2023 MR Westchester Aquatic Club Time Trial SCY

Meet Date: May 13, 2023
100 Y BackAlex Horney12Westchester Aquatic Club1:07.08AA582
100 Y BackBrianna Decasseres12Westchester Aquatic Club1:08.07AA549
100 Y BackJJ Fishman11Westchester Aquatic Club1:08.66A659
100 Y BackJames Downes15Westchester Aquatic Club1:11.20<B142
100 Y BackAlexis Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club1:15.10BB338
100 Y BackMichael Watson14Westchester Aquatic Club1:17.58<B42
100 Y BackBrynne O'Keefe11Westchester Aquatic Club1:19.67B335
100 Y BackSimone Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club1:23.87B132
100 Y BackCharlotte Gonda12Westchester Aquatic Club1:25.89<B94
100 Y BackGianna Tedesco12Westchester Aquatic Club1:28.68<B51
100 Y BackGabriella Bartoloni9Westchester Aquatic Club1:38.18B244
100 Y BackMason Cohen9Westchester Aquatic Club1:49.96<B49
100 Y BreastDavid Forte15Westchester Aquatic Club1:13.72B325
100 Y BreastEthan Miringa13Westchester Aquatic Club1:31.34<B51
100 Y BreastAbby Swan13Westchester Aquatic Club1:35.61<B53
100 Y BreastBryce Schoulder13Westchester Aquatic Club1:49.32<B1
100 Y FlyAaron He15Westchester Aquatic Club1:03.70B328
100 Y FreeAaron He15Westchester Aquatic Club56.50BB400
100 Y FreeZach Stewart Lewis11Westchester Aquatic Club1:00.44A654
100 Y FreeJames Downes15Westchester Aquatic Club1:02.89<B174
100 Y FreeThomas Bowens10Westchester Aquatic Club1:03.93AA653
100 Y FreeAbby Swan13Westchester Aquatic Club1:08.30B203
100 Y FreeOwen Picker10Westchester Aquatic Club1:11.26BB435
100 Y FreeGiovanni Trejo-Uribe9Westchester Aquatic Club1:15.82BB454
100 Y FreeEthan Miringa13Westchester Aquatic Club1:19.84<B1
100 Y FreeGianna Tedesco12Westchester Aquatic Club1:24.97<B1
100 Y FreeBryce Schoulder13Westchester Aquatic Club1:25.25<B1
100 Y FreeMason Cohen9Westchester Aquatic Club1:37.45<B33
100 Y IMBrianna Decasseres12Westchester Aquatic Club1:06.26AA664
100 Y IMAlex Horney12Westchester Aquatic Club1:06.31AA662
100 Y IMThomas Bowens10Westchester Aquatic Club1:15.46AA591
100 Y IMOwen Picker10Westchester Aquatic Club1:20.29BB458
100 Y IMBrynne O'Keefe11Westchester Aquatic Club1:21.44B304
100 Y IMCharlotte Gonda12Westchester Aquatic Club1:25.12<B141
100 Y IMGiovanni Trejo-Uribe9Westchester Aquatic Club1:28.72BB395
100 Y IMSimone Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club1:28.83<B77
100 Y IMDean Hamdouch9Westchester Aquatic Club1:29.92B368
200 Y BreastNatalie Liu13Westchester Aquatic Club3:10.10B202
200 Y FlyZach Stewart Lewis11Westchester Aquatic Club2:31.54BB695
200 Y FreeSophie Reis13Westchester Aquatic Club2:02.39AA609
200 Y FreeNatalie Liu13Westchester Aquatic Club2:29.26B144
200 Y FreeAlexis Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club2:32.06B205
200 Y FreeBrynne O'Keefe11Westchester Aquatic Club2:32.80B280
200 Y FreeEmmy Liang13Westchester Aquatic Club2:35.36<B81
200 Y FreePauline Lipskar12Westchester Aquatic Club2:57.97<B7
200 Y IMSofia Fasolino12Westchester Aquatic Club2:24.97AA599
200 Y IMZach Stewart Lewis11Westchester Aquatic Club2:25.83A690
200 Y IMPauline Lipskar12Westchester Aquatic Club3:17.16<B27
500 Y FreeMaeve Galimi12Westchester Aquatic Club5:46.21AA541
50 Y BackClaire Copete12Westchester Aquatic Club34.67BB371
50 Y BackOwen Picker10Westchester Aquatic Club36.58A517
50 Y BackLucy Gold11Westchester Aquatic Club44.11<B34
50 Y BackBenjamin Robinson9Westchester Aquatic Club45.43B232
50 Y BackDean Hamdouch9Westchester Aquatic Club45.70B221
50 Y BackRuth De Jesus9Westchester Aquatic Club45.71B212
50 Y BackPatrick Farrelly9Westchester Aquatic Club48.14<B134
50 Y BackArden Cordero9Westchester Aquatic Club59.08<B1
50 Y BackJacqueline Briceno9Westchester Aquatic Club1:11.70<B1
50 Y BreastAlex Horney12Westchester Aquatic Club35.24AA599
50 Y BreastJJ Fishman11Westchester Aquatic Club35.35AA683
50 Y BreastGabriella Bartoloni9Westchester Aquatic Club47.33BB401
50 Y BreastGianna Tedesco12Westchester Aquatic Club49.64<B1
50 Y BreastRuth De Jesus9Westchester Aquatic Club51.77B236
50 Y BreastMason Cohen9Westchester Aquatic Club55.80<B91
50 Y BreastValentina Castellano9Westchester Aquatic Club57.52<B66
50 Y BreastJacqueline Briceno9Westchester Aquatic Club1:05.74<B1
50 Y FlySofia Fasolino12Westchester Aquatic Club31.15A529
50 Y FlyBrianna Decasseres12Westchester Aquatic Club31.20A526
50 Y FlyClaire Copete12Westchester Aquatic Club34.59B314
50 Y FlyThomas Bowens10Westchester Aquatic Club35.17A464
50 Y FlyPauline Lipskar12Westchester Aquatic Club35.73B250
50 Y FlyGiovanni Trejo-Uribe9Westchester Aquatic Club37.69BB478
50 Y FlyCharlotte Gonda12Westchester Aquatic Club38.37<B122
50 Y FlyLucy Gold11Westchester Aquatic Club43.86<B2
50 Y FlyGabriella Bartoloni9Westchester Aquatic Club51.59<B4
50 Y FlyBenjamin Robinson9Westchester Aquatic Club57.60<B1
50 Y FreeSophie Reis13Westchester Aquatic Club25.53AAA727
50 Y FreeAaron He15Westchester Aquatic Club26.27BB415
50 Y FreeDavid Forte15Westchester Aquatic Club26.97B359
50 Y FreeSofia Fasolino12Westchester Aquatic Club28.23A553
50 Y FreeJJ Fishman11Westchester Aquatic Club28.40A626
50 Y FreeMaeve Galimi12Westchester Aquatic Club28.79A511
50 Y FreeClaire Copete12Westchester Aquatic Club29.36BB470
50 Y FreeJames Downes15Westchester Aquatic Club29.54<B171
50 Y FreeMichael Watson14Westchester Aquatic Club29.68B202
50 Y FreeNatalie Liu13Westchester Aquatic Club30.51B321
50 Y FreeAlexis Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club30.68BB379
50 Y FreeAbby Swan13Westchester Aquatic Club30.72B306
50 Y FreeEmmy Liang13Westchester Aquatic Club31.23B271
50 Y FreeEthan Miringa13Westchester Aquatic Club32.92<B79
50 Y FreeDean Hamdouch9Westchester Aquatic Club34.61B477
50 Y FreeSimone Schaffer12Westchester Aquatic Club35.42<B110
50 Y FreeRuth De Jesus9Westchester Aquatic Club35.44B430
50 Y FreeBryce Schoulder13Westchester Aquatic Club37.64<B1
50 Y FreeLucy Gold11Westchester Aquatic Club38.43<B49
50 Y FreeBenjamin Robinson9Westchester Aquatic Club38.86<B265
50 Y FreeValentina Castellano9Westchester Aquatic Club40.70<B176
50 Y FreePatrick Farrelly9Westchester Aquatic Club44.07<B54
50 Y FreeJacqueline Briceno9Westchester Aquatic Club57.62<B1
50 Y FreeArden Cordero9Westchester Aquatic Club1:00.65<B1
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.