2023 DST First State Cup SCY

Meet Date: November 04, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Rockville Montgomery Swim Club764501674135130887
South Jersey Aquatic Club653693218011613415
Asphalt Green Aquatics4730725612795243
Delaware Swim Team311630327416027
Mako Swim Club231270315166118
Rocket Swimming313002352

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Cooper Zakorchemny16MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club1000 Y Free9:11.43AAAA900
Shelby Hutchinson13FemaleSouth Jersey Aquatic Club100 Y Back57.45AAAA883
Nicholas Liberty14MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club1000 Y Free9:37.50AAAA874
Ryan Quinn15MaleSouth Jersey Aquatic Club100 Y Fly50.48AAAA873
Griffin Oehler15MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club200 Y IM1:53.07AAAA872
Charlie Begin15MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club200 Y Back1:51.70AAA871
Charlie Begin15MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club100 Y Back51.53AAA867
Nasim Elkassem17MaleRockville Montgomery Swim Club100 Y Back49.82AAA861
Oliver Shao15MaleAsphalt Green Unified Aquatics200 Y Back1:52.31AAA858
Shelby Hutchinson13FemaleSouth Jersey Aquatic Club200 Y Back2:04.88AAAA855


50 Y Free

Girl 13-14

1stAddy Gebhart14South Jersey Aquatic Club24.92AAA728
2ndAnika Cai14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.24AAA698
3rdAngeline Mann14South Jersey Aquatic Club25.88AA639
4thOlivia Edge13Rocket Swimming27.02A595
5thMorgan Kalish14Delaware Swim Team27.06A536
6thAimee Chu-Roxas14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club27.22A522
7thMacyn Hockman14Mako Swim Club27.41A506
8thGrace Mansukani14South Jersey Aquatic Club28.55BB414
9thReagan Rykaczewski14Delaware Swim Team28.56BB413
10thEmily Barnett14Delaware Swim Team29.12BB370
11thPaisley Minter13Delaware Swim Team30.04BB355

Girl 15-16

1stAnna Nishnianidze15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.53AAA733
2ndMaria Webb16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.67AAA717
3rdEstelle Vernhes16Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics25.22AA666
4thKaty Niziol16Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics25.45AA644
5thGabriela Kaiser15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.54AA639
6thLauren Lett15South Jersey Aquatic Club25.64AA630
7thMegan Depman16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.71AA621
8thImogen Miller15Asphalt Green Aquatics25.93AA604
9thMolly Wilson16Delaware Swim Team25.94AA600
10thNikol Goncharenko15Asphalt Green Aquatics26.22A578
11thJayne Mansukani16South Jersey Aquatic Club26.41A558
12thSamantha Arias16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.49A551
13thSkylar Dean16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.49A551
14thGillian Asch16Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics26.53A548
15thAnna Hunt16Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics26.61A541
16thStephanie Marks15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.81A526
17thAshley Ahyick Wong15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club27.03A508
18thAlara Erkan16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club27.08A501
19thSarah Boucher15South Jersey Aquatic Club27.09A503
20thLeah Christianson15South Jersey Aquatic Club27.47BB471
21stSophia Duckworth16South Jersey Aquatic Club27.59BB458
22ndFrancesca DeNucci15South Jersey Aquatic Club27.67BB454
23rdAlexa Jordan16South Jersey Aquatic Club27.70BB449
24thTaisiya Ivanovskaya15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club27.71BB451
25thWinnie Freebery16Delaware Swim Team27.89BB434
26thTori Volm16South Jersey Aquatic Club28.26BB404
27thMelissa Doig16Delaware Swim Team28.26BB404
28thPaige Henry15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club28.46BB391
29thJulia Terry16South Jersey Aquatic Club28.77BB364
30thKaelynn Jackson16South Jersey Aquatic Club28.98BB348
31stSylvia Albuquerque15South Jersey Aquatic Club30.46B245
32ndBaray, Bella M16Mako Swim Club31.13B199

Girl 17-18

1stHeather O'Day17South Jersey Aquatic Club24.45AAA723
2ndAnisa Basler17Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics25.34AA640
3rdStella Anderson17Asphalt Green Aquatics25.68AA609
4thCampbell Willard18South Jersey Aquatic Club25.75AA602
5thSienna Wiggins17Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics25.83A595
6thEmma Burlina17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.00A580
7thJacqueline Constantine17Asphalt Green Aquatics26.11A570
8thEmma Lantry17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.29A554
9thKarina Gendron17Delaware Swim Team26.36A548
10thAngelica Hu18Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.40A545
11thSophie Linkie17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.59A528
12thIsabella Babbitt17Asphalt Green Aquatics26.83A507
13thLianne Poblador17South Jersey Aquatic Club26.83A507
14thMadeline Dold18South Jersey Aquatic Club27.17BB479

Boy 13-14

1stColton Mettler14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.95AAA745
2ndJack Tovornik14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.21AAA722
3rdChipriano, Ethan P14Delaware Swim Team23.62AA685
4thOwen La Grou14South Jersey Aquatic Club23.63AA684
5thMiles Du Lac14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.27AA627
6thRoman Drews14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.29AA626
7thDeren Akselioglu14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.34AA621
8thMatthew Lee14South Jersey Aquatic Club24.42AA614
9thChristian Iavarone14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.46AA611
10thBeukema, James P14Delaware Swim Team24.63A596
11thMatthew Panaia14South Jersey Aquatic Club24.73A587
12thNicholas Liberty14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.75A586
13thEmil Lehmann13Delaware Swim Team24.93A652
14thFinn Mchugh14Delaware Swim Team24.99A565
15thJake Corbett14South Jersey Aquatic Club25.02A563
16thLuke Davis13South Jersey Aquatic Club25.03A644
17thIsaac Soles14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.14A552
18thHenry Ngo14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.30A539
19thJoseph Anton13South Jersey Aquatic Club25.36A616
20thGavin Rogers14Delaware Swim Team25.68A507
21stAvery Shimkus14Delaware Swim Team25.91BB488
22ndDillon Corbett14South Jersey Aquatic Club26.06BB476
23rdConnor Evans13Mako Swim Club26.46BB526
24thOlivier Bui14Rockville Montgomery Swim Club26.89BB409
25thTristan McCullough13Mako Swim Club27.11BB474
26thSeamus Walstrom13Delaware Swim Team28.34B379
27thJackson Hoffman13Mako Swim Club30.44<B229
28thJuliano, Nate J14Mako Swim Club30.98<B119
29thProctor, Jackson M13Mako Swim Club33.98<B28

Boy 15-16

1stBrig Barnett16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.21AAA718
2ndEthan Lee16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.35AA705
3rdGrady Redding15Delaware Swim Team22.38AA755
4thCharlie Begin15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.43AA750
5thMax Bagshaw16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.81AA662
6thLukas Shafer16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.90AA653
7thRay Mukoyama16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.90AA653
8thAidan Zhu15Asphalt Green Aquatics23.03AA695
9thAlex Nguyen16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.15AA631
10thRenwick, Matthew Renwick W16Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics23.18AA628
11thEthan Pak15Asphalt Green Unified Aquatics23.24AA676
12thDominik Dolezel15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.30A671
13thCooper Zakorchemny16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.32A615
14thNicholas Lennon16Delaware Swim Team23.44A604
15thJohn Drakakis16Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.55A594
16thAaron Jost16South Jersey Aquatic Club23.68A582
17thBrenden Fratto16South Jersey Aquatic Club23.80A572
18thSean Anderson15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.90A617
19thCaccuro, Caden E16South Jersey Aquatic Club24.03A551
20thRodrigo Bravo15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.09A600
21stTrent Neal16Mako Swim Club24.47BB512
22ndKennedy, Brett M16Delaware Swim Team24.53BB507
23rdGrant Muratore15South Jersey Aquatic Club24.86BB533
24thBenjamin Trachtenberg15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.03BB518
25thDimitri Antonov15South Jersey Aquatic Club25.10BB512
26thWilliam Christianson16South Jersey Aquatic Club25.12BB456
27thHarrison Wong15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.23BB501
28thTheo Lawrence16Delaware Swim Team25.29BB442
29thNaveh Cohn15Rockville Montgomery Swim Club25.34BB492
30thAyden DeJesus16Rocket Swimming25.73BB405

Boy 17-18

1stOwen Watkins18Rockville Montgomery Swim Club21.19AAA773
2ndSamir Elkassem17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club21.73AAA737
3rdEvan Mackesy17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club21.90AA721
4thTre Cottrell17South Jersey Aquatic Club21.99AA712
5thLinus Ament18Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.40AA657
6thBrian Wilbur17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.79AA637
7thChristian Leone17South Jersey Aquatic Club22.86AA630
8thChase Keeler17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club22.94A623
9thSawyer Lanni17South Jersey Aquatic Club23.53A569
10thLiam Sheeran17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club23.70A553
11thAndrew Kolecki17South Jersey Aquatic Club23.77A547
12thMatthew Martinez17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.20BB509
13thJack Rogovoy17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.27BB503
14thMark Henry17Rockville Montgomery Swim Club24.38BB493

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

500 Y Free

1000 Y Free

100 Y Back

200 Y Back

100 Y Fly

200 Y Fly

100 Y Breast

200 Y Breast

200 Y IM

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.