Clubs in Allegheny Mountain

Last Updated: June 15, 2024
Allegheny North Swim Club18210478
Baldwin Whitehall Aquatics17134
Belle Vernon Swim Club000
Bethel Park Recreation Swm Tm1076344
Blair Regional YMCA Swim Team20137
Butler Y Aquatic Club251213
Cavalier Swim Club422121
Clearfield YMCA000
Elizabeth Forward Swim Club17116
Fox Chapel Killer Whales1508169
Franklin Area Swim Team1085454
Franklin YMCA431
Gjy Swimming15114
Greater Latrobe Aqua Club14104
Greater Pittsburgh Aquatic Club24168
Greensburg YMCA Stingrays642
Grove CityYMCA17611
Hampton Dolphins1056144
Hopewell Area Aqua Club19811
Indiana County YMCA281711
Jcc Sailfish1228240
Millcreek Swim Team442123
Monroeville Marlins Swim Assoc664125
Mt. Lebanon Aqua Club1628478
Mt. Pleasant Aqua Club1147

Recent Meets
Meets in Allegheny Mountain (am)

Meet NameMeet DateType
2024 AM LC GPAC Age Group Open06/08/2024LCM
2024 AM LC HD Age Group Open06/01/2024LCM
2024 AM LC Hampton Age Group Open06/01/2024LCM
2024 AM SWC Middle School Championships05/11/2024SCY
2024 AM PEAQ LC Spring Invitational05/04/2024LCM
2024 AM 2024 WCPSL Championship Meet04/06/2024SCY
2024 AM SC BPR Last Splash03/23/2024SCY
2024 AM SC PEAQ Last Splash03/16/2024SCY
2024 AM SC PRA Last Splash03/16/2024SCY
2024 AM 2024 SC Age Group Champs03/07/2024SCY
2024 AM SC High School Special03/02/2024SCY
2024 AM WPIAL AAA Swimming and Diving Championship02/29/2024SCY
2024 AM WPIAL AA Swimming and Diving Championships02/29/2024SCY
2024 AMS Silver Champs02/23/2024SCY
2024 AM SC AMS Silver Championships02/23/2024SCY
2024 AM Midwestern Athletic Conference Championshi02/17/2024SCY
2024 AM Last Ditch Invitational02/17/2024SCY
2024 AM CSC Valentines' Mixer02/16/2024SCY
2024 SC AM Bronze Champs02/10/2024SCY
2024 AM AMS SC Bronze Champs02/10/2024SCY
2024 AM 2024 IHS Mark Hess Invitational02/10/2024SCY
2024 AM MLAC Copper Cup02/09/2024SCY
2024 AM SC ANSC Mini ChampsDistance Meet02/03/2024SCY
2024 AM WCCA Swim and Dive Champs01/27/2024SCY
2024 AM HD Single Age High Point01/27/2024SCY
Things to know
This is not official data and is updated weekly. It may not include all clubs.
The number of clubs and members is subject to change.
Only swimmers who attended the meets are counted.