2021 VA Mid-Atlantic AG Champi SCY

Meet Date: November 05, 2021

50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stKatelyn Lee8Long Island Aquatic Club33.59BB534
2ndMia Ryzhikov8Long Island Aquatic Club35.31B437

Girl 9-10

1stOlive Dunn9Nation's Capital Swim Club28.39AAA864
2ndMila Fisher10Long Island Aquatic Club29.47AA657
3rdJillian Shifflett10Nation's Capital Swim Club29.55AA652
4thLane Jacobs10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc29.60AA649
5thHadley Banks10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc29.96AA625
6thMarlo Emery10Nation's Capital Swim Club30.11AA615
7thHannah Wexler10Nation's Capital Swim Club30.16AA612
8thEllie Brenner9Nation's Capital Swim Club30.33A735
9thCharlotte Kohner10Long Island Aquatic Club30.34A600
10thReagan Marm9Nation's Capital Swim Club30.57A720
11thLeah O'Connell9Long Island Aquatic Club30.76A708
12thRebecca Goins10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc30.79A571
13thSummer Lee10Long Island Aquatic Club30.86A567
14thOrielle Hall10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc31.21A544
15thCharlotte Bruning9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc31.36A670
16thSaxon Randsmith10Nation's Capital Swim Club32.18BB484
17thOlivia Holt9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc33.08BB564
18thMolly Barrett9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc33.62BB533
19thGrace Zettler9Nation's Capital Swim Club34.31BB493
20thCate Ehrensberger9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc34.78BB466

Girl 11-12

1stValentina Linkonis12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.92AAAA819
2ndSophie Gudana12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.17AAA715
3rdMaddie Bynum11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.23AAA795
4thCecelia Russell12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.80AA664
5thKendall Kryszon12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.83AA661
6thHadley Petronello12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.90AA656
7thJolie Neal12Long Island Aquatic Club26.95AA652
8thJasper Jones12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.10AA640
9thKayra Patan12Long Island Aquatic Club27.16AA635
10thCandice Santos12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.20AA632
11thSamantha Roemer12Nation's Capital Swim Club27.27AA627
12thSavannah Harris11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.34AA707
13thBrianna Fleming12Nation's Capital Swim Club27.34AA621
14thAllie Hayes12Long Island Aquatic Club27.42AA615
15thCharlie Deigan11Nation's Capital Swim Club27.68AA680
16thZia Park12Nation's Capital Swim Club27.76AA589
17thMaya Peitler12Long Island Aquatic Club27.80A586
18thAlessandra Gavino11Nation's Capital Swim Club28.68A605
19thLayla Davy-Brown11Nation's Capital Swim Club28.82A594
20thAshley Liu11Nation's Capital Swim Club28.88A590
21stSadie Davidoff12Long Island Aquatic Club29.21BB481
22ndElliana Hull11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc29.70BB530
23rdIsabella Canales Alvizuri11Long Island Aquatic Club30.28BB490
24thAbigail Bonham11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc30.73BB459
25thMaryann Polanco11Long Island Aquatic Club31.28BB422
26thLeila Kuo11Long Island Aquatic Club32.32B354
27thMartha Stertsios11Long Island Aquatic Club33.27B296

Girl 13-14

1stElle Scott14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.89AAAA826
2ndAllison Bischoff14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.34AAAA783
3rdSophie Koroma13Nation's Capital Swim Club24.62AAA812
4thAbby Jessup14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc25.69AA656
5thLeni So13Long Island Aquatic Club25.71AA711
6thOlivia Spooner13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc25.75AA707
7thHaley Edenberg13Nation's Capital Swim Club26.09AA677
8thMakenzie Witt14Nation's Capital Swim Club26.09AA620
9thElla Barron14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.16AA614
10thCampbell Derrico13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.19AA668
11thSamantha Carr14Nation's Capital Swim Club26.26AA605
12thAbigail Wang14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.26AA605
13thMaddie Inman13Nation's Capital Swim Club26.27AA661
14thEllie Laramore13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.27AA661
15thLauren Levine14Nation's Capital Swim Club26.39AA594
16thGabby Carvalho13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.41AA648
17thDiya Redburn14Nation's Capital Swim Club26.49AA585
18thSunny Chen13Nation's Capital Swim Club26.66AA626
19thMegan Leung13Long Island Aquatic Club28.13BB502

Boy 8 & Under

1stZander Tan8Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc34.90B462

Boy 9-10

1stRyan Yao9Long Island Aquatic Club27.87AAA861
2ndColby Bonanno10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc28.78AA699
3rdAndrew Quach10Long Island Aquatic Club28.86AA694
4thLuke Harrington10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc29.08AA681
5thAaron Cather10Nation's Capital Swim Club29.38AA662
6thAidan Kim10Nation's Capital Swim Club29.81A636
7thHenry Jauss10Nation's Capital Swim Club30.08A620
8thBrannan Agee10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc30.40A601
9thNate Doran9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc30.71A693
10thLandon Mollerup10Nation's Capital Swim Club30.74A581
11thChristopher Connors10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc30.76A580
12thWill Schoch10Nation's Capital Swim Club30.81A577
13thTrent Abbott9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc31.03BB675
14thXavi Cornelius10Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc31.36BB545
15thJayden Soundappan9Nation's Capital Swim Club32.26BB605
16thLuke Zemek9Nation's Capital Swim Club32.40BB597
17thDexter Britton9Nation's Capital Swim Club32.79BB576
18thIan Straus10Long Island Aquatic Club33.05BB449
19thKingston Li9Long Island Aquatic Club33.73BB524
20thWalker Spain9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc36.15B397
21stAndrew Farmer9Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc37.06B351

Boy 11-12

1stReid Oconnell12Long Island Aquatic Club23.90AAAA838
2ndTyler Kominski12Nation's Capital Swim Club25.49AAA716
3rdEthan Lee12Long Island Aquatic Club25.60AA708
4thCole Nelson12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc25.64AA705
5thLeopold Nurit12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.10AA671
6thAdrian Cortez Martinez12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.23AA661
7thQuinn Caputo12Nation's Capital Swim Club26.48AA643
8thMatthew Simons12Long Island Aquatic Club26.72AA625
9thCullen Harrington12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc26.98A607
10thAleko Panos12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.07A600
11thGareth Hollender11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.18A715
12thFrankie Albergo12Long Island Aquatic Club27.22A589
13thConnor O'Neill11Nation's Capital Swim Club27.23A712
14thJohnny Macko12Long Island Aquatic Club27.43A574
15thOwen Strickland11Nation's Capital Swim Club27.45A696
16thNolan Sardesai11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.61A685
17thHugh Harrell11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.80A672
18thJack Rivet12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc27.86A544
19thHoward Luo11Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc28.16BB647
20thGriffin Wizenberg11Nation's Capital Swim Club28.37BB632
21stDylan Reilly11Nation's Capital Swim Club29.84BB534
22ndFord Reams IV12Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc29.88BB406
23rdShaun Muety11Long Island Aquatic Club30.35B500
24thSteven Radoslovich11Long Island Aquatic Club30.40B497
25thAlejandro Santana11Long Island Aquatic Club31.87B404

Boy 13-14

1stJoshua Howat14Nation's Capital Swim Club21.39AAAA890
2ndMisha Kojanov14Nation's Capital Swim Club22.53AAA783
3rdAndrew Vanas13Nation's Capital Swim Club22.57AAA859
4thEthan Nus14Long Island Aquatic Club22.92AAA748
5thTaylor Hoffer13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.01AAA820
6thNathan Szobota14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.08AAA733
7thJack Dickerson14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.21AAA722
8thCalum O'Shea14Nation's Capital Swim Club23.32AAA712
9thAlex Eriksen14Nation's Capital Swim Club23.51AA695
10thPierson Harris13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.52AA774
11thBrendan So14Long Island Aquatic Club23.52AA694
12thMatthew Rivas14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc23.54AA692
13thOwen Miao14Long Island Aquatic Club23.78AA671
14thAustin Galyen14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.00AA651
15thRyan Smith14Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.02AA649
16thCarson Williams13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.12AA722
17thDouglas Sims13Nation's Capital Swim Club24.27AA709
18thBenjemin Weiner13Nation's Capital Swim Club24.31AA705
19thLucas Bermudez13Nation's Capital Swim Club24.51AA688
20thDavid Kushnirsky14Long Island Aquatic Club24.52AA606
21stEdward Johnson13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc24.70A672
22ndEric Pelham13Nova of Virginia Aquatics, Inc25.57A599
23rdDanny Quinlan13Long Island Aquatic Club25.93BB569
24thAndrew Koek13Long Island Aquatic Club26.39BB531
25thDaniel Ayzenberg13Long Island Aquatic Club26.49BB523

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Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.