2023 UT UVRays May Tri Meet LCM

Meet Date: May 06, 2023
Hosted by: Utah Swimming

50 M Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stOlive Bateman8Cottonwood Heights Aquatics47.20<B149

Girl 9-10

1stSadee Young10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc33.45AA660
2ndHallie Dixon10Wasatch Front Fish Market39.31BB345
3rdSarah Turnbow9Wasatch Front Fish Market41.08B399
4thEmmy Sonntag10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc41.80B233
5thConstanza David10Cottonwood Heights Aquatics43.24B174
6thAbigail Lemmons9Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc48.67<B101
7thCharlotte Lybbert9Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc49.41<B80
8thMckinley Litster9Wasatch Front Fish Market1:01.46<B1
9thKalia Miller10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc1:11.62<B1

Girl 11-12

1stJane Elder12Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.35AA606
2ndEve Reichner11Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc35.40BB425
3rdAddison Baker11Wasatch Front Fish Market35.41BB424
4thLilly Cline11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics35.48BB420
5thGwyneth Bateman12Cottonwood Heights Aquatics35.99B318
6thMayce Murray11Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc36.25B376
7thClara Tautkus12Wasatch Front Fish Market36.46B292
8thDru Davis12Wasatch Front Fish Market37.51B237
9thMimi Okawa12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc37.67B229
10thKapri Martinsen11Wasatch Front Fish Market39.23<B220
11thKali Martinsen11Wasatch Front Fish Market40.22<B175
12thMila Martinsen11Wasatch Front Fish Market40.49<B163
13thLily Baldwin12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc40.90<B88
14thAriana Rodriguez11Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc42.27<B92
15thVienna Rappleye11Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc43.45<B52
16thReagan Litster11Wasatch Front Fish Market43.65<B46
17thAddison Frey12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc43.92<B4
18thChrysoula Lyhnakis11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics44.15<B33

Girl 13-14

1stBrooklyn Richter14Wasatch Front Fish Market29.53AA640
2ndBee Hansen13Wasatch Front Fish Market30.25AA624
3rdHaley Bott14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc31.91BB461
4thAverie Liu13Wasatch Front Fish Market32.16BB482
5thSarah Billeter14Wasatch Front Fish Market32.21BB440
6thSydney Guzman14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc32.88BB393
7thChelsea Xu13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics32.98BB425
8thTessa Reichner13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc32.98BB425
9thLydia Sonntag13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc33.66BB380
10thAnnie Nelson13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc33.85BB367
11thMeghan Lemmons13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc34.22BB343
12thVictoria La Roche13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc34.23BB343
13thRayna Mitchell13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc34.69B314
14thTaya Dean14Wasatch Front Fish Market35.65B221
15thEmersyn Lloyd14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc35.67B220
16thAddy Sandberg14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics37.65<B118
17thBridget Smit13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics38.43<B112
18thKaybrie Kelso14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc38.45<B83
19thIsabelle McCoy14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc38.88<B65
20thElsie Sullivan14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics41.27<B1
21stEmma Ganic13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics42.77<B1

Girl 15-16

1stCaroline Riding16Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.70A512
2ndAvery Bulkley15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.93A498
3rdKate Reichner16Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.99A491
4thIzzy Reynolds15Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.73BB439
5thMckenna Andersen15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc33.18BB340
6thMaggie Rowe15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc35.32B209
7thOlivia Martinsen16Wasatch Front Fish Market42.26<B1

Girl 17-18

1stEllie Boyer17Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.64A508
2ndAnnie Reichner18Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc31.13BB472
3rdEmily Dominguez18Cottonwood Heights Aquatics32.63BB366
4thMckinzie Cook17Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc34.26B262

Boy 8 & Under

1stMaxim Levchenko8Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc51.75<B19

Boy 9-10

1stMatias Terrazas-Cufino10Cottonwood Heights Aquatics36.41BB528
2ndKaden Lambert10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc37.89BB455
3rdBlake Fleisch9Cottonwood Heights Aquatics38.44BB531
4thHenry Blake9Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc40.11B453
5thDeclyn Nichols10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc40.12B349
6thTyler Gale10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc40.29B342
7thAJ Mansanarez10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc42.37B250
8thOliver Cordero9Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc45.27<B232
9thAlessandro Severino10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc46.80<B81
10thRyker Cook10Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc47.98<B45

Boy 11-12

1stFinn Kunz12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.31AA645
2ndAaron Adams11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics34.92B487
3rdDane Haymore12Wasatch Front Fish Market35.68B324
4thLevi McFarland12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc36.76B266
5thCole Tobiasson12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc37.30<B238
6thTanner Barr11Wasatch Front Fish Market38.22<B309
7thTrevor Barr11Wasatch Front Fish Market38.99<B270
8thHerschel Metcalf11Cottonwood Heights Aquatics39.41<B250
9thHenry Hawkins12Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc44.74<B1
10thRowen Lloyd11Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc45.63<B7

Boy 13-14

1stSpencer Hill14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics27.56AA648
2ndKeegan Knudsen14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc29.05A536
3rdMateo Flores14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc29.53BB501
4thGideon Steele14Wasatch Front Fish Market29.86BB477
5thJacob Molina13Wasatch Front Fish Market29.92BB568
6thTyce Morrill13Wasatch Front Fish Market30.45BB530
7thLevi Kim14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics30.46BB435
8thAdam Hanselman14Wasatch Front Fish Market30.64BB422
9thJoaquim David14Cottonwood Heights Aquatics31.01BB397
10thPaulo Saldanha13Wasatch Front Fish Market31.60BB451
11thBenjamin Au14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc31.80BB343
12thJonathan Lyu13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc32.31B403
13thMatthew Lucchesi13Wasatch Front Fish Market32.84B369
14thJonathan Adams13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics33.24B343
15thGavin Wekluk13Wasatch Front Fish Market34.55<B262
16thGrant Ehinger14Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc35.21<B136
17thMaxwell Carlson13Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc35.70<B195
18thJonah Kessinger13Cottonwood Heights Aquatics35.77<B191
19thItai Andes14Wasatch Front Fish Market41.89<B1
20thOaks Overby13Wasatch Front Fish Market44.81<B1

Boy 15-16

1stLevi Galaviz16Wasatch Front Fish Market28.17BB521
2ndJonah Miller16Wasatch Front Fish Market28.75BB477
3rdNoah Hullinger15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc28.88BB502
4thCharly Midy15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc28.92BB499
5thJacob Hamblin15Wasatch Front Fish Market29.28BB473
6thLogan Christensen15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc30.37B395
7thNoah Bailor15Hilltop Aquatic Swim Team30.54B383
8thBlake Robison15Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc32.20B271

Boy 17-18

1stIsaac Ridge17Wasatch Front Fish Market25.90AA668
2ndJames Richter17Wasatch Front Fish Market26.27AA638
3rdAeddan Winter17Cottonwood Heights Aquatics27.77A519
4thCharles Dvorak-Gleason17Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc28.09BB495
5thDaniel Garner18Cottonwood Heights Aquatics30.83B295
6thMatthew Cox17Utah Valley Aquatics, Inc31.03B283

100 M Free


200 M Free


400 M Free


800 M Free


1500 M Free


50 M Back


100 M Back


200 M Back


50 M Fly


100 M Fly


200 M Fly


50 M Breast


100 M Breast


200 M Breast


200 M IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.