2023 Nutmeg Games Swimming SCY

Meet Date: July 30, 2023


Top Performance

NameAgeGenderTeamEventTimeStandardPower Points
Martin Kovac9MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team50 Y Back35.58A705
Hoang, Cayden10MaleBluefish Swim Club50 Y Breast37.50AA683
Misha Kovac13FemaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team100 Y Fly1:02.82A645
Richard Bailey17MaleMiddlesex Aquatics Club100 Y Free49.27AA640
Hoang, Cayden10MaleBluefish Swim Club100 Y IM1:13.89AA638
Martin Kovac9MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team50 Y Free31.92BB624
Richard Bailey17MaleMiddlesex Aquatics Club50 Y Free22.94A623
Bailey Kissane12FemaleYMCA Seals Swim Team50 Y Fly29.80AA622
Hoang, Logan14FemaleBluefish Swim Club100 Y Breast1:11.72AA609
Filip Szymczyk14MaleWest Hartford Aquatic Team100 Y Back58.79A608


50 Y Free

Girl 8 & Under

1stHarper Kissane8YMCA Seals Swim Team37.35B330
2ndKendall Woodmansee8Thames Aquatic Club40.15<B199
3rdMasserio, Jewelyette8Newington Swim Club53.13<B1
4thReagan Tourangeau7Thames Aquatic Club1:09.86<B1

Girl 9-10

1stAshleigh Zgorski10YMCA Seals Swim Team30.97A560
2ndRiley Kaseta10Newington Swim Club32.20BB483
3rdRosalie Kowalczyk9YMCA Seals Swim Team33.64BB531
4thRozzy Constant9Thames Aquatic Club36.89B353
5thMann, Zoey10Thames Aquatic Club43.94<B1
6thNorman, Peyton9Newington Swim Club44.87<B35
7thChen, Angelina10Newington Swim Club45.17<B1
8thLily Ennis10Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark45.73<B1
9thCharlotte Burns9Wheeler Regional YMCA50.18<B1
10thChamplin, Allison M10Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark50.35<B1

Girl 11-12

1stDeanna Victor11Newington Swim Club28.78A597
2ndZuzanna Pyrc12Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark28.94A500
3rdAudrey Westkott12Connecticut Aquatic Club29.08BB490
4thLily Sherrick12Wheeler Regional YMCA32.10B288
5thPatricia Napuli12Newington Swim Club32.39B270
6thDennis, Kendall12VETS47.48<B1

Girl 13-14

1stMisha Kovac13West Hartford Aquatic Team27.10A588
2ndGrace Alger13YMCA Seals Swim Team27.24A576
3rdDani Mancini13Greenwich Dolphins27.29A572
4thHoang, Logan14Bluefish Swim Club27.29A516
5thAva Gill14YMCA Seals Swim Team27.79A475
6thMaddi Kelly14YMCA Seals Swim Team28.51BB417
7thRiley McMahon13YMCA Seals Swim Team28.73BB454
8thAbigail Thompson13Bristol Splash28.93BB438
9thEmma O'Neal13YMCA Seals Swim Team29.49BB395
10thAva Czarnecki14Bristol Splash30.07BB300
11thLivia Kowalczyk13YMCA Seals Swim Team30.30B336
12thSasha Brokin14Newington Swim Club30.42B275
13thJulia Cabral14YMCA Seals Swim Team30.88B244
14thSarayu Reddy14Bristol Splash31.02B235
15thSydelle Holland13YMCA Seals Swim Team32.36B199
16thCatherine Perez14Thames Aquatic Club33.09<B112

Girl 15-16

1stSarah Kim16YMCA Seals Swim Team26.09AA587
2ndRylie Benigni16YMCA Seals Swim Team28.20BB409
3rdMorgan Thompson15Bristol Splash28.59BB381

Girl 17-18

1stKatelyn Holleran18Bristol Splash27.78BB428
2ndMia Virtue18Meriden Silver Fins28.63BB361
3rdMatilda Mancini17Greenwich Dolphins29.70B282

Boy 8 & Under

1stCanterbury, William7Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark1:08.11<B1

Boy 9-10

1stHoang, Cayden10Bluefish Swim Club30.70A583
2ndMartin Kovac9West Hartford Aquatic Team31.92BB624
3rdFarhan, Mohammed10YMCA Seals Swim Team32.11BB502
4thAnderson Martin10Thames Aquatic Club32.97BB453
5thDaniel Tran10Bristol Splash34.91B348
6thMiles Benanti10Wheeler Regional YMCA35.84B300
7thMyles Evans9YMCA Seals Swim Team37.66B322
8thPtak, Sebastian9Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark39.03<B257
9thWang, Kayden9Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark47.35<B1
10thRudra, Hridhaan10Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark49.65<B1
11thCanterbury, Henry B9Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark55.03<B1

Boy 11-12

1stMarco Kovac12West Hartford Aquatic Team28.01BB533
2ndAdler Greenwald12N Middlesex YMCA Barracudas31.08B328
3rdDaniel Brokin12Newington Swim Club31.81B283
4thShane Esterkin11Wheeler Regional YMCA34.68<B239
5thNathan Murray11Newington Swim Club35.18<B212
6thChristopher Burns11Wheeler Regional YMCA35.82<B178
7thNilesh Sharma11Newington Swim Club36.91<B124
8thSam Hurt11Thames Aquatic Club36.97<B121
9thSean Hawley11Hamden Hall Aquatic37.46<B99
10thLam, Paco11Thames Aquatic Club41.79<B1
11thYurkiv, Nazar12Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark42.99<B1

Boy 13-14

1stFilip Szymczyk14West Hartford Aquatic Team24.79A582
2ndDarren Paznokas13Bristol Splash25.66A591
3rdSam Burns14Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark26.55BB436
4thLo, Evan Y14Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark30.35<B158
5thHsiao, Yueson13Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark32.90<B80
6thMishra, Vihaan A14Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark33.95<B1
7thMichael Pfarr13Thames Aquatic Club33.99<B28

Boy 15-16

1stAndrew Bellemiere16YMCA Seals Swim Team24.36A522
2ndIan Hawley16Middlesex Aquatics Club24.79BB485
3rdErik Weisheit16Bristol Splash25.55BB420
4thLeypold, Benjamin H15Wheeler Regional Y Tiger Shark26.73B378
5thJared Bangloy15Wheeler Regional YMCA29.15<B197

Boy 17-18

1stRichard Bailey17Middlesex Aquatics Club22.94A623
2ndCristian Cortina17Bristol Splash24.71BB464

100 Y Free

500 Y Free

50 Y Back

100 Y Back

50 Y Fly

100 Y Fly

50 Y Breast

100 Y Breast

100 Y IM

200 Y IM

Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.