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You can easily load any swimmer's current IMX score and use our interactive increase and decrease buttons to fine-tune the score. Discover the precise times needed to achieve your desired IMX score.

Baseline Mastery
Fine-Tune Times for a Stronger IMX Score

EventTarget TimeTarget Points
500 Y Free
200 Y Back
200 Y Breast
200 Y Fly
200 Y IM
400 Y IM
Total Score2400
IMX Calculator Usage Instructions
Baseline Times and Points

The system initially loads the baseline times and points (2400). You can then modify these values based on your goal. Any changes to the options, such as age, gender, and course, will trigger a reload of the baseline times and points.

Setting Target Time:
  • To set a target time for a specific event, click on the "Target Time" field.
  • Enter your desired time and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
  • The calculator will automatically calculate and display the corresponding target points for the entered time.
  • Setting Target Points:
  • To set a target points value for an event, click on the "Target Points" field.
  • Enter your desired points and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
  • The calculator will calculate and display the corresponding target time for the entered points.
  • Total Score:
  • The calculator provides a running total score at the end, reflecting the cumulative points for all events.
  • Export to Excel:
  • The "Export to Excel" button enables you to save the calculated data in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.
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