2022 CT WAC Everyone is Invit SCY

Meet Date: February 11, 2022

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stMorgan Wu8Long Island Aquatic Club33.43BB544
2ndRose Londono8Rapids Swim Team46.80<B1
3rdMaya Ganesan7Rapids Swim Team50.25<B1
4thMia Goncalo8Panther Aquatic52.14<B1

Girl 9-10

1stSummer Lee10Long Island Aquatic Club30.24A607
2ndKeira Muety9Long Island Aquatic Club31.45BB664
3rdEmily Wang10Long Island Aquatic Club31.56BB523
4thLilian Coratti9Long Island Aquatic Club32.08BB625
5thShannon O'Shea10Long Island Aquatic Club32.80BB447
6thKatherine O'Brien10Long Island Aquatic Club33.02BB434
7thKailyn Welsh10New Farifield Aquaflyers33.49BB407
8thJosie Gans10Long Island Aquatic Club33.69BB396
9thAudrey Simons9Long Island Aquatic Club34.13BB503
10thEllie Bud10Long Island Aquatic Club34.29BB362
11thMia Ryzhikov9Long Island Aquatic Club34.43BB486
12thAva Persenaire10Panther Aquatic34.67BB341
13thChloe Pennant10Long Island Aquatic Club35.05BB321
14thEvelyn Xie9Woodbridge Aquatic37.20B337
15thAva Park10Long Island Aquatic Club37.44B202
16thAva Salamone9Panther Aquatic38.46B275
17thAnya Huang10Woodbridge Aquatic39.25<B124
18thAlivia Mino10New Farifield Aquaflyers40.52<B77
19thKristen Lund9New Farifield Aquaflyers42.18<B119
20thAria O'Connor10Rapids Swim Team43.07<B9
21stAva Smith10Rapids Swim Team48.23<B1
22ndMadee Smead9Panther Aquatic50.43<B1
23rdRye Galinsky10New Farifield Aquaflyers51.75<B1
24thAnna Jakacic10New Farifield Aquaflyers52.35<B1

Girl 11-12

1stVivienne Zangaro12Long Island Aquatic Club27.58AA603
2ndSydney Delpo11Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.06A651
3rdMadelyn Gebhard12Long Island Aquatic Club28.07A565
4thRachel Maurer12Long Island Aquatic Club28.34A545
5thSummer Strabuk12Long Island Aquatic Club28.89A504
6thVictory Tom12Long Island Aquatic Club29.93BB430
7thLulu Tang12Woodbridge Aquatic29.98BB427
8thCharlotte Kohner11Long Island Aquatic Club30.01BB508
9thVeronica Tom12Long Island Aquatic Club30.27BB407
10thMaryann Polanco12Long Island Aquatic Club30.32BB403
11thErica Vilme12Rapids Swim Team30.57BB386
12thYihan Wang11Long Island Aquatic Club30.73BB459
13thAnalyse Pio11New Farifield Aquaflyers30.76BB457
14thAmelia Hsieh11Long Island Aquatic Club30.89BB448
15thAshley Simons11Long Island Aquatic Club31.69B395
16thIsabella Reda11Long Island Aquatic Club31.75B391
17thJill O'Connor12Panther Aquatic32.62B257
18thAva Ruszkowski11Woodbridge Aquatic32.80B325
19thCeline Ding11Woodbridge Aquatic32.89B319
20thLeila Kuo11Long Island Aquatic Club32.94B316
21stMartha Stertsios11Long Island Aquatic Club33.04B310
22ndBetty Glus11Rapids Swim Team33.07B308
23rdKate Bussert11Woodbridge Aquatic34.32<B236
24thShayna Tozer11Long Island Aquatic Club35.16<B191
25thCiara Lieby12Rapids Swim Team35.18<B121
26thMayuri Joshi12Woodbridge Aquatic35.27<B117
27thKennedy Albright11Long Island Aquatic Club37.02<B103
28thEm Slattery11Rapids Swim Team38.32<B53

Girl 13-14

1stNatalie Wu13Long Island Aquatic Club25.67AA715
2ndCaroline Hu14Long Island Aquatic Club26.37AA596
3rdMaya Peitler13Long Island Aquatic Club26.69AA624
4thEllie Franks13Long Island Aquatic Club26.80A614
5thEmmy Beach14Amity Regional Aquatic Club27.03A538
6thAarya Mulmi14Amity Regional Aquatic Club27.22A522
7thLaila Lamour14Woodbridge Aquatic27.85A470
8thAthena Kong13Long Island Aquatic Club28.04BB510
9thKayra Patan13Long Island Aquatic Club28.04BB510
10thAnabella Tam13New Farifield Aquaflyers28.08BB506
11thAvery Foito13Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.15BB501
12thSadie Davidoff13Long Island Aquatic Club28.19BB497
13thCaitlin Kulins13Long Island Aquatic Club28.27BB491
14thMary Sampara14Woodbridge Aquatic28.28BB435
15thBecky Long13Woodbridge Aquatic28.44BB477
16thCatie Raffaeli13Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.53BB470
17thCaroline Miller13Long Island Aquatic Club28.75BB453
18thAbby Perun13New Farifield Aquaflyers29.02BB431
19thSarah McCann13Amity Regional Aquatic Club29.52BB393
20thKatie Atwood13Woodbridge Aquatic29.56BB390
21stAutumn Dow13Amity Regional Aquatic Club30.25B339
22ndMia Mladsi13Rapids Swim Team30.47B324
23rdMolly Bosma13Amity Regional Aquatic Club30.83B298
24thAva Policaro13Long Island Aquatic Club31.36B262
25thYebon Lee13Woodbridge Aquatic32.42B195
26thBecca Perun13New Farifield Aquaflyers32.91<B166
27thRegan Brooks13Panther Aquatic33.08<B157
28thTaylor Proto13New Farifield Aquaflyers33.25<B147
29thSalma Maklad13Woodbridge Aquatic33.44<B137
30thAli Calandro14Rapids Swim Team33.68<B83

Girl 15-16

1stKatrine O'Leary16Woodbridge Aquatic24.91AAA694
2ndKimberly Gingrass16Long Island Aquatic Club25.75AA617
3rdEva Helmke16Rapids Swim Team26.20A577
4thJacqueline Constantine15Long Island Aquatic Club26.47A556
5thEvelyn Sun16Long Island Aquatic Club27.09A500
6thLogan Fitzpatrick15Long Island Aquatic Club27.78BB445
7thErica Sava16Long Island Aquatic Club27.85BB437
8thLilyanne Darcy16Long Island Aquatic Club28.07BB419
9thAlex Pette16Long Island Aquatic Club28.13BB414
10thIsabel Gonzalez16Long Island Aquatic Club28.25BB405
11thTara Mladsi15Rapids Swim Team28.33BB401
12thStephanie Deangelis15Long Island Aquatic Club28.52BB386
13thRylan Smith16Long Island Aquatic Club28.52BB384
14thIsabel Barry-Ruiz16Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.59BB378
15thRyann Redmond15Long Island Aquatic Club28.72BB371
16thVanessa Fry16Panther Aquatic29.14BB336
17thKathy Scully15Woodbridge Aquatic29.19BB335
18thDana Pletter16Amity Regional Aquatic Club30.17B262
19thMolly Ciuci15Rapids Swim Team30.60B236
20thSyd Dawes15New Farifield Aquaflyers30.75B226
21stAlexis Alfasi15Long Island Aquatic Club32.21<B136

Girl 17-18

1stEmma Savoie17Woodbridge Aquatic26.19A563
2ndMarisa Mamak17Long Island Aquatic Club26.50A536
3rdLauren Clark17Rapids Swim Team26.98BB495
4thEva Canning17Long Island Aquatic Club27.14BB481
5thPiper Zschack17Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.13BB400

Boy 8 & Under

1stAndrew Torba8Long Island Aquatic Club34.78B468
2ndCalvin Walsh8New Farifield Aquaflyers43.87<B61
3rdCole Goodman7Rapids Swim Team56.66<B1
4thChase Thomas8New Farifield Aquaflyers1:01.09<B1

Boy 9-10

1stRyan Yao10Long Island Aquatic Club27.51AAA778
2ndMichael Meehan10Long Island Aquatic Club29.86A633
3rdAidan Brown10Rapids Swim Team29.91A630
4thAlieldien Mohammad10Long Island Aquatic Club31.89BB514
5thLuke Meehan9Long Island Aquatic Club32.09BB615
6thMason Kwan10Long Island Aquatic Club33.76BB410
7thGus Mosman10Panther Aquatic33.80BB407
8thShane Hellemeyer9Long Island Aquatic Club35.00B457
9thBlaise Ramos9Amity Regional Aquatic Club35.31B440
10thColton King10Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.12B237
11thAdam Nichols9Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.18B346
12thLuca Stanco9Long Island Aquatic Club37.55B327
13thJack Higgins10Amity Regional Aquatic Club38.75<B161
14thPeyton Tam9New Farifield Aquaflyers39.41<B240
15thAidan Guo9Woodbridge Aquatic39.75<B224
16thLeon Song10Woodbridge Aquatic41.62<B48
17thEthan Zhao10Woodbridge Aquatic42.44<B22
18thDavi Palmas10Panther Aquatic42.70<B15

Boy 11-12

1stReid Oconnell12Long Island Aquatic Club23.28AAAA886
2ndMark Lou12Long Island Aquatic Club26.21AA663
3rdDylan Dawes12New Farifield Aquaflyers27.07A600
4thMaxwell Yao12Long Island Aquatic Club27.09A599
5thHarrison St. Thomas12Long Island Aquatic Club27.34A581
6thAiden O'Shea12Long Island Aquatic Club27.36A579
7thHunter Keane12Panther Aquatic27.57A564
8thCallen Carney12Long Island Aquatic Club27.71A554
9thRyan Ohara12Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.02BB532
10thHunter Nacewicz12Long Island Aquatic Club28.82BB477
11thIsaac Li11Long Island Aquatic Club28.84BB600
12thR.J. Piccirillo12Panther Aquatic29.28BB446
13thMason Eannotti12Rapids Swim Team29.34BB442
14thNathan Bregman11Long Island Aquatic Club29.46BB559
15thGavin Park11Long Island Aquatic Club29.48BB557
16thConnor Welsh12New Farifield Aquaflyers29.52BB430
17thSteven Radoslovich11Long Island Aquatic Club29.72BB542
18thCaiden Chang12Long Island Aquatic Club29.74BB415
19thSean Choi12Woodbridge Aquatic30.00BB398
20thMatthew McCoyd11Long Island Aquatic Club30.40B497
21stConnor Clark12Rapids Swim Team30.67B354
22ndShaun Muety11Long Island Aquatic Club30.92B463
23rdEthan Cheung11Long Island Aquatic Club31.48B428
24thIan Straus11Long Island Aquatic Club31.69B415
25thCaleb Weiss12Long Island Aquatic Club31.98B273
26thJulian Skiba11Woodbridge Aquatic32.67<B355
27thDaniel Goncalves11Long Island Aquatic Club33.14<B327
28thJames Deneen11Long Island Aquatic Club34.26<B262
29thYubo Jin11Woodbridge Aquatic36.63<B138
30thAbhi Padda11Rapids Swim Team37.29<B106

Boy 13-14

1stLelan Jacheo14Amity Regional Aquatic Club24.25AA629
2ndCarter Adragna14Rapids Swim Team25.15A552
3rdMatthew Franklin14Long Island Aquatic Club25.50A522
4thJoseph Farrelly14Long Island Aquatic Club25.99BB481
5thPatrick Yang14Woodbridge Aquatic26.79BB416
6thSteven Ricotta13Long Island Aquatic Club26.89BB491
7thLuke Albino13Panther Aquatic26.93BB488
8thGavin Buckley13Long Island Aquatic Club26.99BB483
9thJack McHugh14Rapids Swim Team27.22BB383
10thMiguel Duliz14Rapids Swim Team27.42BB367
11thJack Winzer13Woodbridge Aquatic27.59BB436
12thEddie McCoyd13Long Island Aquatic Club28.95B334

Boy 15-16

1stAnthony Tomasko15Woodbridge Aquatic23.35A666
2ndThomas Fitzpatrick15Long Island Aquatic Club26.53B394
3rdDaniel Tkach15Long Island Aquatic Club27.54B314
4thWylan Jacheo16Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.23B211

Boy 17-18

1stJakub Czachor17Woodbridge Aquatic23.48A573

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1000 Y Free

50 Y Back

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50 Y Fly

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50 Y Breast

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100 Y IM

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400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.