Meet Date: November 03, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl7448482472808362
Pennsylvania Aquatics42274017229950
Jersey Storm Swimming4321000031731
Willow Grove YMCA411000152
East Coast C-Cerpants14000011

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Emily Hamill16FemaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl100 Y Back54.58AAAA914
Landon D'Ariano18MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl400 Y IM3:54.63AAAA865
Marion Li10FemaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl100 Y Back1:06.42AAAA850
Brandon Fleck16MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl100 Y Free45.88AAAA842
Brandon Fleck16MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl200 Y Back1:50.91AAAA833
Andy Zhou18MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Clu200 Y Breast2:03.73AAA825
Charles Huber9MalePennsylvania Aquatics200 Y Free2:17.18AA824
Charles Huber9MalePennsylvania Aquatics100 Y Free1:03.18AAA821
Charles Huber9MalePennsylvania Aquatics500 Y Free6:11.68AA815
Brandon Fleck16MaleGermantown Academy Aquatic Cl50 Y Free21.29AAAA806


50 Y Free

Girl 9-10

1stAudrey Mandel10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl29.96AA625
2ndMaeve Simpson9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl31.39A668
3rdLexie Song10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl33.92BB383
4thJarema, Maya9Pennsylvania Aquatics38.27B285
5thPopat, Yana B9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl39.24<B239
6thTeagan Haverkamp9Pennsylvania Aquatics39.48<B228
7thCharlotte Choudry9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl39.52<B227
8thEllie Garrido9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl39.86<B212
9thEliza Vogman9Pennsylvania Aquatics41.57<B141
10thO'Brien, Ashley9Jersey Storm Swimming41.62<B139
11thBruscianelli, Novali10Jersey Storm Swimming44.03<B1
12thMitchell, Kacey10Jersey Storm Swimming45.43<B1
13thClaire Penrice9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl46.29<B6
14thKurelli, Akshadha10Pennsylvania Aquatics48.26<B1
15thFranz, Emmie9Jersey Storm Swimming49.26<B1
16thParikh, Kaeva A9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl53.36<B1
17thYoo, Emily Y9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl53.66<B1

Girl 11-12

1stWhitney Grimley12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl27.38AA618
2ndMegan Simpson11Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl28.16A644
3rdKaya Haverkamp12Pennsylvania Aquatics29.06BB492
4thLiv Weinberg12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl29.43BB465
5thSophia Ali12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl29.60BB453
6thLeonhardt, Abby M12Jersey Storm Swimming32.34B273
7thLeia Gibson12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl33.75<B193
8thMolly Katz12Jersey Storm Swimming33.78<B191
9thStevens, Olivia11Jersey Storm Swimming34.48<B227
10thApik, Lucine11Pennsylvania Aquatics35.20<B189
11thElla Gibson12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl35.92<B88
12thBaisden, Ella11Jersey Storm Swimming36.09<B145
13thKaya Richardson12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl37.01<B46
14thYang, Celina S11Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl44.51<B1
15thViner, Brooke A11Jersey Storm Swimming47.06<B1

Girl 13-14

1stArden Keitel14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.71AAA747
2ndNieve Keitel14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl25.41AAA682
3rdAinsley Buerger13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl26.82A612
4thIsabella Munski14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl26.91A549
5thHaile Nanola14Jersey Storm Swimming27.16A527
6thVivien Korwek14Pennsylvania Aquatics27.89A467
7thMcIlhinney, Audra M14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl28.00BB458
8thKerr, Charley G14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl28.83BB392
9thElla Kubitsky14Pennsylvania Aquatics29.28BB358
10thAbby Matalie14Jersey Storm Swimming29.48BB343
11thMolly Halligan13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl29.61BB386
12thViolet Lloyd14Jersey Storm Swimming29.93BB310
13thAddison Barber-Johnston13Germantown Academy Aquatic Clu30.50B321
14thFaccio, Meg E13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl30.65B311
15thGuller, Elise J14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl30.86B246
16thLeilani Stevens13Jersey Storm Swimming32.06B217
17thCaroline Guynn13Germantown Academy Aquatic Clu32.16B211
18thOrtega, Jalexia A13Pennsylvania Aquatics32.91<B166
19thFranz, Lili13Jersey Storm Swimming33.78<B119
20thJadhav, Anvi P13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl34.17<B99

Girl 15-16

1stWeber, Nora L16Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl25.26AA662
2ndMazie Williams15Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl26.41A561
3rdMaddie Fletcher16Jersey Storm Swimming27.30BB482
4thEmma Thoennes16Pennsylvania Aquatics27.66BB452

Girl 17-18

1stClaire Weisgarber17Jersey Storm Swimming28.40BB379

Boy 9-10

1stCharles Huber9Pennsylvania Aquatics28.89AA800
2ndDimitri Shakirov10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl32.46BB482
3rdPhilip Larionov10Pennsylvania Aquatics32.82BB461
4thRiley Johnson10Pennsylvania Aquatics32.99BB452
5thWyatt DeMott9Pennsylvania Aquatics34.68B473
6thLynch, Maximus W10Pennsylvania Aquatics34.77B355
7thDelacruz, Leo P10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl37.98B196
8thLewis Ritter10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl38.46<B174
9thBrusca, Ryler F9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl38.74<B271
10thHellmann, Phil T10Jersey Storm Swimming38.76<B161
11thHaegele, Aiden W9Pennsylvania Aquatics40.46<B193
12thKameron Neyenhouse9Jersey Storm Swimming41.75<B139
13thPeter Volja9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl42.03<B128
14thSpillane, John C9Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl42.04<B128
15thHenry Pence10Jersey Storm Swimming43.03<B7
16thYalavarthi, Ishaan9Jersey Storm Swimming44.73<B34
17thPeppard, Seamus L10Pennsylvania Aquatics44.86<B1
18thHenry Duffine10Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl49.42<B1
19thMatalie, Johnathan9Jersey Storm Swimming59.49<B1
20thAnthony Stellato9Jersey Storm Swimming1:02.41<B1
21stHammond, JJ10Jersey Storm Swimming1:04.84<B1
22ndForcum, Reece J9Jersey Storm Swimming1:21.83<B1
23rdBoppana, Abhiram9Jersey Storm Swimming1:23.05<B1

Boy 11-12

1stLuke Kenesky12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl26.61AA633
2ndAiden Ma12Pennsylvania Aquatics27.42A575
3rdEvan Garrido12Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl28.60BB492
4thMax Meng12Germantown Academy Aquatic Clu29.08BB459
5thCole Chojnacki12Jersey Storm Swimming29.69BB418
6thMichael Silva Mueller12Pennsylvania Aquatics29.82BB410
7thDylan Metzler12East Coast C-Cerpants32.57B237
8thGrayson Chenier11Pennsylvania Aquatics33.99<B278
9thPaxton Neyenhouse11Jersey Storm Swimming35.17<B212
10thViner, Lucas12Jersey Storm Swimming36.12<B55
11thBeatty, Ryan A11Jersey Storm Swimming36.79<B130
12thKeeran Kulandaivel11Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl38.27<B64
13thCamden Smith12Jersey Storm Swimming39.47<B1
14thNedumakel, TJ J11Pennsylvania Aquatics1:13.54<B1

Boy 13-14

1stDylan Nier14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl23.55AA691
2ndShane Cowley13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.11AA723
3rdMarcus Rasmussen14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.13AA640
4thEvan Fitch14Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.54AA604
5thD'one Thomas14Pennsylvania Aquatics25.33A536
6thThomas Silva Mueller14Pennsylvania Aquatics26.18BB466
7thHenry Zyman13Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl27.15BB470
8thCayden Schmalz14Jersey Storm Swimming29.54B212
9thTimmons, Drew14Jersey Storm Swimming29.78B195

Boy 15-16

1stBrandon Fleck16Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl21.29AAAA806
2ndDominick Korwek16Pennsylvania Aquatics23.13AA632
3rdDylan Shapiro16Germantown Academy Aquatic Cl24.16A540
4thMulshine, Jack Mulshine15Jersey Storm Swimming28.47<B245
5thThomas, Andre D16Pennsylvania Aquatics30.03<B92

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

500 Y Free

1000 Y Free

1650 Y Free

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50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

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50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

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200 Y IM

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.