a2023 Lakewood Aquatics May L LCM

Meet Date: May 21, 2023
100 M BackJeffery Wang15Arcadia Riptides Swim Club1:12.07BB447
100 M BackAlex Song16Dare Aquatics1:13.12BB361
100 M BackKathy Munoz17Monterey Park Manta Rays1:15.14BB479
100 M BackRafa Flores14Lakewood Aquatics1:19.09BB419
100 M BackPia Leon De La Barra13Lakewood Aquatics1:30.67<B168
100 M BackJuan Cordon11Rosemead Rapids2:37.14<B1
100 M BreastNick Ng16Dare Aquatics1:22.32BB390
100 M BreastRafa Flores14Lakewood Aquatics1:23.14AA614
100 M BreastSam Flores12Lakewood Aquatics1:37.27BB348
100 M BreastKeoni Tran13Lakewood Aquatics1:38.76<B191
100 M BreastKristen Liang11Monterey Park Manta Rays1:41.19B404
100 M BreastMika Maniago11Cerritos Aquatic Club1:44.18B345
100 M BreastTing Chu13Cerritos Aquatic Club1:48.59<B66
100 M FlyKathy Munoz17Monterey Park Manta Rays1:09.51A601
100 M FlyKeoni Tran13Lakewood Aquatics1:24.92<B155
100 M FlyKristen Liang11Monterey Park Manta Rays1:32.28B321
100 M FlyVictor Shi10Arcadia Riptides Swim Club1:40.00BB307
100 M FreeAlex Song16Dare Aquatics57.75AA628
100 M FreeJeffery Wang15Arcadia Riptides Swim Club1:00.06A583
100 M FreeClark Milar14Lakewood Aquatics1:02.00A562
100 M FreeKathy Munoz17Monterey Park Manta Rays1:04.64A539
100 M FreeKeoni Tran13Lakewood Aquatics1:14.56B221
100 M FreeLondon Gordin12La Mirada Armada1:18.61B274
100 M FreeGabriela Castro13Beach Swim Club1:19.09B170
100 M FreeVictor Shi10Arcadia Riptides Swim Club1:19.76A480
100 M FreeBenjamin Hamberson8Lakewood Aquatics1:25.74BB463
100 M FreeMargaret Li9Trident Swim Club1:42.69<B143
100 M FreeKevin Song8Arcadia Riptides Swim Club1:53.72<B10
100 M FreeIzabella Mora10Lakewood Aquatics2:03.73<B1
100 M FreeJuan Cordon11Rosemead Rapids2:21.53<B1
200 M BackZach Montiel18Lakewood Aquatics2:49.93B160
200 M BackAshlee Calder17Whittier Aquatic Club3:03.37B220
200 M BreastZach Montiel18Lakewood Aquatics2:52.27BB455
200 M FreeRafa Flores14Lakewood Aquatics2:19.55AA572
200 M FreePia Leon De La Barra13Lakewood Aquatics2:52.72B111
200 M FreeGabriela Castro13Beach Swim Club3:03.79<B31
200 M IMRafa Flores14Lakewood Aquatics2:37.15AA602
200 M IMNick Ng16Dare Aquatics2:47.50B238
200 M IMSam Flores12Lakewood Aquatics2:57.00BB419
200 M IMKeoni Tran13Lakewood Aquatics2:59.82B250
200 M IMAshlee Calder17Whittier Aquatic Club3:03.75B216
200 M IMPia Leon De La Barra13Lakewood Aquatics3:08.83B228
200 M IMTing Chu13Cerritos Aquatic Club3:29.93<B47
400 M FreeZach Montiel18Lakewood Aquatics5:15.22B194
400 M IMClark Milar14Lakewood Aquatics5:32.99A495
50 M BackLondon Gordin12La Mirada Armada41.22B307
50 M BackPeyton Lertphraewphun12Lakewood Aquatics42.17B234
50 M BackTyler Truong10Rosemead Rapids47.26BB287
50 M BackBenjamin Hamberson8Lakewood Aquatics48.10BB372
50 M BackMargaret Li9Trident Swim Club53.67B189
50 M BackSean Zheng10Rosemead Rapids1:07.28<B1
50 M BackIzabella Mora10Lakewood Aquatics1:28.90<B1
50 M BreastPeyton Lertphraewphun12Lakewood Aquatics43.87BB351
50 M BreastSam Flores12Lakewood Aquatics45.34B285
50 M BreastMargaret Li9Trident Swim Club1:00.72<B215
50 M FlyKristen Liang11Monterey Park Manta Rays37.39BB478
50 M FlySam Flores12Lakewood Aquatics38.09BB294
50 M FlyPeyton Lertphraewphun12Lakewood Aquatics40.32B186
50 M FlyBenjamin Hamberson8Lakewood Aquatics46.83B309
50 M FlyTyler Truong10Rosemead Rapids47.53B148
50 M FreeAlex Song16Dare Aquatics26.26AA670
50 M FreeJeffery Wang15Arcadia Riptides Swim Club27.57A601
50 M FreeNick Ng16Dare Aquatics28.64BB486
50 M FreeAshlee Calder17Whittier Aquatic Club33.70B296
50 M FreePeyton Lertphraewphun12Lakewood Aquatics34.02BB418
50 M FreeLondon Gordin12La Mirada Armada34.74BB390
50 M FreeGabriela Castro13Beach Swim Club34.74B311
50 M FreePia Leon De La Barra13Lakewood Aquatics35.32B275
50 M FreeVictor Shi10Arcadia Riptides Swim Club36.02BB547
50 M FreeBenjamin Hamberson8Lakewood Aquatics38.69BB519
50 M FreeIzabella Mora10Lakewood Aquatics52.48<B1
50 M FreeSean Zheng10Rosemead Rapids1:05.12<B1
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.