Meet Date: October 24, 2021

100 Y BackEric Yeh17Brea Aquatics53.44AA694
100 Y BackConnor Martilla17Temecula Swim Club55.31A612
100 Y BackJustin Schneider17Temecula Swim Club59.39BB446
100 Y BackAlex Yang17Temecula Swim Club1:00.42BB407
100 Y BackEthan Rincon16Brea Aquatics1:00.71BB428
100 Y BackNathan Yang15Brea Aquatics1:01.02BB468
100 Y BackBen Lingenfelter14Yucaipa Aquatics1:01.57BB500
100 Y BackTy Schneider15Temecula Swim Club1:01.61BB446
100 Y BackAngelo Vilchez-Fortunic16Yucaipa Aquatics1:02.44BB365
100 Y BackCheyanne Summers17Yucaipa Aquatics1:02.63A573
100 Y BackKaleb Richmond13Temecula Swim Club1:02.64BB551
100 Y BackEric Wang17Temecula Swim Club1:04.18B275
100 Y BackAlyssa Nunez17Yucaipa Aquatics1:04.30BB509
100 Y BackKaitlyn Lee13Temecula Swim Club1:04.52A596
100 Y BackJuan Perzabal16Temecula Swim Club1:04.59B291
100 Y BackMaegan Chow15Brea Aquatics1:06.28BB447
100 Y BackJesie Castaneda16Brea Aquatics1:06.73BB422
100 Y BackJeremiah Ireland15Yucaipa Aquatics1:06.83B267
100 Y BackMikaela Pison16Temecula Swim Club1:07.25BB404
100 Y BackPetra Evans15Brea Aquatics1:07.38BB409
100 Y BackSebastian Pena14Temecula Swim Club1:07.40B297
100 Y BackBen Sullivan-Douglass16Temecula Swim Club1:07.46B202
100 Y BackGwen Asbury14Temecula Swim Club1:09.22BB372
100 Y BackKaylee Richmond12Temecula Swim Club1:09.85A493
100 Y BackMaggie Yan14Temecula Swim Club1:10.15BB342
100 Y BackMaya Cravens13Temecula Swim Club1:10.54BB384
100 Y BackRowan Sinclair15Temecula Swim Club1:10.82B297
100 Y BackKaitlyn Guevara16Temecula Swim Club1:12.24B247
100 Y BackAshley Ratoiu15Temecula Swim Club1:13.18B229
100 Y BackAmanda Cotton14Temecula Swim Club1:19.18N/A103
100 Y BreastKevin Ren17Brea Aquatics58.93AAA765
100 Y BreastConnor Martilla17Temecula Swim Club1:00.59AA701
100 Y BreastEric Wang17Temecula Swim Club1:00.67AA698
100 Y BreastJustin Schneider17Temecula Swim Club1:03.48A595
100 Y BreastAlex Yang17Temecula Swim Club1:03.71A587
100 Y BreastTrevor Ngo15Brea Aquatics1:04.17A635
100 Y BreastBrady Xie17Brea Aquatics1:05.22BB534
100 Y BreastScott Matsumoto13Brea Aquatics1:06.44AA713
100 Y BreastCooper Ren13Brea Aquatics1:06.62AA707
100 Y BreastMark Shalhoub17Yucaipa Aquatics1:06.76BB481
100 Y BreastCharlize Sunahara17Brea Aquatics1:07.55AA692
100 Y BreastKate Li17Brea Aquatics1:08.20AA671
100 Y BreastJonathan Iskandar14Brea Aquatics1:08.44A557
100 Y BreastKirsten Boyle16Brea Aquatics1:12.64A551
100 Y BreastJagger Mattox16Yucaipa Aquatics1:13.57B301
100 Y BreastJuan Perzabal16Temecula Swim Club1:13.76B296
100 Y BreastLandon Spencer15Temecula Swim Club1:14.70B297
100 Y BreastKaleb Richmond13Temecula Swim Club1:15.56B422
100 Y BreastAshlyn Allen14Yucaipa Aquatics1:16.41BB467
100 Y BreastAmber Morgan16Temecula Swim Club1:17.05BB420
100 Y BreastBethany Han16Yucaipa Aquatics1:17.05BB420
100 Y BreastKaylee Richmond12Temecula Swim Club1:17.32A558
100 Y BreastDanelle Humphries15Yucaipa Aquatics1:17.35BB434
100 Y BreastAmanda Cotton14Temecula Swim Club1:17.36BB440
100 Y BreastTracy Liu17Brea Aquatics1:21.04B290
100 Y BreastKaitlyn Lee13Temecula Swim Club1:21.14BB370
100 Y BreastRishabh Nayak16Yucaipa Aquatics1:23.48N/A63
100 Y BreastRowan Sinclair15Temecula Swim Club1:25.40B223
100 Y BreastHailey Guevara16Temecula Swim Club1:26.76N/A171
200 Y FlyMax Lough16Brea Aquatics1:57.87AAA715
200 Y FlyTy Schneider15Temecula Swim Club2:05.98A590
200 Y FlyZhen Lui15Brea Aquatics2:10.38BB511
200 Y FlyTimothy Jan15Brea Aquatics2:11.70BB488
200 Y FreeMax Lough16Brea Aquatics1:49.27AA599
200 Y FreeKevin Ren17Brea Aquatics1:49.46A575
200 Y FreeBen Lingenfelter14Yucaipa Aquatics1:55.88AA565
200 Y FreeKate Li17Brea Aquatics1:56.95AA646
200 Y FreeNathan Yang15Brea Aquatics1:58.48BB465
200 Y FreeAngelo Vilchez-Fortunic16Yucaipa Aquatics1:59.49BB378
200 Y FreeMaegan Chow15Brea Aquatics2:00.63AA572
200 Y FreeAvery Chu13Brea Aquatics2:01.79AA622
200 Y FreeKirsten Boyle16Brea Aquatics2:07.42A417
200 Y FreePetra Evans15Brea Aquatics2:08.11BB415
200 Y FreeTracy Liu17Brea Aquatics2:10.15BB365
200 Y FreeMahayla Reyes17Yucaipa Aquatics2:18.00B233
400 Y IMTrevor Ngo15Brea Aquatics4:38.06A525
400 Y IMDaniel Benson14Brea Aquatics4:51.62A463
400 Y IMSebastian Pena14Temecula Swim Club4:51.98A460
400 Y IMRiley Ogilvie14Brea Aquatics4:53.49AA586
400 Y IMAvery Chu13Brea Aquatics4:54.34AA627
400 Y IMLandon Spencer15Temecula Swim Club5:02.05BB334
400 Y IMBen Sullivan-Douglass16Temecula Swim Club5:05.12B268
400 Y IMMaya Cravens13Temecula Swim Club5:07.11A527
400 Y IMGwen Asbury14Temecula Swim Club5:09.68A461
400 Y IMAshley Ratoiu15Temecula Swim Club5:13.63BB418
400 Y IMMaggie Yan14Temecula Swim Club5:23.78BB360
400 Y IMKaitlyn Guevara16Temecula Swim Club5:33.03B269
400 Y IMHailey Guevara16Temecula Swim Club5:35.44B254
400 Y IMMahayla Reyes17Yucaipa Aquatics5:39.46B230
50 Y FreeJustin Schneider17Temecula Swim Club21.63AAA747
50 Y FreeEric Yeh17Brea Aquatics21.94AA717
50 Y FreeBrady Xie17Brea Aquatics22.18AA694
50 Y FreeEthan Rincon16Brea Aquatics22.32AA708
50 Y FreeConnor Martilla17Temecula Swim Club22.83AA633
50 Y FreeJonathan Iskandar14Brea Aquatics23.22AAA721
50 Y FreeMark Shalhoub17Yucaipa Aquatics23.35A585
50 Y FreeTy Schneider15Temecula Swim Club23.68A636
50 Y FreeEric Wang17Temecula Swim Club23.71A552
50 Y FreeKevin Ren17Brea Aquatics23.87A538
50 Y FreeKaleb Richmond13Temecula Swim Club23.96AA736
50 Y FreeJagger Mattox16Yucaipa Aquatics24.07A548
50 Y FreeAlex Yang17Temecula Swim Club24.13BB515
50 Y FreeCooper Ren13Brea Aquatics24.53AA686
50 Y FreeScott Matsumoto13Brea Aquatics24.72A670
50 Y FreeZhen Lui15Brea Aquatics24.75BB542
50 Y FreeJeremiah Ireland15Yucaipa Aquatics24.83BB535
50 Y FreeCharlize Sunahara17Brea Aquatics25.07AA665
50 Y FreePetra Evans15Brea Aquatics25.33AA658
50 Y FreeLandon Spencer15Temecula Swim Club25.59BB471
50 Y FreeTimothy Jan15Brea Aquatics25.60BB470
50 Y FreeRishabh Nayak16Yucaipa Aquatics25.76BB402
50 Y FreeKaylee Richmond12Temecula Swim Club25.93AAA734
50 Y FreeSebastian Pena14Temecula Swim Club25.97BB483
50 Y FreeCheyanne Summers17Yucaipa Aquatics25.97A583
50 Y FreeKaitlyn Lee13Temecula Swim Club26.41AA648
50 Y FreeBethany Han16Yucaipa Aquatics26.56A545
50 Y FreeJuan Perzabal16Temecula Swim Club26.59B335
50 Y FreeJesie Castaneda16Brea Aquatics27.06A502
50 Y FreeRiley Ogilvie14Brea Aquatics27.11A532
50 Y FreeTracy Liu17Brea Aquatics27.20BB476
50 Y FreeKaitlyn Guevara16Temecula Swim Club27.37BB476
50 Y FreeJustin Lee15Temecula Swim Club27.56B313
50 Y FreeBen Sullivan-Douglass16Temecula Swim Club27.63B255
50 Y FreeMikaela Pison16Temecula Swim Club27.78BB443
50 Y FreeDanelle Humphries15Yucaipa Aquatics27.82BB442
50 Y FreeMadison Poloni13Brea Aquatics27.95BB517
50 Y FreeMaya Cravens13Temecula Swim Club28.01BB512
50 Y FreeAmber Morgan16Temecula Swim Club28.06BB420
50 Y FreeAshley Ratoiu15Temecula Swim Club28.20BB411
50 Y FreeGwen Asbury14Temecula Swim Club28.79BB395
50 Y FreeHailey Guevara16Temecula Swim Club28.81BB361
50 Y FreeAshlyn Allen14Yucaipa Aquatics29.06BB374
50 Y FreeRowan Sinclair15Temecula Swim Club29.36BB323
50 Y FreeAmanda Cotton14Temecula Swim Club29.75BB323
50 Y FreeMaggie Yan14Temecula Swim Club31.50B204
1000 Y FreeJoshua Peace16Yucaipa Aquatics10:41.84A500
1000 Y FreeDaniel Benson14Brea Aquatics10:50.90AA558
1000 Y FreeRiley Ogilvie14Brea Aquatics11:08.75AA599
1000 Y FreeMadison Poloni13Brea Aquatics11:35.67A529
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.