2023 UT PC April Intersquad SCY

Meet Date: April 28, 2023
Hosted by: Utah Swimming
100 Y BackShane Kahn13Park City UT1:06.36BB418
100 Y BackAxel Solander13Park City UT1:08.99B331
100 Y BackLogan Siegrist12Park City UT1:09.44BB475
100 Y BackLogan Brick14Park City UT1:14.30B220
100 Y BackJackson Ho15Park City UT1:14.92<B59
100 Y BackOlivia Klein13Park City UT1:17.63<B181
100 Y BackKathryn Schofield15Park City UT1:19.43<B81
100 Y BackDaschiel Agee14Park City UT1:29.10<B1
100 Y BackEmerson Best13Park City UT1:37.28<B1
100 Y BackAubrie Laroche10Park City UT1:55.01<B1
100 Y BreastReef Yoked18Park City UT1:04.38A538
100 Y BreastJaime Taylor15Park City UT1:07.61BB516
100 Y BreastNate Contreras16Park City UT1:13.30B309
100 Y BreastTegan Hoffman14Park City UT1:16.24BB472
100 Y BreastDelaney Dolan16Park City UT1:19.22BB359
100 Y BreastAnna Klug15Park City UT1:20.13B357
100 Y BreastHarley Deters13Park City UT1:21.42BB363
100 Y BreastMarco Refuerzo13Park City UT1:21.90<B248
100 Y BreastAnnelise Han14Park City UT1:22.39B303
100 Y BreastHannah Quinn14Park City UT1:23.72B270
100 Y BreastAisling Taylor15Park City UT1:29.99<B123
100 Y BreastTatum Allison12Park City UT1:31.05B231
100 Y BreastOliver Marica13Park City UT1:34.95<B6
100 Y BreastRuby Neath15Park City UT1:35.61<B27
100 Y BreastEmily Ohara11Park City UT1:43.31<B102
100 Y BreastOle Olson9Park City UT1:45.44B353
100 Y BreastAnnika Blum11Park City UT1:48.28<B34
100 Y BreastMax Cardenas14Park City UT1:49.38<B1
100 Y BreastAubrie Laroche10Park City UT1:54.07B83
100 Y BreastEmerson Best13Park City UT1:56.52<B1
100 Y FlyNate Contreras16Park City UT1:02.70B307
100 Y FlyHarrison Bae14Park City UT1:07.90B247
100 Y FlyTayte Swenson16Park City UT1:09.53B329
100 Y FlyTegan Hoffman14Park City UT1:10.58BB338
100 Y FlySorcha Canning12Park City UT1:11.31BB473
100 Y FlyTaylor Bergman15Park City UT1:14.13B212
100 Y FlyJack Hurley13Park City UT1:22.45<B8
100 Y FlyTessa Bartlett16Park City UT1:24.02<B2
100 Y FreeHarrison Bae14Park City UT55.68A474
100 Y FreeShane Kahn13Park City UT59.07BB428
100 Y FreeHannah Quinn14Park City UT1:00.67BB431
100 Y FreeDelaney Dolan16Park City UT1:01.58BB354
100 Y FreeVivian Bagley14Park City UT1:02.95BB345
100 Y FreeConnor Hardy14Park City UT1:03.72B182
100 Y FreeMarco Refuerzo13Park City UT1:04.38B240
100 Y FreeLogan Brick14Park City UT1:05.55B256
100 Y FreeJacque Wrona11Park City UT1:06.05BB447
100 Y FreeElla Limback13Park City UT1:06.84B246
100 Y FreeLiv Sherman14Park City UT1:07.40B200
100 Y FreeAidan Bizirca13Park City UT1:10.34<B79
100 Y FreeRuby Anderson13Park City UT1:11.26<B125
100 Y FreeRuby Neath15Park City UT1:11.41<B73
100 Y FreeDaschiel Agee14Park City UT1:11.72<B8
100 Y FreeSienna Schroeter11Park City UT1:12.96B240
100 Y FreeAugust Napoli15Park City UT1:13.44<B1
100 Y FreeMegan Dillon11Park City UT1:15.11<B186
100 Y FreeOliver Marica13Park City UT1:18.02<B1
100 Y FreeErik Solander11Park City UT1:18.82<B120
100 Y FreePiper Higginbotham13Park City UT1:23.35<B1
100 Y FreeMax Cardenas14Park City UT1:24.26<B1
100 Y FreeLaila Van Hartesvelt13Park City UT1:30.97<B1
100 Y FreeSofia Fregulia12Park City UT1:31.97<B1
100 Y IMLogan Siegrist12Park City UT1:11.10BB420
100 Y IMThomas Bae11Park City UT1:18.43B379
100 Y IMMason Cadman11Park City UT1:25.60<B203
100 Y IMOle Olson9Park City UT1:27.86BB415
100 Y IMEmma Silska10Park City UT1:33.47B191
100 Y IMGwen Bagley10Park City UT1:35.76B151
200 Y FreeHarrison Bae14Park City UT2:05.16BB376
200 Y FreeLauren Biglow16Park City UT2:08.53BB396
200 Y FreeTaylor Bergman15Park City UT2:15.27BB286
200 Y FreeJackson Ho15Park City UT2:19.00<B124
200 Y FreeConnor Hardy14Park City UT2:21.89B119
200 Y FreeJacque Wrona11Park City UT2:22.20BB439
200 Y FreeAisling Taylor15Park City UT2:27.06B122
200 Y FreeMason Cadman11Park City UT2:34.73<B274
200 Y FreeMegan Dillon11Park City UT2:41.57<B174
200 Y FreeOle Olson9Park City UT2:43.18BB445
200 Y FreeEmma Silska10Park City UT2:54.31BB173
50 Y BackThomas Bae11Park City UT36.38B392
50 Y BackAnnabelle Marino12Park City UT37.26B226
50 Y BackElaine Easton11Park City UT45.31<B11
50 Y BackKali Berkland11Park City UT50.22<B1
50 Y BackCarter Bost10Park City UT53.46<B1
50 Y BackJames Rose9Park City UT1:00.95<B1
50 Y BackParker Veghte8Park City UT1:04.99<B1
50 Y BreastLogan Siegrist12Park City UT37.98BB376
50 Y BreastTatum Allison12Park City UT42.49B221
50 Y BreastKali Berkland11Park City UT49.14<B52
50 Y BreastTadhg Canning9Park City UT49.26B300
50 Y BreastEmily Ohara11Park City UT49.91<B32
50 Y BreastEmma Silska10Park City UT50.63B127
50 Y BreastTessa Richards12Park City UT50.73<B1
50 Y BreastAnnika Blum11Park City UT51.55<B2
50 Y BreastElaine Easton11Park City UT51.90<B1
50 Y BreastGwen Bagley10Park City UT53.11B57
50 Y BreastParker Veghte8Park City UT1:14.76<B1
50 Y FlySorcha Canning12Park City UT31.12A531
50 Y FlySienna Schroeter11Park City UT36.24B295
50 Y FlyTadhg Canning9Park City UT42.94B229
50 Y FlyTessa Richards12Park City UT46.38<B1
50 Y FreeKeegan Elgie16Park City UT23.08AA637
50 Y FreeReef Yoked18Park City UT25.58BB374
50 Y FreeAnna Klug15Park City UT27.08A503
50 Y FreeDelaney Dolan16Park City UT27.32BB481
50 Y FreeAxel Solander13Park City UT27.54BB440
50 Y FreeMarco Refuerzo13Park City UT27.59BB436
50 Y FreeHannah Quinn14Park City UT27.65A486
50 Y FreeLauren Biglow16Park City UT28.22BB407
50 Y FreeSorcha Canning12Park City UT28.30A548
50 Y FreeJackson Ho15Park City UT28.33B255
50 Y FreeVivian Bagley14Park City UT28.44BB422
50 Y FreeTaylor Bergman15Park City UT29.21BB334
50 Y FreeJack Hurley13Park City UT29.43B299
50 Y FreeAisling Taylor15Park City UT29.53B310
50 Y FreeJacque Wrona11Park City UT29.55BB541
50 Y FreeLogan Brick14Park City UT29.88BB314
50 Y FreeElla Limback13Park City UT29.98BB359
50 Y FreeConnor Hardy14Park City UT30.01<B180
50 Y FreeLiv Sherman14Park City UT30.12BB296
50 Y FreeThomas Bae11Park City UT30.69B478
50 Y FreeAidan Bizirca13Park City UT30.70<B212
50 Y FreeMason Cadman11Park City UT31.00B458
50 Y FreeOlivia Klein13Park City UT31.24B270
50 Y FreeTessa Bartlett16Park City UT31.54B173
50 Y FreeAugust Napoli15Park City UT32.03<B28
50 Y FreeHarley Deters13Park City UT32.04B219
50 Y FreeSienna Schroeter11Park City UT33.16B303
50 Y FreeMegan Dillon11Park City UT33.35B292
50 Y FreeOliver Marica13Park City UT33.67<B42
50 Y FreeKathryn Schofield15Park City UT33.80<B57
50 Y FreeAnnabelle Marino12Park City UT33.99<B180
50 Y FreeTatum Allison12Park City UT34.48<B155
50 Y FreeMax Cardenas14Park City UT34.58<B1
50 Y FreeErik Solander11Park City UT34.99<B222
50 Y FreePiper Higginbotham13Park City UT35.89<B28
50 Y FreeEmily Ohara11Park City UT37.37<B89
50 Y FreeTadhg Canning9Park City UT38.56<B279
50 Y FreeElaine Easton11Park City UT38.98<B32
50 Y FreeTessa Richards12Park City UT39.31<B1
50 Y FreeKali Berkland11Park City UT40.58<B1
50 Y FreeGwen Bagley10Park City UT42.34<B24
50 Y FreeAnnika Blum11Park City UT42.59<B1
50 Y FreeSofia Fregulia12Park City UT44.00<B1
50 Y FreeCarter Bost10Park City UT48.90<B1
50 Y FreeRory Keller9Park City UT53.34<B1
50 Y FreeJames Rose9Park City UT54.66<B1
50 Y FreeParker Veghte8Park City UT1:03.03<B1
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.