NMST June Invite 2023 SCY

Meet Date: June 03, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Eagle Aquatics1533111492
Gulliver Swim Club19330013612
Hammerhead Aquatics2244001235
SwimRight Mar Jcc Swim Team224100021112
Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club21620001715
Olympus Swimming Club616000031
Atlantis Swimming Club2147000023
Swim Gym32820000110
North Miami Swim Team1122000019
Hurricane Aquatics3378000017
Metro Aquatic Club of Miami917000014

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Penelope Lopez-Casula12FemaleEagle Aquatics100 Y Free55.26AAA768
Penelope Lopez-Casula12FemaleEagle Aquatics200 Y Free1:59.65AAAA764
Anastasia Morales9FemaleEagle Aquatics100 Y Free1:09.10A648
Anastasia Morales9FemaleEagle Aquatics100 Y Back1:20.48BB637
Thereza Milano12FemaleGulliver Swim Club100 Y Free58.47AA635
Vadim Burunov18MaleHammerhead Aquatics200 Y IM2:01.13AA598
Marcoaurelio Lopez-Casula18MaleEagle Aquatics100 Y Free49.88AA589
Ethan Rostran13MaleGulliver Swim Club200 Y IM2:14.70A583
Vadim Burunov18MaleHammerhead Aquatics200 Y Fly2:02.64A581
Zahar Diatlov9MaleSwimRight Mar Jcc Swim Team100 Y Back1:22.04BB565


25 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stEmily Zann8Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club19.53N/AN/A
2ndLayla Cordoba8Atlantis Swimming Club20.74N/AN/A
3rdAdriana Garcia8Atlantis Swimming Club21.24N/AN/A
4thEma Saper8SwimRight Mar Jcc Swim Team21.31N/AN/A
5thAbigail Korn7Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club21.67N/AN/A
6thMichelle Craveiro7Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club23.04N/AN/A
7thMicaela Gonzalez7Olympus Swimming Club23.15N/AN/A
8thSilvi Courtney7Swim Gym23.43N/AN/A
9thLorenza Arango6Swim Gym23.56N/AN/A
10thElle Burnbaum7Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club24.18N/AN/A
11thSummer Beshir6Eagle Aquatics24.36N/AN/A
12thAmanda Salgado7OLYMPUS SWIMMING CLUB24.81N/AN/A
13thJules Alhadeff8Swim Gym25.50N/AN/A
14thIsabella Gonzalez8Hurricane Aquatics28.77N/AN/A
15thCamila Interiano8Hurricane Aquatics30.79N/AN/A
16thVivian Hale7Swim Gym37.47N/AN/A
17thLily Rodriguez7Atlantis Swimming Club43.82N/AN/A

Boy 8 & Under

1stJayson Zayas8Atlantis Swimming Club15.90N/AN/A
2ndFrancisco Miksovsky8Metro Aquatic Club of Miami16.20N/AN/A
3rdSylvester Andrews-May8Eagle Aquatics16.88N/AN/A
4thMichael Navarro7North Miami Swim Team17.24N/AN/A
5thEllison Andrews-May8Eagle Aquatics17.34N/AN/A
6thSebastian Rangel Soto8Metro Aquatic Club of Miami18.66N/AN/A
7thJeremiah Sanchez Haynes8Atlantis Swimming Club18.67N/AN/A
8thAlexander Lyavzin7SwimRight Mar Jcc Swim Team19.04N/AN/A
9thVance Schildknecht6Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club19.41N/AN/A
10thPelayo Duran Del Busto8Swim Gym20.66N/AN/A
11thLogan Dannemiller8Hurricane Aquatics20.95N/AN/A
12thBorja Garrido8Ransom Everglades Aquatic Club21.75N/AN/A
13thSebastian Monroy8Atlantis Swimming Club22.02N/AN/A
14thAndre Jensen8Swim Gym22.95N/AN/A
15thMaddox Mohtadi7Atlantis Swimming Club23.05N/AN/A
16thZyler Lamarche7Hammerhead Aquatics23.07N/AN/A
17thPiero Abrate8Swim Gym24.18N/AN/A
18thJavier Amador8Metro Aquatic Club of Miami24.70N/AN/A
19thJeffrey Hill7Hurricane Aquatics24.76N/AN/A
20thDax Schwank8Atlantis Swimming Club26.07N/AN/A
21stAdam Ahmad7Swim Gym26.83N/AN/A
22ndEthan Kobrinski7Hurricane Aquatics27.33N/AN/A
23rdLevi Strauss6Swim Gym28.33N/AN/A
24thRufus Nagygyorgy7Hammerhead Aquatics29.47N/AN/A
25thSantiago Childers7Hurricane Aquatics34.90N/AN/A

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

25 Y Back

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

25 Y Fly

200 Y Fly

25 Y Breast

50 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.