Meet Date: September 16, 2023
Hosted by: Hawaii Swimming

25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stMawdsley-Mae Vincent8Warrior Aquatic Club18.07N/AN/A
2ndTayren Mahaulu7Warrior Aquatic Club19.20N/AN/A
3rdBrooke Rostau8Waikoloa Swim Club20.07N/AN/A
4thCharlotte Perry8Academy Swim Club20.43N/AN/A
5thMakai Tanoai6Kona Dolphins Swim Club21.18N/AN/A
6thDaniela Echemendia8Warrior Aquatic Club21.59N/AN/A
7thTiare Hunter-Morning8Hilo Aquatic Club21.94N/AN/A
8thKaylia Roberts8Warrior Aquatic Club22.34N/AN/A
9thZoe McKenna8Academy Swim Club - Hawaii24.34N/AN/A
10thEvelyn Breakell7Academy Swim Club - Hawaii25.39N/AN/A
11thKaci Moser8Academy Swim Club25.84N/AN/A
12thMaya Barnes6Waikoloa Swim Club25.86N/AN/A
13thLokelani Jensen8Academy Swim Club29.53N/AN/A
14thAva Rose8Academy Swim Club - Hawaii29.70N/AN/A
15thGreyson Robinson8Waikoloa Swim Club30.14N/AN/A
16thOphelia Williams7Academy Swim Club32.52N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stRyder Posey8Punahou Aquatics18.26N/AN/A
2ndKaimana Zablan7Waikoloa Swim Club20.03N/AN/A
3rdKai Kennedy8Academy Swim Club21.47N/AN/A
4thKaimu LaPlante8Kona Aquatics Club, Inc23.81N/AN/A
5thLuca Desset7Kona Aquatics Club, Inc24.50N/AN/A
6thHenry Armstrong Gerber7Hilo Aquatic Club25.95N/AN/A
7thLaith Loomis8Academy Swim Club27.15N/AN/A
8thMakoa Yamashita7Academy Swim Club29.89N/AN/A
9thKobe Aveiro6Waikoloa Swim Club30.00N/AN/A
10thSamuel Evanovich7Academy Swim Club - Hawaii31.42N/AN/A

50 Y Free

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

500 Y Free

1000 Y Free

1650 Y Free

25 Y Back

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

200 Y Back

25 Y Fly

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

25 Y Breast

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

200 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.