SoFlo and TYR Back to School D (SCY)
Meet Date: August 27, 2022

100 Y BackThomas Avenado13SwimFast1:10.47B
100 Y BackCamila Canelon12EL Paso Border Land Swim Team1:14.22BB
100 Y BackPaulo Beltran13South Florida Aquatic Club1:47.46N/A
100 Y BreastThomas Avenado13SwimFast1:18.71B
100 Y BreastMikaella Martinez13South Florida Aquatic Club1:37.27N/A
100 Y FlyCamila Canelon12EL Paso Border Land Swim Team1:12.41BB
100 Y FreeThomas Avenado13SwimFast59.54BB
100 Y FreeJacob Jones12South Florida Aquatic Club1:03.58BB
100 Y FreeCamila Canelon12EL Paso Border Land Swim Team1:05.17BB
100 Y FreeMikaella Martinez13South Florida Aquatic Club1:12.62N/A
100 Y FreeLucas Bolano10South Florida Aquatic Club1:22.39B
100 Y FreeSimon Aas11SwimFast1:26.94N/A
100 Y FreeZoe Miralles10South Florida Aquatic Club1:30.17N/A
100 Y FreePaulo Beltran13South Florida Aquatic Club1:41.12N/A
100 Y FreeBrandon LE12Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team1:41.32N/A
100 Y FreeGregory Francis14South Florida Aquatic Club1:47.89N/A
100 Y IMJacob Jones12South Florida Aquatic Club1:15.73B
100 Y IMMaryella Baker12South Florida Aquatic Club1:18.54B
100 Y IMKamyl Corcuera10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami1:28.05BB
100 Y IMKatherine Petrucci7South Florida Aquatic Club1:39.83B
100 Y IMLincoln Callaway Coy9South Florida Aquatic Club1:51.26N/A
100 Y IMLilith Napoles8South Florida Aquatic Club2:24.28N/A
25 Y BackSantiago Zuluaga7South Florida Aquatic Club21.71N/A
25 Y BackBrooklyn Barry8SwimFast22.78N/A
25 Y BackDalyah Bouti8South Florida Aquatic Club23.78N/A
25 Y BackTanner Abrahamson7Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team24.52N/A
25 Y BackStory Wright8SwimFast24.87N/A
25 Y BackAndres Gomez7South Florida Aquatic Club25.99N/A
25 Y BackVictoria Colmenares8South Florida Aquatic Club26.13N/A
25 Y BackSarah Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club26.17N/A
25 Y BackMateo Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club26.20N/A
25 Y BackBrooke Ryan8SwimFast26.92N/A
25 Y BackChristopher Pozo8South Florida Aquatic Club27.13N/A
25 Y BackMolly Barber7South Florida Aquatic Club28.28N/A
25 Y BackDavid Mendoza7South Florida Aquatic Club28.31N/A
25 Y BackIvy Acosta6South Florida Aquatic Club30.56N/A
25 Y BackFlint Wright6SwimFast31.25N/A
25 Y BackKeira Blair8Tsunami Swim Team33.42N/A
25 Y BackZachary Ogden8Tsunami Swim Team34.39N/A
25 Y BackRylan Halston7SwimFast35.83N/A
25 Y BackStella Szalay6Tsunami Swim Team37.80N/A
25 Y BreastSantiago Zuluaga7South Florida Aquatic Club26.23N/A
25 Y BreastGregory Miralles8South Florida Aquatic Club27.77N/A
25 Y BreastVictoria Colmenares8South Florida Aquatic Club28.09N/A
25 Y BreastMaya Barrizonte8South Florida Aquatic Club29.15N/A
25 Y BreastStory Wright8SwimFast29.17N/A
25 Y BreastTanner Abrahamson7Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team30.65N/A
25 Y BreastIvy Acosta6South Florida Aquatic Club30.67N/A
25 Y BreastAndres Gomez7South Florida Aquatic Club31.14N/A
25 Y BreastSarah Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club31.66N/A
25 Y BreastMateo Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club31.74N/A
25 Y BreastDalyah Bouti8South Florida Aquatic Club31.84N/A
25 Y BreastDavid Mendoza7South Florida Aquatic Club33.91N/A
25 Y BreastChristopher Pozo8South Florida Aquatic Club34.00N/A
25 Y BreastMolly Barber7South Florida Aquatic Club34.36N/A
25 Y BreastFlint Wright6SwimFast35.81N/A
25 Y BreastStella Szalay6Tsunami Swim Team39.73N/A
25 Y FlyFrancisco Miksovsky7Metro Aquatic Club of Miami22.17N/A
25 Y FlyKatherine Petrucci7South Florida Aquatic Club22.48N/A
25 Y FlyBrooklyn Barry8SwimFast22.72N/A
25 Y FlyMaya Barrizonte8South Florida Aquatic Club23.21N/A
25 Y FlyAndres Gomez7South Florida Aquatic Club24.00N/A
25 Y FlyGregory Miralles8South Florida Aquatic Club25.61N/A
25 Y FlyTanner Abrahamson7Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team25.87N/A
25 Y FlyVictoria Colmenares8South Florida Aquatic Club26.10N/A
25 Y FlyStory Wright8SwimFast26.53N/A
25 Y FlyMolly Barber7South Florida Aquatic Club26.99N/A
25 Y FlyIvy Acosta6South Florida Aquatic Club27.77N/A
25 Y FlyLilith Napoles8South Florida Aquatic Club28.34N/A
25 Y FlyFlint Wright6SwimFast30.03N/A
25 Y FlyChristopher Pozo8South Florida Aquatic Club32.06N/A
25 Y FlyDavid Mendoza7South Florida Aquatic Club32.43N/A
25 Y FlyStella Szalay6Tsunami Swim Team32.92N/A
25 Y FreeKatherine Petrucci7South Florida Aquatic Club18.08N/A
25 Y FreeFrancisco Miksovsky7Metro Aquatic Club of Miami18.31N/A
25 Y FreeSantiago Zuluaga7South Florida Aquatic Club19.22N/A
25 Y FreeDalyah Bouti8South Florida Aquatic Club19.22N/A
25 Y FreeMaya Barrizonte8South Florida Aquatic Club19.76N/A
25 Y FreeGregory Miralles8South Florida Aquatic Club19.95N/A
25 Y FreeZachary Ogden8Tsunami Swim Team20.02N/A
25 Y FreeMateo Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club20.23N/A
25 Y FreeTanner Abrahamson7Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team20.41N/A
25 Y FreeAndres Gomez7South Florida Aquatic Club21.07N/A
25 Y FreeIvy Acosta6South Florida Aquatic Club21.60N/A
25 Y FreeMolly Barber7South Florida Aquatic Club21.91N/A
25 Y FreeLilith Napoles8South Florida Aquatic Club21.93N/A
25 Y FreeBrooke Ryan8SwimFast22.84N/A
25 Y FreeDavid Mendoza7South Florida Aquatic Club23.56N/A
25 Y FreeSarah Naranjo7South Florida Aquatic Club24.15N/A
25 Y FreeStella Szalay6Tsunami Swim Team24.26N/A
25 Y FreeKeira Blair8Tsunami Swim Team25.68N/A
25 Y FreeRylan Halston7SwimFast26.65N/A
25 Y FreeChristopher Pozo8South Florida Aquatic Club28.39N/A
25 Y FreeFlint Wright6SwimFast31.31N/A
50 Y BackJacob Jones12South Florida Aquatic Club33.95BB
50 Y BackKamyl Corcuera10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami39.68BB
50 Y BackSimon Aas11SwimFast42.91N/A
50 Y BackLucas Bolano10South Florida Aquatic Club43.39B
50 Y BackBruce McPherson12South Florida Aquatic Club47.08N/A
50 Y BackChloe Crepeau9Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team49.25N/A
50 Y BackZoe Miralles10South Florida Aquatic Club51.44N/A
50 Y BackBrandon LE12Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team54.57N/A
50 Y BackLincoln Callaway Coy9South Florida Aquatic Club59.56N/A
50 Y BackCamila Juanes9South Florida Aquatic Club1:01.17N/A
50 Y BackAnthony Peglow10Tsunami Swim Team1:10.31N/A
50 Y BreastMaryella Baker12South Florida Aquatic Club41.78B
50 Y BreastLinda Forsyth10Northwest Arkansas Aquatics48.80B
50 Y BreastZoe Miralles10South Florida Aquatic Club49.59B
50 Y BreastGrace Petrucci9South Florida Aquatic Club51.77B
50 Y BreastLucas Bolano10South Florida Aquatic Club55.37N/A
50 Y BreastLincoln Callaway Coy9South Florida Aquatic Club55.68N/A
50 Y BreastCamila Juanes9South Florida Aquatic Club1:03.11N/A
50 Y BreastKrishna Gurbani11South Florida Aquatic Club1:04.55N/A
50 Y BreastAnthony Peglow10Tsunami Swim Team1:09.54N/A
50 Y BreastZachary Sweizer9Azura Florida Aquatics1:12.54N/A
50 Y FlyCamila Canelon12EL Paso Border Land Swim Team31.43BB
50 Y FlyMaryella Baker12South Florida Aquatic Club32.61BB
50 Y FlyJacob Jones12South Florida Aquatic Club33.35BB
50 Y FlyKamyl Corcuera10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami39.32BB
50 Y FlyLinda Forsyth10Northwest Arkansas Aquatics40.14BB
50 Y FlyCamila Juanes9South Florida Aquatic Club52.66N/A
50 Y FreeThomas Avenado13SwimFast27.64BB
50 Y FreeMaryella Baker12South Florida Aquatic Club30.05BB
50 Y FreeKamyl Corcuera10Metro Aquatic Club of Miami32.16BB
50 Y FreeMikaella Martinez13South Florida Aquatic Club32.85N/A
50 Y FreeSimon Aas11SwimFast37.10N/A
50 Y FreeGrace Petrucci9South Florida Aquatic Club37.81B
50 Y FreeZoe Miralles10South Florida Aquatic Club38.70B
50 Y FreeLincoln Callaway Coy9South Florida Aquatic Club39.32N/A
50 Y FreeBruce McPherson12South Florida Aquatic Club40.81N/A
50 Y FreePaulo Beltran13South Florida Aquatic Club45.58N/A
50 Y FreeCamila Juanes9South Florida Aquatic Club47.69N/A
50 Y FreeKrishna Gurbani11South Florida Aquatic Club48.40N/A
50 Y FreeChloe Crepeau9Cooper City Cyclones Swim Team48.45N/A
50 Y FreeZachary Sweizer9Azura Florida Aquatics54.31N/A
50 Y FreeAnthony Peglow10Tsunami Swim Team57.19N/A
1000 Y FreeSebastian Losada16Metro Aquatic Club of Miami10:48.72A
1000 Y FreeRicardo Lopez18Metro Aquatic Club of Miami11:57.43B
Things to know
These are not official results!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.