2023 CT CDOG Distance meet SCY

Meet Date: October 27, 2023


TeamTotal SwimmersTotal EventsAAAAAAAAAABBB
West Hartford Aquatic Team33440326116
Ridgefield Aquatic Club415901691512
Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club45590158179
Cheshire YMCA11001000
Mandell Jcc Sharks912000252
Meriden Silver Fins44000020

Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Aidan Palaj15MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team1000 Y Free9:57.72AAA727
Owen Vale15MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team1000 Y Free10:03.51AAA702
Peter Zalewski16MaleCheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club1000 Y Free10:02.14AAA664
Aidan Polese14MaleRidgefield Aquatic Club1000 Y Free10:25.38AAA662
Robert Villarreal Rodriguez12MaleCheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club200 Y Back2:17.52AA653
Mary Kelly12FemaleRidgefield Aquatic Club1000 Y Free11:41.90AA642
Brayden Hale14MaleCheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club1000 Y Free10:30.75AA639
Miriam Youel16FemaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team1000 Y Free10:49.39AAA629
Julian Adu14MaleCheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club1000 Y Free10:33.81AA627
Matthew Michitti15MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team1000 Y Free10:24.85AA611


1000 Y Free

Girl 11-12

1stMary Kelly12Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:41.90AA642
2ndLaura Haverly12Mandell Jcc Sharks12:26.75A493
3rdZsofia Milak12Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:33.67A472
4thEmma Nottingham12Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club12:50.32BB422

Girl 13-14

1stMairead Luhman14Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:38.95A484
2ndMaxene Meroy13Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club11:49.91A477
3rdCassidy Horel14Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:13.94BB365
4thKelly Nguyen14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club12:25.79BB328
5thAlana Ward13Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:40.68BB311
6thSophie Jacobstein13Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:54.32BB272
7thLayla Russ13Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club13:06.58B239
8thEllie Harhay13Mandell Jcc Sharks13:15.68B215
9thAvery Kelly13Ridgefield Aquatic Club13:22.65B198
10thEllie Griffin13Ridgefield Aquatic Club13:44.28B148
11thSophia Peng13Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club14:12.64<B92

Girl 15-16

1stMiriam Youel16West Hartford Aquatic Team10:49.39AAA629
2ndMeghan Jo16West Hartford Aquatic Team10:59.96AA586
3rdKylie McKirryher15Cheshire YMCA11:17.10AA546
4thVedika Menon15Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:23.31A523
5thJenney Liu16West Hartford Aquatic Team11:27.82A479
6thStella Green15Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:34.00A483
7thSamantha Jackson16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:35.43A451
8thTeresa Silveri15Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:43.63A448
9thJuliette Arencibia15Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:58.92BB396
10thBob O'Brien16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club12:00.29BB366
11thMolly Simmons16Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:18.84BB308
12thReagan Thompson15West Hartford Aquatic Team12:41.08BB266
13thSydney Parker16West Hartford Aquatic Team12:53.09B211
14thMckinley Wade16West Hartford Aquatic Team13:08.87B172

Girl 19+

1stJulia Snow19Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:36.50N/AN/A

Boy 11-12

1stChristopher Prills12Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:51.81AA570
2ndSebasti Adlianitski-Pachobut12Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:59.29A546
3rdPhin Izikson12Mandell Jcc Sharks12:40.33BB420
4thZack Fay12Mandell Jcc Sharks13:06.83BB346

Boy 13-14

1stAidan Polese14Ridgefield Aquatic Club10:25.38AAA662
2ndBrayden Hale14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:30.75AA639
3rdJulian Adu14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:33.81AA627
4thNeil Alejandro14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:39.72AA603
5thMax Weber14Ridgefield Aquatic Club10:46.11AA577
6thMatthew Krol14West Hartford Aquatic Team11:02.81A512
7thStroup, Harrison J13West Hartford Aquatic Team11:03.58A600
8thBer Ewing13West Hartford Aquatic Team11:05.73A592
9thNeil Kelly14Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:12.01A478
10thCaleb Coyne13Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:12.62A565
11thLiam Goralnick14Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:22.46A440
12thAndrew Furtado14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:25.64A429
13thAidan Nottingham14Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:37.55BB388
14thGriffin Riebling13Ridgefield Aquatic Club11:48.01BB438
15thFilip Talar14West Hartford Aquatic Team12:25.43B240
16thKostas Rakevicius14West Hartford Aquatic Team12:30.98B225
17thMac Kelly13Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:36.26B285
18thAlex Eriksen14Ridgefield Aquatic Club12:49.18B178
19thOwen Sun13Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club13:36.76<B134

Boy 15-16

1stAidan Palaj15West Hartford Aquatic Team9:57.72AAA727
2ndPeter Zalewski16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:02.14AAA664
3rdOwen Vale15West Hartford Aquatic Team10:03.51AAA702
4thJoseph Milhomens16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:18.76AA593
5thMatthew Michitti15West Hartford Aquatic Team10:24.85AA611
6thStefan Weber15Ridgefield Aquatic Club10:37.53A559
7thWill Lanier16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club10:44.11A492
8thDaniel Bishop15Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club11:04.05BB457
9thChris Mika15West Hartford Aquatic Team11:14.42BB420
10thNolan Bishop15Meriden Silver Fins11:19.05BB403
11thOmi Narayanan16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:20.28BB360
12thBrennan Keane16Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:22.15BB354
13thCole McDonnell15Meriden Silver Fins11:26.56BB377
14thDavid Mashkov15West Hartford Aquatic Team11:41.48BB328

Boy 17-18

1stNate Oppenheim17Ridgefield Aquatic Club10:26.23AA546
2ndWilliam Trotman17Ridgefield Aquatic Club10:26.99AA543
3rdJohn Peralta17Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club10:46.01A468
4thRyan Iannone17Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club11:10.81BB378
5thBrayden Green17Cheshire Y Sea Dog Swim Club11:12.16BB373

200 Y Back

200 Y Fly

200 Y Breast

400 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.