2023-HI- Oahu BC Meet SCY

Meet Date: September 09, 2023
Hosted by: Hawaii Swimming

25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stKealaula Duarte8Kamehameha Swim Club19.20N/AN/A
2ndCharlee Harbottle7Rainbow Aquatics19.78N/AN/A
3rdAndie Villanueva7Hickam Hurricanes22.52N/AN/A
4thCharlotte Wright7Hickam Hurricanes22.55N/AN/A
5thTiare Layne8Kamehameha Swim Club22.62N/AN/A
6thJewelynn Dudoit-Jones7Aloha Aquatics Association22.90N/AN/A
7thLilikoi Young8Aloha Aquatics Association23.34N/AN/A
8thMiya Tellez7Manoa Aquatics23.71N/AN/A
9thMikaylah Torres8Kamehameha Swim Club23.80N/AN/A
10thBrinlee Miller8Hickam Hurricanes24.23N/AN/A
11thCassandra Dubinsky6Kamehameha Swim Club24.24N/AN/A
12thMaya Nakasone8Kamehameha Swim Club24.95N/AN/A
13thKiana Clattenburg6Kamehameha Swim Club25.09N/AN/A
14thMia Andrasko7Pearl City Aquatics25.38N/AN/A
15thElliana Dubinsky8Kamehameha Swim Club25.40N/AN/A
16thKaylee Miwa6Splash Aquatics25.89N/AN/A
17thSavannah Thompson7Hickam Hurricanes29.26N/AN/A
18thArie Bahrou7Aloha Aquatics Association29.88N/AN/A
19thKiva Langan8Kamehameha Swim Club31.32N/AN/A
20thAnnabelle Cristobal8Splash Aquatics31.33N/AN/A
21stElsie Powers8Hickam Hurricanes31.63N/AN/A
22ndClover Cole7Kamehameha Swim Club31.83N/AN/A
23rdSelene Ponce6Kamehameha Swim Club40.59N/AN/A

Girl 9-10

1stLola Bougard9Kamehameha Swim Club17.60N/AN/A
2ndKacie Sato9Splash Aquatics19.72N/AN/A
3rdMikioikaleiakolea Javar-Salas9Hawaii Swimming Club - Oahu20.07N/AN/A
4thAmelia Bir9Aloha Aquatics Association20.30N/AN/A
5thLeinani Arinaga9Rainbow Aquatics21.14N/AN/A
6thAnika Marie Coloma9Rainbow Aquatics21.50N/AN/A
7thAva Forner10Rainbow Aquatics22.25N/AN/A
8thReagan Coleman9Hickam Hurricanes24.50N/AN/A
9thK?lia Sanchez9Kamehameha Swim Club25.01N/AN/A
10thAlana Foucht9Aulea Swim Club25.19N/AN/A

Girl 11-12

1stKylie Morimoto12Aloha Aquatics Association17.50N/AN/A
2ndChrista Martin11Aloha Aquatics Association17.69N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stCyrill Reppen8MA Swim Academy18.13N/AN/A
2ndAiden Mulcahy8Aulea18.45N/AN/A
3rdJames Johnston8Hickam Hurricanes19.12N/AN/A
4thWilliam Sweetman7Aloha Aquatics Association20.43N/AN/A
5thHunter Wilson7Rainbow Aquatics20.46N/AN/A
6thGreyson Bonilla7Hickam Hurricanes21.30N/AN/A
7thJack Davis8Rainbow Aquatics21.53N/AN/A
8thAtticus Porter8Splash Aquatics - Makiki21.75N/AN/A
9thGabriel Whitford7Unattached22.28N/AN/A
10thAsher Bonilla7Kamehameha Swim Club23.20N/AN/A
11thValentino Agresti7Kamehameha Swim Club23.26N/AN/A
12thPhoenix Leong8Kamehameha Swim Club23.93N/AN/A
13thOwen Tan6Hawaii Swimming Club - Oahu24.53N/AN/A
14thEnzo Lin7Splash Aquatics26.14N/AN/A
15thJude Vanzant6Pearl City Aquatics26.70N/AN/A
16thPatrick Andersen7Kamehameha Swim Club26.99N/AN/A
17thChristopher Ward7Kamehameha Swim Club27.50N/AN/A
18thEthan Tan8Hawaii Swimming Club - Oahu27.77N/AN/A
19thRenzo Tellez5Manoa Aquatics28.12N/AN/A
20thLincoln Forner7Rainbow Aquatics28.96N/AN/A
21stMaximus Agresti7Kamehameha Swim Club30.13N/AN/A
22ndThomas Xiao6Hawaii Swimming Club - Oahu32.00N/AN/A
23rdEvan Meyer6Kamehameha Swim Club34.70N/AN/A
24thHunter Sue6Kamehameha Swim Club42.76N/AN/A

Boy 9-10

1stElijah Dean Ganancial10Aloha Aquatics Association15.77N/AN/A
2ndWilfred Han10Manoa Aquatics17.46N/AN/A
3rdKien Nguyen9Rainbow Aquatics18.56N/AN/A
4thGrant Kolb9Hickam Hurricanes19.46N/AN/A
5thKeanu Ingram9Manoa Aquatics19.47N/AN/A
6thKekona Torres10Kamehameha Swim Club21.03N/AN/A
7thZy Gripper10Rainbow Aquatics21.34N/AN/A
8thMarshall Shitaoka10Kamehameha Swim Club21.61N/AN/A
9thRyder Kimura9Rainbow Aquatics21.76N/AN/A
10thZian Macatiag9Aloha Aquatics Association22.00N/AN/A
11thKian Langan10Kamehameha Swim Club23.02N/AN/A
12thMicah Lisius9Aloha Aquatics Association25.09N/AN/A
13thLenox Tanitomi9Kamehameha Swim Club29.95N/AN/A

Boy 11-12

1stAsher Martin11Aloha Aquatics Association16.50N/AN/A

50 Y Free

100 Y Free

25 Y Back

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

25 Y Fly

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

25 Y Breast

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

100 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.