City of Mobile Swim Associatio

Last Updated: April 15, 2024

There are 153 competitive swimmers in City of Mobile Swim Associatio (CMSA)

Below are the Top A+ swimmers in CMSA for the season 2023-2024.Search all swimmers in SE
Chip AndrewsBoy16
Peyton WilliamsGirl14
Riley ChildressGirl14
Abbie KrotGirl17
Dane GoodmanBoy17
Ian PooleBoy15
Noah GreerBoy17
Andon EllzeyBoy17
David BauerBoy17
Bradley MockBoy11
Cole ColemanBoy16
Travis LewisBoy15
Anna CookeGirl18
Harper McLeanGirl18
Arianna HavensGirl13
Noah GreeneBoy16
Chloe LeeGirl19
Wyatt StaufferBoy14
Abigail BlaizeGirl13
Jack OverstreetBoy13
Miles MorganBoy13
Clay PartridgeBoy16
Mallory SeahornGirl17
Fincher WebbBoy16
Ryan MockBoy14

Event Rankings

25 Y Free
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Free
100 Y Free
200 Y Free
500 Y Free
1000 Y Free
1650 Y Free
25 Y Back
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Back
100 Y Back
200 Y Back
25 Y Fly
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Fly
100 Y Fly
200 Y Fly
25 Y Breast
GirlsAge GroupBoys
8 & Under
50 Y Breast
100 Y Breast
200 Y Breast
100 Y IM
200 Y IM
400 Y IM
50 M Free
100 M Free
200 M Free
400 M Free
800 M Free
1500 M Free
50 M Back
100 M Back
200 M Back
50 M Fly
100 M Fly
200 M Fly
50 M Breast
100 M Breast
200 M Breast
200 M IM
400 M IM

Recent Meets
Meets in Southeastern (se)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2024 Excel 2024 Long Course Kick Off04/06/2024LCM
Ensworth Aquatics Spring Splash 202404/06/2024LCM
TNAQ Intersquad LCM 2404/05/2024LCM
BSC Wonderful One Day Meet03/02/2024SCM
2024 RPS SC Finale03/02/2024SCY
2024 SES Region 1 & 8 and Under Championships02/24/2024SCY
2024 SES Region 4 Championships02/23/2024SCY
2024 SE Southeastern Winter SC Championships02/15/2024SCY
NAC Long Course Invitation02/11/2024LCM
2024 SCY Last Chance Time Trial02/11/2024SCY
2024 Polar Bear Invitational02/03/2024SCY
HVAC Time Trial02/03/2024SCY
2024 SE BSL Region 3 Championships02/02/2024SCY
10th Annual Kyle Parker Invitational01/26/2024SCY
2024 SE Region 2 Championships01/26/2024SCY
2024 HSA TYR Invitational01/12/2024SCY
2024 SE MCC January Invite01/12/2024SCY
2024 SE Ralph Crocker Classic01/12/2024SCY
2024 GPAC Winter Invitational01/12/2024SCY
2024 Gabrielle Rose Tiger Classic01/12/2024SCY
2024 Mardi Gras Invite01/12/2024SCY
2024 TYR Pro Swim Series - Knoxville01/10/2024LCM
2024 TT TYR Pro Swim Series - Knoxville01/10/2024LCM
2024 SE BSL Southern Classic01/06/2024SCY
OST Lifetime Duel Meet01/06/2024SCY
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