Clubs in Mississippi

Last Updated: June 28, 2023
Biloxi Elite Swim Team673829
Delta Aquatic Club1358
Gulf Coast Swim Club563323
Hub Fins17116
Laurel Swim Associaton871
Meridian Swimming Association321
Mississippi Makos Swim Team1085652
Shock Wave Aquatic Team1256857
Sunkist Swim Team1105852
Swim Columbus Swim Team16412
Vicksburg Swim Association251312
YMCA Hub Fins945

Recent Meets
Meets in Mississippi (ms)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2023 MS Makos BlueYellow Intra-squad09/09/2023SCY
2023 MS Long Course State Championship07/13/2023LCM
2023 MS 8 & Under Summer Developmental Meet07/08/2023SCY
2023 MS Last Chance in the Delta07/01/2023LCM
2023 MS Last Chance in the Delta07/01/2023LCM
2023 MS Stamm Family Invitational Meet06/02/2023LCM
2023 MS Stamm Family Invitational Meet06/02/2023SCY
2023 MS DAC Ronnie Mayer Spring Invitational Meet04/22/2023LCM
2023 MS LSA Tax Dodge Invitational04/14/2023LCM
2023 MS MSI Short Course State Championship02/16/2023SCY
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.