2023 MR AP WFSL Championships (SCY)
Meet Date: March 05, 2023

100 Y BackLuke Franzese15Middies Wave Ryders1:00.34BB494
100 Y BackDylan Rigby14Middies Wave Ryders1:01.70BB495
100 Y BackSaskia Aikman15Middies Wave Ryders1:02.13A602
100 Y BackMatthew Rogliano15Middies Wave Ryders1:02.16BB426
100 Y BackJulian Terri17Middies Wave Ryders1:02.90B318
100 Y BackSerena Wu16Middies Wave Ryders1:02.96A560
100 Y BackThomas Vollaro17Middies Wave Ryders1:02.99B315
100 Y BackFelix Mao14Middies Wave Ryders1:04.82BB383
100 Y BackGigi Fountain13Middies Wave Ryders1:07.03BB503
100 Y BackRiko Suzuki15Middies Wave Ryders1:07.85BB393
100 Y BackBenjamin Street14Middies Wave Ryders1:08.07B276
100 Y BackSophie Boyle15Middies Wave Ryders1:09.51B338
100 Y BackMako Suzuki17Middies Wave Ryders1:09.93B316
100 Y BackNathaniel Hwang16Middies Wave Ryders1:11.64N/A93
100 Y BackRiley Hendrickson15Middies Wave Ryders1:12.55B246
100 Y BackMeredith Gordon14Middies Wave Ryders1:14.55B213
100 Y BreastThomas Vollaro17Middies Wave Ryders1:09.95B377
100 Y BreastBenjamin Street14Middies Wave Ryders1:10.55BB488
100 Y BreastFelix Mao14Middies Wave Ryders1:11.57BB456
100 Y BreastNatalie Rosen13Middies Wave Ryders1:12.32A626
100 Y BreastEmilia Plawiak13Middies Wave Ryders1:12.66A615
100 Y BreastNathaniel Hwang16Middies Wave Ryders1:12.80B324
100 Y BreastAngelina Lingeza13Middies Wave Ryders1:13.70A583
100 Y BreastKayla Lombardo15Middies Wave Ryders1:14.11BB529
100 Y BreastTamsin Coulthard14Middies Wave Ryders1:14.69A518
100 Y BreastConnor Dominick13Middies Wave Ryders1:16.15B404
100 Y BreastMax Pollio15Middies Wave Ryders1:16.68N/A242
100 Y BreastMariajos Lopez Reyes Retana14Middies Wave Ryders1:17.38BB439
100 Y BreastOlivia Pazona14Middies Wave Ryders1:18.72BB402
100 Y BreastSerena Wu16Middies Wave Ryders1:18.72BB373
100 Y BreastJulian Terri17Middies Wave Ryders1:20.30N/A100
100 Y FlyAllen Punnoose16Middies Wave Ryders55.88A570
100 Y FlyLuke Franzese15Middies Wave Ryders56.70A595
100 Y FlyMatthew Rogliano15Middies Wave Ryders58.29BB530
100 Y FlyMorgon Washington-Patterson15Middies Wave Ryders58.63BB516
100 Y FlyDylan Rigby14Middies Wave Ryders58.70A574
100 Y FlySerena Wu16Middies Wave Ryders1:03.14A542
100 Y FlyDavia Richardson14Middies Wave Ryders1:03.36A578
100 Y FlyAidan Grant15Middies Wave Ryders1:04.46B302
100 Y FlyMako Suzuki17Middies Wave Ryders1:07.13BB392
100 Y FlyTamsin Coulthard14Middies Wave Ryders1:07.65BB431
100 Y FlyRiko Suzuki15Middies Wave Ryders1:09.13BB358
100 Y FlyAyana Ite15Middies Wave Ryders1:11.69B281
100 Y FlySerena Dugan14Middies Wave Ryders1:14.12B235
100 Y FlySophia Dugan16Middies Wave Ryders1:18.31N/A95
100 Y FlyGabriel Hwang13Middies Wave Ryders1:19.87N/A42
100 Y FreeMorgon Washington-Patterson15Middies Wave Ryders51.71A607
100 Y FreeKyle Terri15Middies Wave Ryders51.74A605
100 Y FreeLuke Franzese15Middies Wave Ryders52.31A579
100 Y FreeDylan Rigby14Middies Wave Ryders52.85AA596
100 Y FreeAidan Grant15Middies Wave Ryders53.48A527
100 Y FreeFelix Mao14Middies Wave Ryders53.52AA567
100 Y FreeJulian Terri17Middies Wave Ryders54.22BB415
100 Y FreeAllen Punnoose16Middies Wave Ryders55.08BB408
100 Y FreeSaskia Aikman15Middies Wave Ryders55.39AA616
100 Y FreeDavia Richardson14Middies Wave Ryders56.24AA618
100 Y FreeKayla Lombardo15Middies Wave Ryders57.82A509
100 Y FreeAyana Ite15Middies Wave Ryders57.89A506
100 Y FreeAngelina Lingeza13Middies Wave Ryders58.00A578
100 Y FreeSophia Dugan16Middies Wave Ryders58.79A463
100 Y FreeRiko Suzuki15Middies Wave Ryders1:00.31BB407
100 Y FreeMeredith Gordon14Middies Wave Ryders1:01.04BB416
100 Y IMMallory Gordon9Middies Wave Ryders1:40.19B201
100 Y IMMia Mighty8Middies Wave Ryders1:51.37N/A48
100 Y IMGeorgina Klein8Middies Wave Ryders2:00.79N/AN/A
200 Y IMMorgon Washington-Patterson15Middies Wave Ryders2:11.41BB484
200 Y IMMatthew Rogliano15Middies Wave Ryders2:13.37BB448
200 Y IMAidan Grant15Middies Wave Ryders2:16.43BB394
200 Y IMBenjamin Street14Middies Wave Ryders2:20.87BB378
200 Y IMDavia Richardson14Middies Wave Ryders2:21.65A532
200 Y IMMax Pollio15Middies Wave Ryders2:22.06B302
200 Y IMAyana Ite15Middies Wave Ryders2:24.23BB463
200 Y IMTamsin Coulthard14Middies Wave Ryders2:24.39A486
200 Y IMKayla Lombardo15Middies Wave Ryders2:24.60BB457
200 Y IMConnor Dominick13Middies Wave Ryders2:26.13BB384
200 Y IMAngelina Lingeza13Middies Wave Ryders2:26.63BB500
200 Y IMSaskia Aikman15Middies Wave Ryders2:27.06BB417
200 Y IMNathaniel Hwang16Middies Wave Ryders2:28.73B172
200 Y IMMako Suzuki17Middies Wave Ryders2:28.82BB375
200 Y IMEmilia Plawiak13Middies Wave Ryders2:30.96BB431
50 Y FreeJulian Terri17Middies Wave Ryders24.43BB488
50 Y FreeKayla Lombardo15Middies Wave Ryders26.47A556
Things to know
These results are not official!
In the case that there are preliminary and final, we only keep one best record for each swimmer.
We use standard age groups to separate the meet results, like 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12,13-14, 15-16, and 17-18, which may not be the correct grouping used by the meet.