2023 MR SSC Winter Beginner Time Trials (SCY)
Meet Date: March 08, 2023

100 Y BackMorgan Rietmann17Sachem Swim Club1:04.76BB492
100 Y BackVictoria Mackay15Sachem Swim Club1:08.59BB368
100 Y BackGia Grotto14Sachem Swim Club1:11.07BB313
100 Y BackAlex Mackay17Sachem Swim Club1:16.69N/A132
100 Y BackNate Collins9Sachem Swim Club1:38.58B215
100 Y BreastMark Lipp17Sachem Swim Club1:13.79B263
100 Y BreastMichael Ciardullo15Sachem Swim Club1:14.53B301
100 Y BreastChloe Singh13Sachem Swim Club1:27.01B223
100 Y FlyAidan Morell17Sachem Swim Club59.25BB406
100 Y FlyNora Bragg15Sachem Swim Club1:13.36B233
100 Y FreeGabe Cortes14Sachem Swim Club52.85AA596
100 Y FreeThomas Koeppel16Sachem Swim Club54.77BB421
100 Y FreeDonte Mathelier 15Sachem Swim Club56.39BB405
100 Y FreeBrooke Pfisterer16Sachem Swim Club57.09A535
100 Y FreeKaylie Vertichio17Sachem Swim Club57.82A490
100 Y FreeNora Bragg15Sachem Swim Club1:03.12BB303
50 Y BackSamantha Mosakowski8Sachem Swim Club1:14.75N/AN/A
50 Y BackCharlotte Walker7Sachem Swim Club1:22.33N/AN/A
50 Y BackEmma Puccio-Edelman8Sachem Swim Club1:31.96N/AN/A
50 Y FreeEthan Springle16Sachem Swim Club24.24A532
50 Y FreeThomas Koeppel16Sachem Swim Club24.82BB482
50 Y FreeKaylie Vertichio17Sachem Swim Club26.45A540
50 Y FreeAndraya Giagios14Sachem Swim Club26.72AA565
50 Y FreeLily Calandra15Sachem Swim Club26.76A531
50 Y FreeBrooke Pfisterer16Sachem Swim Club26.85A520
50 Y FreeVictoria Mackay15Sachem Swim Club27.29BB486
50 Y FreeAlex Mackay17Sachem Swim Club29.43B301
50 Y FreeCharlotte Walker7Sachem Swim Club1:05.72N/AN/A
50 Y FreeSamantha Mosakowski8Sachem Swim Club1:08.61N/AN/A
50 Y FreeMila Cinquemani8Sachem Swim Club1:09.17N/AN/A
50 Y FreeCharlotte Ford8Sachem Swim Club1:12.65N/AN/A
50 Y FreeGiada Montalbano8Sachem Swim Club1:13.12N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAlexa Theret6Sachem Swim Club1:14.85N/AN/A
50 Y FreeLyla Hansard8Sachem Swim Club1:16.74N/AN/A
50 Y FreeCarter Rascona7Sachem Swim Club1:18.67N/AN/A
50 Y FreeEmma Puccio-Edelman8Sachem Swim Club1:20.27N/AN/A
50 Y FreeAubrey Hart8Sachem Swim Club1:37.29N/AN/A
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.