BackSaikus, Sydney K8Rapids Swim Team26.66N/AN/A
25 Y BackPiantek, Bridget G8Cougar Aquatic26.86N/AN/A
25 Y BackJillian Hanna8Cougar Aquatic29.77N/AN/A
25 Y BackTrottier, Meredith H8Cougar Aquatic30.95N/AN/A
25 Y BackInga, Alicia J6Cougar Aquatic33.21N/AN/A
25 Y BreastDelaney Ensling8Northeast Connecticut Aquatics25.69N/AN/A
25 Y BreastJillian Hanna8Cougar Aquatic26.22N/AN/A
25 Y BreastJuliana Baribault8Cougar Aquatic26.97N/AN/A
25 Y BreastPiantek, Bridget G8Cougar Aquatic29.59N/AN/A
25 Y BreastGrace Morgan8Cougar Aquatic30.14N/AN/A
25 Y BreastSloane Greco8Rapids Swim Team33.16N/AN/A
25 Y BreastEmma Inga7Cougar Aquatic46.69N/AN/A
25 Y FlyDelaney Ensling8Northeast Connecticut Aquatics20.31N/AN/A
25 Y FlyGrace Morgan8Cougar Aquatic25.02N/AN/A
25 Y FlyEmma Inga7Cougar Aquatic27.13N/AN/A
25 Y FlyJillian Hanna8Cougar Aquatic27.95N/AN/A
25 Y FlySloane Greco8Rapids Swim Team29.59N/AN/A
25 Y FlyDailey, Maeve T8Cougar Aquatic31.78N/AN/A
25 Y FreeDelaney Ensling8Northeast Connecticut Aquatics18.94N/AN/A
25 Y FreeGrace Morgan8Cougar Aquatic19.44N/AN/A
25 Y FreeSaikus, Sydney K8Rapids Swim Team19.87N/AN/A
25 Y FreeJillian Hanna8Cougar Aquatic21.09N/AN/A
25 Y FreeEmma Inga7Cougar Aquatic21.46N/AN/A
25 Y FreeJuliana Baribault8Cougar Aquatic21.57N/AN/A
25 Y FreePiantek, Bridget G8Cougar Aquatic21.81N/AN/A
25 Y FreeTrottier, Meredith H8Cougar Aquatic24.52N/AN/A
25 Y FreeSloane Greco8Rapids Swim Team25.02N/AN/A
25 Y FreeInga, Alicia J6Cougar Aquatic25.46N/AN/A
25 Y FreeDailey, Maeve T8Cougar Aquatic28.21N/AN/A
50 Y BackMekailah Perdomo10Rapids Swim Team35.87A531
50 Y BackDaphne Prathepan10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics37.52BB438
50 Y BackJuliana Miconi10Cougar Aquatic38.26BB399
50 Y BackOlivia Goncalves9Rapids Swim Team42.67B339
50 Y BackAnayo Uwaoma10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics44.87B141
50 Y BackIannotta, Abby R9Rapids Swim Team45.55B218
50 Y BackEmma McMillan9Cougar Aquatic48.09<B129
50 Y BackElizabeth Perdomo9Rapids Swim Team48.73<B110
50 Y BackKaren Boutrous9Cougar Aquatic50.37<B65
50 Y BackCezar Stiuj9Rapids Swim Team50.62<B62
50 Y BackLucia Libero9Cougar Aquatic55.06<B1
50 Y BackDailey, Kathleen M9Cougar Aquatic1:05.70<B1
50 Y BackScarlett Lamb9Cougar Aquatic1:18.57<B1
50 Y BreastJuliana Miconi10Cougar Aquatic44.29BB363
50 Y BreastIannotta, Abby R9Rapids Swim Team54.24<B156
50 Y BreastElizabeth Perdomo9Rapids Swim Team56.60<B89
50 Y BreastIsabel Olaniyi10Cougar Aquatic1:01.79<B1
50 Y BreastLucia Libero9Cougar Aquatic1:06.10<B1
50 Y BreastNika Drohobytska9Rapids Swim Team1:10.35<B1
50 Y FlyMekailah Perdomo10Rapids Swim Team38.06BB352
50 Y FlyJuliana Miconi10Cougar Aquatic41.21BB207
50 Y FlyDaphne Prathepan10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics43.13B132
50 Y FlyOlivia Goncalves9Rapids Swim Team44.34B210
50 Y FlyAnayo Uwaoma10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics45.37B36
50 Y FlyEmma McMillan9Cougar Aquatic49.44<B44
50 Y FlyIsabel Olaniyi10Cougar Aquatic54.19<B1
50 Y FlyKaren Boutrous9Cougar Aquatic57.33<B1
50 Y FlyLucia Libero9Cougar Aquatic1:00.08<B1
50 Y FreeMekailah Perdomo10Rapids Swim Team31.80BB508
50 Y FreeJuliana Miconi10Cougar Aquatic32.69BB454
50 Y FreeAnayo Uwaoma10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics35.90B297
50 Y FreeDaphne Prathepan10Northeast Connecticut Aquatics36.24B259
50 Y FreeIannotta, Abby R9Rapids Swim Team37.81B307
50 Y FreeOlivia Goncalves9Rapids Swim Team37.88B303
50 Y FreeElizabeth Perdomo9Rapids Swim Team38.29B284
50 Y FreeEmma McMillan9Cougar Aquatic38.33B282
50 Y FreeKaren Boutrous9Cougar Aquatic39.25<B239
50 Y FreeIsabel Olaniyi10Cougar Aquatic41.19<B56
50 Y FreeLucia Libero9Cougar Aquatic44.71<B39
50 Y FreeCezar Stiuj9Rapids Swim Team46.19<B1
50 Y FreeCaroline Stevens9Cougar Aquatic47.77<B1
50 Y FreeDailey, Kathleen M9Cougar Aquatic52.64<B1
50 Y FreeNika Drohobytska9Rapids Swim Team1:01.56<B1
50 Y FreeScarlett Lamb9Cougar Aquatic1:08.62<B1
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.