2023 CT SYS 50 Free Challenge SCY

Meet Date: October 28, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
Wallingford YMCA1245002299
Amity Regional Aquatic Club3212200061830
Woodbridge Aquatic158600031527
Soundview YMCA Stingrays4422000014943
Nutmeg Aquatics832000082

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Camdyn Driend11FemaleAmity Regional Aquatic Club50 Y Back32.18A634
Hannah Grimm12FemaleWallingford YMCA50 Y Free27.54AA606
Hannah Grimm12FemaleWallingford YMCA50 Y Free27.69AA594
Gabriella Durso11FemaleWoodbridge Aquatic50 Y Free29.00BB581
Hannah Grimm12FemaleWallingford YMCA50 Y Free28.07A565
Adam Nichols11MaleAmity Regional Aquatic Club50 Y Free29.39BB563
Eloise Phelan12FemaleAmity Regional Aquatic Club50 Y Free28.21A555
Hannah Grimm12FemaleWallingford YMCA50 Y Free28.24A552
Lauren Hoeppner10FemaleAmity Regional Aquatic Club50 Y Free31.37A534
Camdyn Driend11FemaleAmity Regional Aquatic Club50 Y Fly32.28BB533


50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stSkylar Vitale8Soundview YMCA Stingrays42.37<B112
2ndDorothea Hu8Amity Regional Aquatic Club43.31<B80

Girl 9-10

1stLauren Hoeppner10Amity Regional Aquatic Club31.37A534
2ndRachel Baek10Nutmeg Aquatics33.47BB408
3rdOdell, Ellie10Soundview YMCA Stingrays35.79B282
4thSloane Smith9Nutmeg Aquatics36.80B358
5thDarby Butler9Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.09B343
6thJasmine Shavers10Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.65B192
7thGrace Agnello10Woodbridge Aquatic38.22B167
8thShreya Gupta10Amity Regional Aquatic Club38.35B161
9thGabriela Agnello10Woodbridge Aquatic40.22<B88
10thLeia Zalewski10Nutmeg Aquatics41.07<B59
11thMia Frey10Nutmeg Aquatics41.57<B44
12thHanna Rink10Soundview YMCA Stingrays42.03<B32
13thGlidden, Eleanor10Wallingford YMCA42.45<B22
14thOnze, Brooke9Amity Regional Aquatic Club43.58<B71
15thHeidi Stitelman9Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays43.87<B62
16thDaeschner, Cate10Soundview YMCA Stingrays44.39<B1
17thMohamed, Kenzie10Soundview YMCA Stingrays50.11<B1
18thCELINE FRANCIS9Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays50.95<B1
19thImanov, Michelle10Amity Regional Aquatic Club53.35<B1
20thEjlli, Emma9Amity Regional Aquatic Club54.58<B1
21stHill, Hero9Soundview YMCA Stingrays59.75<B1

Girl 11-12

1stHannah Grimm12Wallingford YMCA27.54AA606
2ndEloise Phelan12Amity Regional Aquatic Club28.21A555
3rdReena Platonov12Woodbridge Aquatic28.77A513
4thGabriella Durso11Woodbridge Aquatic29.00BB581
5thLilianna Dennis12Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays29.85BB436
6thEvelyn Xie11Woodbridge Aquatic30.00BB509
7thCarina Tran12Wallingford YMCA30.46BB394
8thAddison Walsh12Wallingford YMCA Dolphins31.06BB354
9thAnya Huang12Woodbridge Aquatic31.19BB345
10thKelsey Nacca11Soundview YMCA Stingrays31.48B408
11thJona Koleci11Woodbridge Aquatic31.56B403
12thNikki Miller11Woodbridge Aquatic31.70B394
13thMcCormack, Abrielle12Wallingford YMCA31.76B309
14thElla Scofield12Amity Regional Aquatic Club31.77B308
15thViolet Perry11Soundview YMCA Stingrays31.97B377
16thPenny Angelastro11Wallingford YMCA Dolphins32.52B342
17thJillian Laffin11Soundview YMCA Stingrays32.91B318
18thMarinis, Daphne11Woodbridge Aquatic33.40B289
19thSOWMYA BODDUPALLI11Woodbridge Aquatic33.47B285
20thHelene Flynn12Amity Regional Aquatic Club33.59B202
21stSarah Del Prete11Woodbridge Aquatic33.77<B267
22ndMalak Maklad12Woodbridge Aquatic33.80<B190
23rdTabitha Daeschner11Soundview YMCA Stingrays34.22<B242
24thLucia Gan11Soundview YMCA Stingrays34.33<B236
25thFeliconio, Sabrina12Amity Regional Aquatic Club35.93<B88
26thLiliana Massa11Soundview YMCA Stingrays36.12<B144
27thFuehrlein, Lexi11Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.29<B92
28thJosie Weimer-Jones11Soundview YMCA Stingrays37.36<B89
29thMammana, Emilia12Soundview YMCA Stingrays51.19<B1

Boy 8 & Under

1stBrent Nichols8Amity Regional Aquatic Club35.42B435
2ndPaulsen, Timmy8Soundview YMCA Stingrays38.73<B271
3rdCarlson, Nathan8Amity Regional Aquatic Club42.72<B102
4thHenrik Rink8Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays45.75<B8
5thAlexander Douglass8Soundview YMCA Stingrays49.54<B1
6thPena Ruiz, Jax7Soundview YMCA Stingrays49.81<B1

Boy 9-10

1stLucas Pfrommer10Soundview YMCA Stingrays31.58BB532
2ndDaniel Candelora10Soundview YMCA Stingrays32.34BB488
3rdNate Walz10Soundview YMCA Stingrays32.97BB453
4thJack Dennehy10Soundview YMCA Stingrays34.23BB384
5thBuhrer, Nathan10Wallingford YMCA37.86B202
6thLogan Parente10Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays41.92<B38
7thRj Tuccio10Amity Regional Aquatic Club42.18<B30
8thColton Nunes9Amity Regional Aquatic Club42.69<B103
9thSinha, Neil10Soundview YMCA Stingrays47.08<B1
10thBoucher, Ryder9Wallingford YMCA51.87<B1
11thCheiban, Matthew10Wallingford YMCA1:11.60<B1

Boy 11-12

1stBrayden Pfrommer12Soundview YMCA Stingrays28.08BB528
2ndJames Voloshin12Soundview YMCA Stingrays28.25BB516
3rdAdam Nichols11Amity Regional Aquatic Club29.39BB563
4thCharles Crozier12Soundview YMCA Stingrays29.42BB436
5thJack Higgins12Amity Regional Aquatic Club29.57BB426
6thRyan Douglass12Soundview YMCA Stingrays29.66BB420
7thAiden Guo11Woodbridge Aquatic30.60B484
8thBlaise Ramos11Amity Regional Aquatic Club30.84B469
9thColton King12Amity Regional Aquatic Club30.97B335
10thDeclan Smith11Nutmeg Aquatics32.11B389
11thKavin Ramasamy11Amity Regional Aquatic Club33.39<B312
12thRussell Clune11Soundview YMCA Stingrays33.59<B301
13thEthan Zhao11Woodbridge Aquatic34.33<B258
14thLeon Song12Woodbridge Aquatic34.38<B137
15thJason Lee12Amity Regional Aquatic Club35.31<B91
16thIsaac Hu11Amity Regional Aquatic Club37.49<B97
17thLuca, Bryce11Wallingford YMCA37.90<B79
18thHenry Laurans11Soundview YMCA Stingrays38.17<B68
19thBenjamin Signorello11Soundview YMCA Stingrays38.65<B49
20thJoe Ball11Sys - Soundview YMCA Stingrays39.50<B19
21stRoth, Rory11Soundview YMCA Stingrays41.19<B1
22ndFeliconio, Sam12Amity Regional Aquatic Club46.02<B1
23rdMiller, Dustin11Nutmeg Aquatics49.04<B1
24thKendig, Jay11Soundview YMCA Stingrays57.27<B1

100 Y Free

200 Y Free

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

200 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

200 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.